This is the sixth story of my series.

It is the 4th of July weekend and House and Cuddy are going to visit her family. It has only been a couple of weeks since Cuddy started taking fertility meds, but so far everything looks good for her. Cuddy told her parents about getting hurt in Kansas, but let them believe that it was barely a scratch.

In this story, we meet Cuddy's sister, Leslie, and her family. Recap of her sister: Is 4 years younger than Cuddy, has been married for 15 years, thinks being a wife is everything, is a stay-at-home mom, and has three kids (Hannah, 14, Tyler, 9, and Emma, 5). She also likes act like her life is perfect when in fact she knows her husband, Brady, has had many affairs. Cuddy is the only other person in the family to know about the affairs because she saw him out with another woman and the only person she has told is House. Brady is a math teacher who, despite the affairs, is a very nice guy. Leslie likes to cut him down for not making enough money to let them live a better life.

I'm Going Back To Massachusetts

July 3


Cuddy was running around the house making sure that they had everything they needed for the trip. She wouldn't have been in such a hurry if House would have been helping her. The quick sex that her and House had on the living room floor was also one of the reasons that she was behind.

"Can you give me a hand or will that interpret your TV time?" Cuddy asked sarcastically to House, who was lying on the living floor still.

"My hands are trying to regain their strength from all that fondling," House said.

Cuddy walked over to House and lightly placed her right foot on his groin. "Get up or I step down," Cuddy said.

"You wouldn't hurt my baby-making tool," House said. Cuddy lightly pushed down a little harder. "I'm getting up!" House said.

"Put the bags in the car," Cuddy said. House got up and picked up some of the bags to carry out to the car. Cuddy picked up some of the others ones and followed him out.

"Did you pack the washing machine in her?" House asked. "I know that there is no way your tiny panties weigh this much."

"That's the suitcase I packed your ego in," Cuddy said.

"It fit?" House asked with a smile.

"I had to jump up and down on it to get it closed," Cuddy said.

"You should have called me," House said. "I love to see you bounce up and down."

"Just finish putting the stuff in the car while I lock up," Cuddy said. House finished stuffing everything into the trunk and backseat and then hopped in the passenger seat. Cuddy made sure that everything was off and then locked the door and headed to the car.

As Cuddy was walking back to the car, House lit a Blackcat and threw it out the window so that it went off in front of her. "House!" Cuddy screamed. "You scared the crap out of me." Cuddy opened up the driver's side down and got in.

"I love fireworks," House said.

"No setting them off when I am driving," Cuddy said as she grabbed them from his hands. Cuddy shoved them in the backseat.

"Wilson always lets me throw firecrackers out the window when he is driving," House said as he folded his arms across his chest in a pouting position.

"Maybe you should go visit his family with him instead," Cuddy said.

"Maybe I should," House said. Cuddy clicked the locks closed for the car doors.

"You're stuck," Cuddy said with an evil smile she started the car.

"This seems like a really bad murder movie right now," House said as Cuddy pulled out of the driveway. "I feel like you are going to have your way with me and then kill me."

"Now I am going to have to change my plan," Cuddy said. "Thanks for ruining it."

"My pleasure," House said. "Did you pack my Gameboy?"

"It's in your duffle bag," Cuddy said. House took off his seat beat and climbed a little over the seat to grab the bag.

"Stop looking at my butt," House said as he waved it next to her face.

"A really hope a cop does not drive by right now," Cuddy said with a laugh. House grabbed his Gameboy out and sat back down.

"Did you like the view?" House asked.

"It was very nice," Cuddy said. At that moment, a car ran a read light and pulled out right in front of them. Cuddy was able to slam on her breaks to avoid the car.

"Son of a bitch!" House screamed. Cuddy looked over at House and saw him with his hand over his mouth.

"Are you okay?" Cuddy asked.

"I hit my mouth on the dashboard," House said.

"Let me see," Cuddy said. House opened his mouth a little and Cuddy could see the blood.

"Let me get my car to the side of the road and then I will look at it," Cuddy said. Cuddy pulled her car over to the curb. House got out of the car and started spitting the blood out of his mouth. Cuddy got out of the car and went over to him.

"Open up," Cuddy said to House. House opened his mouth so Cuddy could look inside. Cuddy pulled House's lip open and saw that his teeth had cut his gums.

"How bad?" House mumbles as Cuddy still had her finger holding his lip down.

"Your teeth cut your gums, but it didn't go through the lip," Cuddy said as she let go of his mouth. House spit some more blood out on the sidewalk. Cuddy got into the car and grabbed a water bottle and handed it to him. House swished it in his mouth and then spit the water out. Cuddy examined his wounds again. "I don't think you need to go to the hospital," Cuddy said. "Do any of your teeth feel loose?"

"No," House said. "My gums are just throbbing!"

"I packed some mouth aid," Cuddy said. Cuddy went and grabbed it out of her travel kit. Cuddy gently applied the medicine to House's gums.

"This trip is starting out great," House said when she was finished.

"Hopefully this is the worst of it," Cuddy said. Cuddy gave House a quick kiss on his wounded gum. "All better."

"I think I will need a second dose of that medicine to make it totally heal," House said. Cuddy smiled and gave House another tender kiss. "Is this a bad time for me to get horny?" House asked.

"Yes!" Cuddy said laughing.

"I just wanted to make sure before I got way to into that kiss," House said.

"Unless you need anything else, I think we should get back on the road," Cuddy said. Cuddy opened up the passenger door and House got inside. Cuddy leaned in and put House's seatbelt on. "Keep this on this time." Cuddy went and got into the driver's seat.

"You should be happy that you had to slam on your brakes after I finished getting my Gameboy," House said. "If it had been a minute earlier, my butt would have hit the dashboard and you would have had to kiss it."

"I would gladly kiss it," Cuddy said as she pulled away from the curb.

"Should I drop my pants now then?" House asked.

"This is going to be a long drive," Cuddy said.

"Can we make it a long naked drive?" House asked.

"No," Cuddy said laughing. "Don't you have a Gameboy to play with?"

"It is more fun to play with you," House said. "I worry I might not get my play time for the next couple of days."

"I will make sure that I make time for play time," Cuddy said.

"Are you parents even going to let us stay in the same room?"

"They will," Cuddy said. "My father will be at the edge of the bed with a shotgun, though."

"Do you think they are still going to be nice to me since they are now on their home turf?" House asked.

"Yes, because they know that I will get up and leave if they are mean to you," Cuddy said. "Just don't start any trouble."

"I would never!" House said faking shock.

"I must have you confused with my other boyfriend," Cuddy said.

"The ugly one?" House asked.

"Yeah," Cuddy said. "He starts trouble a lot because people call him ugly all the time."

"God couldn't make all people as sexy as me," House said.