Resident Evil 4 Parody

Chapter 2

Why won't you die?!

As Leon pushed the huge gate open, he saw smoke from a fire. "Sweet! Maybe there are some people here!" As he ran towards the village, he stopped by a tree and took out a pair of random binoculars. She looked though them and saw one of the police officer's in the fire. "Ewwwwww….gross….." he put the binoculars away and ran into the village yelling and shooting randomly.

The zombies came at him with axes and pitch forks and different things. She shot one after the other in the head. "Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! YOU DEEEEEAD!!!" It was then he ran into a nearby house and ran up stairs. "OOOOH! A shot gun! Sweeeeet!" He took it from its place and then froze in his tracks. He heard the buzzing of a chain saw.

"Zombies know how to use one of those? What the hell?!" Jus then a zombie with a chain saw burst through the door downstairs and started to run at Leon. He panicked and shoot the zombie in the leg, making him fall. Then Leon unleashed ten shoots of the shot gun to the head and the zombie stood up.

"WHY WON'T YOU DIE?!" He yelled and ran towards the window. He jumped out yelling "WEEEEEEEE!" and landed in a roll again. The chainsaw zombie followed and landed with a thud under the window. "Crap." Leon ran and all of a sudden, a bell ran from no where and random zombies appeared saying random crap like "Lord Saddler" and "La Cabaña" and so on.

"Where's everyone going? To smoke Pot? I WANT SOOOOOOOOOME!!!"


Yeah short, but oh well. The beginning of the story doesn't have much to work off of soooooo yeah. Hope you enjoyed this one!