2...1! The grenade exploded. "Low profile, isn't my scene." Lee muttered under his breath. Wasn't his fault, he was trained to fight head-on. He looked at Goliath briefly and noticed one of the rear e exaughst ports was missing, now Lee was no expert on how they worked but he knew that sort of thing didn't happen on its own but it was hard to hit. This gave lee an idea he knew what he had to go for now. The nearest LARRK.

"We can't do anything if we keep falling ba…!" The last of Cambells words were cut short by an explosion. Dead bodies of both sides flew a short distance, this was a bit disturbing for the whole group but some hid it better than others.

"And…what the fuck do you know about it!" The newest member spoke up, taking them aback. He had never really made his opinion known or socialized much.

"I'm sick of you thinking you know what's best!" he said still ranting.

"You two can do me a favour and Shut the hell up!" Matthew shouted annoyed with them both.

Cambell just grunted and looked away.

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