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The next morning Suicune woke up in a state no better than she had went to sleep in. remembering just what had happened the day before she quickly jumped up…well more like shakily stood up wanting to be cleansed of the awful mans bodily fluids that still coated her back side and rump. As she went cleansed herself in a local waterfall she realized that she wanted revenge and quite badly at that. Feeling too weak to try to find Raikou herself she telepathically called out to him to come help her.

Within 2 hours Raikou was at the scene shocked by what he was hearing from his secret love. Hearing the fact that someone was raped was bad enough for Raikou but for it to be his girlfriend of all creatures made Raikou horribly mad. Raikou took Suicune home to their private den in the ilex forest due to the fact Suicune was still weak from her encounter with the mean human known to all prisoners as Bubba and instructed her to stay there while he solved the problem himself. In the back of Raikou's mind he knew exactly what he was going to do but he would need the help of the forest guardian spirit also known as celebi. After finding celebi and telling her of Suicune's misfortune and what he was going to do to the man celebi decided to help, after all Suicune was celebi's best friend.

After traveling through the forest for at least 2 hours they stopped to rest behind some bushes when celebi quickly motioned for Raikou to come over to her. Sitting over on a stump was a behemoth of a man in a pair of gray jogging pants with what looked like food stains all over them and his blue prison shirt was in no better shape than his pants. Without wait the two quickly formulated their plan and jumped out of the bushes surprising the large man. Before the man could react he was tied down to the stump in the same position that his previous victim was in before. All he seen was the large thunder tiger walk up behind him and the next thing he felt was a horrible pain and his world went black….

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