Bree POV

I wanted her. I wanted to smile at her, to draw her in. I wanted her to come closer and closer untill we were only inches apart and then I wanted to break her delicate pale skin, tasting her fresh scent as her blood flowed freely into my mouth. I didn't smile at her, I didn't draw her in. I stayed in Esme's arms, wrapped in a coccon of thirst and numbness, black cold numbness that seemed to never. Ever . End.

The bronze haired vampire, Edward, stared at me with cool balck eyes, never leaving my gaze as he fished inside my head all to freely. I felt violated, ashamed and curious all at the same time,but greater than any of my other miniscule feelings was the hot burning desire of thirst. It was unbearable yet by some miracle I remained squarley in Esme's arms, even though I had enough strength to over power her in an instant. And the human, his Bella was standing infront of me and any second I was going to snap.

"I wouldn't test her Bella, she's not ready" Edward spoke urgently as he sensed my patience drawing an end. Her scent entwined itself within me, clinging to my nostrils even when I dared not to breathe. I didn't have to think, I just had to let go, one simple slip and she would be mine and I would be hers, our bloods joined in the chemical reaction that made me crave her blood.

A low growl erupted in Edward's chest as he read my thoughts, far too low for his Bella to hear. He yanked hard on her arm again protectively, and this time she submitted, allowing herself to be pulled from the room.

I closed my eyes slowly, whimpering as her scent was carried away from me. "Shush..." murmured Esme as she rocked me back and forth slowly, stroking my matted hair. I could feel myself giving in to her, unclenching my body with each rock. I didn't want to trust her; I wanted to retreat inside myself, curl up in a little ball to die. But Esme didn't let me. She talked to me as If I was actually worthy of her words, stroking my hair with the affection I had once since known from my father. My father. The words were dry as I whispered them to myself. In that other reality of blurry happiness I knew I had a father, I just couldn't remember him. Everything about him was distorted by flash memories of bloody gore, which spread across my mind like the worst kind of poison. All I can recall was happiness; a sense of happiness that I have come to realise is only possible in an innocent young child, one that isn't aware of the horrors around them. Yet my father was happy, even in the grotty suburbs of Seattle, he was happy and so I was happy. I can recall myself as a small child, fingering the keys of a large musty piano. The keys are tuneless with age and the head board chipped but I am still fascinated by the rustic sound it makes when I dare to touch it. Large hands grasp my fingers from behind and a large male face is smiling down at me although his features are unrecognisable. Together we drift our hands over the keys, feeling the cool crisp texture of the withered piano. Then, I break my hands away from his, pausing to look up into his eyes for approval; upon finding it I stretch my fingers back over the white keys, take a deep breath and begin to play.

They have a piano here; I've heard Edward playing it when his Bella is sleeping, it's a tune I don't recognise but he repeats it enough that it must be something special. As for the piano I can tell from the sound that it's new, too new for me, it almost sounds artificial. Dead like it hasn't had enough time or history to have any sense of character and yet the way Edward plays it, when he plays it the melody is alive with something I just can't put my finger on. They have a lot of books here too; old and musty was age, just like my Piano. I can smell them from here, almost as potent as Bella's blood itself, but less desirable.

Edwards back already, I can smell him, only he's left her behind. He walks into the living room and sits on the chair opisite Rosalie, everyone is akwardly silient. I don't feel authorised enough to say anything so I don't, I snuggle further into Esme's arms. I've always been small for my age. I'd been called the 'titch' at school, barley reaching up to my friends shoulders. I'm not sure how old I looked now, but Esme seemed to be treating me as If I was a small child.

"How old are you Bree?" Edward speaks, his voice a calm semi tone.

I looked up at him but I couldn't bring myself to look him directly in the eyes, I was afraid he might see it as a threat like the others did. "15." I mumble, I was going to be 16 in three days but I supose birthdays don't really count now.

"You did very well Earlier Bree, I think my Brother will be quite jelous of you."

I cocked my head to the side, there really wasn't much to be jelous of. I had tangley black hair, wonky teeth and little Educational potental. As far as I was aware Edward's brothers were the images of perfection, what could they possibly be jelous of?

"Your control Bree, around Bella" he said smoothly. His voice rose when he said her name, the only time when he talked to me it reached any emotive level other than semi-tone.

"Yeah, Jasper didn't do so well." Muttered Rosalie, flipping through a magazine absent mindedly.

"You did brilliantly Bree." Said Esme smiling down at me. I felt a sharp twinge of happiness cut through me, too sharply to be pleasnant. I didn't deserve this, this shouldn't be happening, not after what I'd done. I should be somewhere cold and dark with no light, not here with smiling faces and kind words.

"So your musical Bree?" continued Edward, I nodded glancng quickly down to the basment where I knew the piano was kept.

"Would you like to play?"

Part of me switched of then, the horrible messy part, and I found myself nodding quickly in my eagerness. He smiled at me, the first time I had seen him show any real emotion towards anyone other than Bella. I didn't feel I had the confidience to smile back but I relaxed by face slightly and I knew he noticed.

It was grand piano as I expected, with that new synthetic feel that smells bad to those with fine tuned senses. I draped my fingers down the keys slowly, sighing deeply as each didgit acustommed itself.

"I was going to be a musican." I sighed "I was going to go to Julliard."

I rocked my fingers gently over the keys, marvelling inside my head at the different tones and pitches of each note. Every note was more defined now, or maybe I was just able to appreciate the sounds so much more now. The old rustic piano I had learned to play on tuned each note differently so a piece could never be played the same twice, a honky tonk kind of Jazz sound that made classical music jagged and clumsy. Now when I played it sounded fluent and elegant, like well spoken French.

I could sense Edward behind me, sitting on the leather couch that smelled so strongly of his Bella. Maybe that's why he liked it.

"You can still go to Julliard you know."

I looked up from the piano "I'll never look old enough."

Edward smiled "You'd be surprised what a couple of fake Ids will do for you."

I gave him a sickening look "You don't get it do you? I can go to Julliard any time now, I can go ten times and no one would notice but university only comes around once, you grasp your chance and that what makes it so special. Now I may as well just go back to Seattle."

I looked back down at the piano but the moment was spoiled, reluctantly I closed the lid with a sharp bang and ran my fingers threw my hair.

"There's just no point in lying to you is there?"

Edward shook his head "though most people try it anyway."

I turned to face him, locking my red eyes with his crimson.

"Why Bella?" I asked, wincing as her image popped up in my head accompanied by a wave of scent.

He titled his head to the side, confused.

"I mean, you could have any measly human you wanted, so why Bella."

"I can't explain it, she was always more... appealing to me, but I suppose because Bella wanted me back." I raised my eyebrows slightly

He frowned "I mean, someone who will Love you no matter what you look like, what you do... "he paused "what you are."

I sighed "Okay I see your point."

Then Edward's back pocket began bleeping wildling, I jumped back but he casually reached into his pocket and pulled out a mobile. I watched his expression change as he read the text, he looked up at me and I could see the urgency in his eyes.

He said two single words that sent shivers creeping up my spine.

"Werewolf fight"