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Walking around in the damp cool air I could smell her blood calling, it sang to me. The smell was intoxicating and I knew with out a doubt this would be the sweetest blood I would have ever of tasted. I lost sight of her as she wandered through the dark pathways between buildings. I knew she was close but for some reason I couldn't read her mind to find out where she was but I could still smell her.

It was warm, it was inviting and I knew I had to find it soon. My eyes were red but darker with thirst. I needed this, I needed it now. My thirst was too much for me and she was calling to me. Her blood called to me.

The town was almost menacing, it was dark, cold and the streets were deserted. She was a foolish girl for walking around herself making it so easy for me. She must have known the dangers of other humans never mind, people of my kind; if only she knew it could have been enough to save her. I could smell her getting closer as I tried to follow her scent. Not being able to find her mind was infuriating. But her sweetness could never leave my mind. I had that at least.

Standing in the shadow of the allay I watched her look for her keys in her backpack. She paused momentarily looking around her, she sensed me and it made me pleased that her nerves were starting to play on her with danger she surly must have felt. This was my game and she was simply a pawn.

She moved her hair from behind her neck exposing her delicate skin and its entire sweet aroma; she was beautiful from what I could tell. Flowing long brown locks and irresistible pale skin. If it wasn't for her perfume and the sound of her heart pumping I could have sworn she was one of us. She looked delicate and almost weak standing next to the huge red truck. Dropping pens from her bag they rolled under the truck, moving closer to the ground she reached under it with her hand out trying to claim them back.

Now was my moment.

With all the speed I possessed I raced out, pulling her from her position on the ground as I covered her mouth and veiling her with the shadows of the allay that had hidden me from any streetlight glair.

Her features were screwed up tight with fear running through her veins, I could feel her heart rate increase, the adrenalin flowing and the wave of panic encase her body as she began to tremble. This is how it usually went if I could be bothered playing with the weak humans, it teased me. Wanting it more.

Her face was still tight with fear, her eyes still closed.

"Open your eyes." I let my inviting voice try to sooth her, willing her to open her to open them.

Her head shook against my strong domineering arms. She would never be able to get away and the attempt to shake her head was almost invisible with the weight of my hand placed across her mouth.

"Open your eyes." I asked once again, with the feeling of some frustration at her refusal first time.

I could see her hesitating, she knew she was in danger and this must have been her attempt at denial, if she didn't see me perhaps it wasn't real.

Her eyelids fluttered open as she looked into my eyes.


They were beautiful, the warmth radiated from them pulling me towards her.

This was wrong

I was the one who was supposed to be inviting, her blood attracted me but looking into her gaze I felt completely taken by her.

Her pale skin reminded me of a porcelain doll, delicate and breakable.

I was going to break her like I did so many other times with out thought but right now there was thought there. Her long brown hair invited me in more. With that I buried my face into her hair, smelling her and smelling her blood, reaching inside of me questioning what was right and what was wrong.

I paused for a moment in her hair trying to gain composure at the thoughts I felt. Wishing that perhaps if she had just kept her eyes closed I wouldn't have this frustration.

Moving back I looked into her eyes.

"I'm going to take my hand away and when I do I want you to be quiet." I slackened my hand for her to agree. With a small nod I removed my hand.

"What is you name?" I asked.

"Bella." She returned not even attempting a scream.

"It was silly of you to wander the streets alone." I told her with her giving a nod in agreement.

I paused for a moment looking into her eyes, her never attempting to break contact.

"What is your name?" she asked shyly in her angelic tone.

I looked at her, surprised that she wasn't trying to attract attention to us, calling for help or something. She was standing right here asking me my name.

"Edward." I gave for her obedience.

"You look scared." She told me.

I felt it

I had never felt taken by a human before, they served as my food and quenched my thirst, they were nothing to me. Like cattle to a human.

Filling and insignificant

"I feel it." I said honestly.

"What are you scared of?" she asked.

"You." The words just fell out as she looked into my eyes.

"Me? But you grabbed me." She answered confused.

"I know but I didn't realize the effect you would have on me."

"What effect is that?"

She did have an effect on me. It was true. For some reason I felt the one that was weak and insignificant standing in front of her. Those brown eyes were here own venom.

"I don't know. Looking into your eyes I feel like I have been found. That If I keep looking into them I will no longer be the monster."

"I don't think you're a monster. I think your confused." She gave to me calmly. It worried me that she didn't seem to fear me any longer. I felt that when I did feed, that her blood wouldn't be as sweet. It would still be the best blood ever but that it would now be tainted by the animal in me, destroying this girl to get at it.

I looked at the rest of her features. Her bottom lip was larger than the top but it only made her lips more inviting. Surely she would react if I tried to kiss her.

Leaning in I grazed her lips with mine before pushing further into her full pout, consuming a kiss.

She never pulled back, never fought; she seemed to go with it before I stopped pulling my head back meeting her gaze.

"Your dangerous." I concluded.

"You are the one with the grip on me." She reminded as she looked at her wrist that was pinned up against the wall.

Letting go of her hand I expected her to run but she stayed still looking at me.

"Now were a bit more even." I smiled. Her face mirroring mine.

"You're strong, and fast?" she asked, automatically suspicious of me.

I nodded at her statement but knew it was more of a question. "I am." I replied as I looked down, feeling unworthy of her eyes.

She placed a hand on my jaw as she tried to pull my line of view to hers. I let out a growl in response.

"I'm not going to hurt you." She let out lightly.

"But I want to hurt you." I told her.

"No you don't." she corrected me. She was right. I didn't. I couldn't think of doing anything so animalistic now to her.

"I did." Looking around the alleyway reminding her that it was me that pulled her into the darkness.

"But now you don't." she told me.

I nodded. I don't know how it happened, but the look from her eyes had made me the victim and she was now the predator.

Her blood was still calling to me.

"I wanted your blood." I told her.

She looked confused. I placed my face back into her hair once again, taking in her scent and feeling her warmth. I wanted it so bad but something was telling me no. Right now I somehow had control but knew it may not last long.

I spoke again at her silence "You make me feel human."

"What are you?" she asked in a whispered tone.

"Not human." I didn't go into specifics.

"You wanted my blood? Why?" she asked.

"To drink." I told her.

A flash or realization hat I could be something dangerous waved across her face but it never faltered into a panic.

"And you don't want me now?" she asked incredulously.

"I do still want you, but I feel I can't harm you, that the look in your eyes is stopping me."

"Why?" she asked getting a little ratty at me trying to keep her alive.

"Because, I have no soul and when I look at you I think you have it."

"I think you have a soul if you are stopping."

"You don't get it, it's only you that has stopped me, the rest of them, they had nothing and now there dead. I drank there blood bleeding them dry." I let out aggravated.

She looked at me confused, "What's wrong with me?" she asked.

I had to chuckle, there was something wrong with her, but something good?

There was something really wrong with me.

"Looking at you now I want to consume you in other ways."

At this she slowly leaned forward placing a hand on my face as she rubbed her thumb along my smooth skin. She reached up and kissed my lips gently. As I never stopped her she pressed forward letting her tongue trail across my lips looking for me to allow her access. Opening my mouth I let her in as I pushed through intertwining our mouths with one another.

I let a growl omit from my mouth into hers with the pleasure. With this I knew I had to pull away, so I tried.


Luckily she pulled away when she was short of air, panting in front of me, her sweet breath sweeping over me, hypnotizing me even more to her being.

"Your beautiful." I let it slip by accident. Though it was true.

She smiled sweetly at me, her eyes shone with lust from the kiss and with that I couldn't resist. I kissed her lips once again.


"You know in another life I think I could have loved you." I admitted foolishly.

She smiled at me again shyly. "I wish that other life was now." She replied.

"So do I." I smirked at her with the thought of being able to love her without hesitation. "I have waited a centaury for you and now I have to leave you." I leaned down and kissed her forehead savouring her scent from her hair once again.

"You need to go." I whispered into her hair.

Shaking her head, she stood defiantly "No, I want to stay here, stay with you."

"You can't; I'll hurt you if you do."

"You said you were scared of me, that I was dangerous, you won't hurt me." She argued.

"I don't want to, but I'm not for you." I pleaded back.

"If you leave you will see that you made a mistake and that were meant to be together. You came to harm me but you can't."

"I can't control myself Bella." I confirmed. "I'm an animal. I have no soul and no heart."

"I have your soul, you told me, don't make me go and you can have it." She promised.

"This isn't another life. You need to go now. Please." I begged her, the resistance on me was too hard, I was struggling and I don't know what I would do with myself if I should falter.

"Go, Please." I asked of her again.

She stood still and silent.

Placing a small kiss onto her lips I growled at her.

"Go." I hissed showing my teeth.

She slowly backed away with her eyes glazed, tears threatening to spill. She kept them on me as she walked backwards to her truck.

Reaching the vehicle she bent back down to her back pack looking for her keys pulling them out. She left the pens on the ground as she crawled into the cabin of the truck starting the engine.

She looked out at me once more waiting for me to stop her. I couldn't read her mind but I knew what she was silently asking. I couldn't stop her, if I did I couldn't promise to keep her alive and I couldn't have her dead.

The engine purred as she continued to look out, knowing I wasn't going to go to her. She drove off into the night as I stood in the darkness.

She wasn't a pawn in my game, she was my queen.


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