You Better Shop Around


After House and Cuddy had breakfast, they headed out to go shopping. Cuddy had to first make a stop to get House his precious sno-cone.

They were now standing in the store and Cuddy was showing different towels to House.

"How about these?" Cuddy asked House as she held up some navy blue towels.

"There fine," House said. "I would prefer you to use this as a towel instead." House held up a tiny washcloth.

"I don't think I would be able to get dry with that," Cuddy said.

"I like you better when you are wet," House said with a smirk.

"Just remember that if Wilson ever needs to stay over at our house, he would use these towels too," Cuddy said. "I know that guys tend to wash and dry a certain area for a long time." House dropped the wash cloth on the ground.

"I am not dryng off with anything that has touched naked Wilson," House said.

"Why?" Cuddy asked. "You are sleeping in a bed that has had naked Wilson in it."

"That's not funny," House said.

"Then why did it make me so happy?" Cuddy asked.

"Because you are the devil," House said.

"I definitely want these towels," Cuddy said as she ignored House and put the towels in the shopping cart.

House and Cuddy were then heading to look at sheets when Cuddy saw a shirt that she loved. "I am going to go try this on really quick," Cuddy said.

"Does really quick mean two hours?" House asked.

"No," Cuddy said. "15 minutes tops." House sighed and followed Cuddy to the dressing room. House sat in a chair outside of the dressing room. "Hold my purse," Cuddy said as she handed it to him. House sat it down on the floor next to his feet so that he did not have to actually hold it.

While House was waiting, a group of three moms came over with their children. From the overflowing shopping cart, House thought that the kids were trying on every piece of clothing in the store. House sat and listened as the women talked about their kids and how lazy their husbands were. House wondered what Cuddy said about him when he wasn't in the room.

They all stopped talking when House started singing to himself. "Shareef don't like it. Rock the Casbah." When House realized they weren't talking anymore, he turned and smiled at them. "No Clash fans here?" House asked.

"I like them," one of the moms said. "I just don't usually start singing them in the store." Cuddy's phone started to ring inside of her purse.

"Excuse me ladies," House said as he picked up the purse. "My purse is ringing." All the women smiled and laughed.

"Lisa Cuddy's phone," House answered it.

"It's Wilson," Wilson said. "I just wanted to call and tell you that I won't be able to make lunch until 12:20."

"That means more time for Cuddy to have me sit here while she tries on clothes," House said. "I think I am going to start making a noose out of my shoestrings."

"Try to tell her that I will be late before you kill yourself," Wilson said. "I don't want her to think I am rude."

"I am so glad you are my best friend Wilson," House said. "I always know that you are looking out for me."

"Oh," Wilson said. "I meant, please don't kill yourself House."

"Stop fantasizing about offing me so you can have Cuddy!" House said.

"You can't stop me," Wilson said as he hanged up the phone.

"Your best friend is trying to kill you?" One of the women asked House.

"If you knew me, you wouldn't be that shocked that someone wanted me dead," House said. Cuddy then came out wearing the shirt that she tried on.

"I love it," Cuddy said to House.

"It makes your jugs look huge," House said with a smile.

"I am thinking that means you also like it," Cuddy said.

"It's nice," House said.

"Thanks," Cuddy said. She then went to go change back into her clothes.

"If my husband had said that jugs comment to me, I would have slapped him in the face," one of the women said to House.

"Once again, if you actually knew me, it wouldn't shock you that I can make those comments and she lets me get away with it," House said.

"I guess she did at least get you into a store," the woman said to House. "If I tried to try on clothes, my husband would have insisted on waiting in the car." Cuddy came back out and put the shirt in the cart.

"Oh look here," Cuddy said and picked up something. "They have underwear in your size here." Cuddy held up a package of boy's Spiderman underwear. All the women, including Cuddy, let out a little laugh.

"I think that was for the jugs comment," House said to the women.

"I think so too," one of the women said.

"It's a lie by the way," House said to them.

"Then why do you have to have such a long cane?" Cuddy said with a smile.

"Don't make me take my pants off and show everyone," House said.

"Do it!" One of the women said. "Take it off!"

"Okay," House said as she started to undo his bottom on his jeans.

"Stop it!" Cuddy said as she batted his hand down.

"I don't want to disappoint the ladies," House said as he winked at them.

"I am sorry ladies," Cuddy said as she grabbed House's arm and pulled him along with her. "You will just have to find somebody else to strip for you."

Cuddy and House walked to the sheet aisle. Cuddy started looking at the different kinds of sheets.

"You get a cute little wrinkle right between your eyes when you are jealous," House said.

"I am not jealous," Cuddy said. "I just don't like you flirting with other women in front of me."

"You rather I do it behind you back?" House asked.

"I would rather you never do it at all," Cuddy said.

"I see those hormone shots are really running threw your system today," House said.

"You know what that means," Cuddy said. "You better be careful or I will stab you in your penis with a pencil."

"I….love you," House said warily.

"I love you too," Cuddy said with a smile.

"These sheets are nice," Cuddy said as she showed them to House.

"I could totally she you lying naked on these," House said. "And, after what I find out today, these also have not had naked Wilson on them."

"You might not want to tell him about this little joke because I do not want him to find out that it grosses you out and then he sneaks to my house to lie in my bed naked to get back for the sex in his car," Cuddy said.

"That makes sense," House said. "Or could it be that you do not want me to mention it to him because you are really doing him?"

"The world may never know," Cuddy said.

"The world already wants to know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop," House said. "They don't want to be left in the dark on this too. Now I am in the mood of a cherry Tootsie Roll Pop?"

"We better make sure that we always have dental insurance because I am pretty sure that you are going to give our kids tons of cavities," Cuddy said.

"Like you are not going to spoil them!" House said. "You will probably be worst than me."

"I guess we will just have to spoil them together," Cuddy said.


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