Jane turned to look at the newborn Bree again, her face completely bored. "Felix?" she drawled.

"Wait," Edward interjected.

Jane raised one eyebrow, but Edward was staring at Carlisle while he spoke in an urgent voice. "We could explain the rules to the young one. She doesn't seem unwilling to learn. She didn't know what she was doing"

"Of course," Carlisle answered. "We would certainly be prepared to take responsibility for Bree."

Jane's expression was torn between amusement and disbelief.


Edward pushed me behind him protectively, entwining our hands together. The girl was crouched about ten paces away, her crimson eyes darting from me to Carlisle's outstretched hand.

"It's doesn't have to be like this Brie." He soothed "There are other ways."

"Unfortunately some ways are harder to teach than others" spat Jane

Carlisle stepped in front of Brie "We can help her Jane, we can teach her!"

"There will be no teaching, there are no exceptions" she hissed back, then her eyes swerved to meet mine and she curved her lips upwards in a smile.

"Speaking of exceptions"

A low growl rose deep in Edwards's chest "Bella has nothing to do with this." He said fiercely

"Well she might be when Aro finds out you've broken are little agreement!"

Edward's hands tensed in mine, preparing to lunge. "I will be changed!" I spoke up, surprising myself. What the hell was I doing? "In a few weeks."

Another growl erupted from Edward as he tightened his grip on my hands.

"We can handle ourselves just fine here." Carlisle interrupted before Edward got a chance to lunge "If Aro must intervene then let him. For now leave the girl with us."

Jane let the smile on her face curl maliciously "Felix?" spook Jane, not leaving her eyes from mine.

"It appears we will have to return then." Hissed Felix, flexing his ready fingers back into his pockets.

Carlisle nodded once in Jane's direction as knelt down beside Brie, who now lay hugging her knees. I felt sorry for her if you can say the least, she didn't look much older than 15.

Emmet and Jasper's eyes watched as Jane turned swiftly on her heel and disappeared out of the clearing, Felix and Demetri matching each Vampire's gaze.

Edward unclenched and realeased my sore fingers "Are you okay" he murmured

"Yes." I paused, not able to break gaze with the young girl "I think"

He pressed my sore hands to him ice cold lips "There gone for now" Top of Form

"For now?" I stammered

He pulled me into his chest and reached my chin up to his "Don't worry my Bella; I won't let them near you."

I broke away "Near me? They don't need to bother with me!" Edward titled his head to the side "well... I'm not going to break the agreement, I'm doing what Aro wanted"

Edward eyes went dark "You don't have to do this Bella, there are other ways."

"What other ways Edward? What could you possibly do?"

He shook his head, pulling a hand wearily through his locks of bronze hair. "We had an agreement Edward." I whispered, quivering as wedding bells played tunelessly in my ears. His eyes softened.

"We could still walk away Bella, we could still run." He pleaded

"But we're not going to" I breathed firmly, no matter what.

Behind us the mumblings of Brie where getting louder and louder, Edward flinched as another scream echoed through the forest.

"We need to get you out of here." He muttered "Carlisle can handle this."

He glanced towards the screaming girl "Go Edward, Bella isn't helping." Said Carlisle, trying to soothe the girl into silence.

All of a sudden I felt very tired, the whole enormity of the day just hit me. The fight, Victoria... Jacob. "Jacob!" I gasped

"He's fine, he's fine" eased Edward, gently lifting me up onto his back. I didn't seem to have enough energy to object so I succumbed into his arms, resting my head in the depth of his neck. Edward set of into the woods, slower this time, gently humming my Lullaby as the girl child's screams dulled into the distance