"I'm absolutely certain that were not find anything." Lee said, reassuring his comrades.

"That may be the case Corporal, But we've got a job to do." Sergeant Matthew Darl said in response. Matthew put his hand on Lees' shoulder.

"Look I know it to but" He was interrupted by a message in his earpiece.

"Darl,your team to move out." The voice ordered.

"Okay, lets move out."

The scout mission so far had been uneventful. Not a Chimera had been spotted and the skies were clear.

"Sorry sir, but Lee's right again."

"quiet Cambell." Darl barked somewhat humiliated. "Anyone else hear that?" He questioned.

"Stop trying to change the subject, your ju…" Cambell was interrupted by gunshots filling the air. Everyone on the team went for some natural cover.

"Base, do you see the massive blip? It's a Goliath and hell of a lot of Chimera." Darl shouted over the roar of bullets. He gave a few gestures indicating to fall back A.S.A.P.

"We see it." The voice responded. "All units are to hold this SRPA Station." The voice went on to order.