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It was a calm day in the Ilex Forest. All the pokemon were chilling and having a good time. But that's not important. In a cave deep in the Ilex forest three pokemon were lazing around having a good time. The first one a large feminine blue canine looked over to her two male companions one a yellow tiger and the other a large red lion and suddenly asked " Hey Raikou?" At the mention his name the large thunder tiger looked over to the beautiful blue canine that was lying on her back in a very displaying position.

"What Suicune?" " Do you ever think somebody would try to rape me?" at this Raikou just stammered before answering, " If you don't stop showing off like you are now it very well could happen." Suicune realizing how she was laying quickly rolled over and blushed. Entei looked over to Suicune and quickly added " if you get raped its your own fault stupid girl!" Suicune scowled at this and quickly retorted, " Hey I am not stupid! You over pompous asshole!" " Whatever…" was Entei's response. With that Suicune decided to go for a walk in the forest. Raikou and Entei both watched the beautiful blue furred north wind pokemon walk away from them. When they were sure that the temperamental Suicune was out of earshot Raikou turned toward Entei and said in a surfer voice " I'd tap that!" To which Entei responded " totally!" Neither though knew what was going to happen to their beloved north wind companion.

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