I'm very new at this but I will try my best! I hope you will like it, It will start off slow but go into the action soon enough. This will be a Misa x L fiction so if you don't like it don't read it!

Summary: AU - What if Misa's parents weren't killed by that burglar? What if they were saved due to the hard work of a single detective? Would her parents influence her decisions she makes when she finds her Death Note and what of L? Misa x L

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The Hunt for L

Chapter one: A Fatal Attraction

No matter how many times she would try to explain herself no one seemed to understand how she felt about a certain detective by the name of L. Even her own parent's gave her skeptical looks about her proclaiming that she would make it her life's goal just to see the boy one more time again. After all he was her savior…

Her parents although very frustrating to stand by were very loving people and the thought of losing them was gut wrenching enough. If it hadn't been for L, also known as the world's top detective, than her parent's lives would have surely ended that night and she, Amane Misa, would have been an orphaned child. The thought itself gave her shivers, but luckily, like she said, her parents had survived when the detective had burst through the door and stopped the burglar with a sharp kick to the face.

Okay so maybe it didn't happen as awe-inspiring as she proclaimed it to have but, she still held the upmost respect for him and wished more than anything to at least see him one more time to thank him but after that day L vanished.

Well not disappeared entirely, he was still featured on news channels as a hero to society but they never actually showed him. Anytime she would hear his voice on interview it was blocked out by this tiresome masked voice that she couldn't stand – after all – she wanted to hear him and not some stupid computer programmed version of L. Anyway what she meant from nowhere to be found was that he never formally introduced himself to her family. Well her father knew him personally but he wouldn't tell her which made her secretly grumble.

Misa understood that L was a busy man, but all she wished to do was just to give him a simple thank you before moving on with her life. However finding L was not an effortless laughing topic and she still was just an ordinary freshman at a College University with a less than brilliant brain to the boot. Her chances of finding L were zilch but she swore that she would find him, and thus her story begins.


"Misa Misa wake up it's time for school!" Misa stirred in her sleep whilst latching onto her pillow with a faint trail of drool off the side of her mouth. Her long blonde hair draped past her shoulder's wildly and she let out a loud groan begging softly for a few more minutes. Misa's head dropped back into the pillow preparing to doze off until a loud ringing interrupted that notion making her jolt out of her sleep and promptly fall off her bed with a thud.

"Ugh…" Misa croaked out, her entire body stinging from the rude awaking as she picked herself up yawning, and rubbing her head as she made her way over to the shower.

Downstairs Misa's mother was prepared pancakes with a soft hum. Her mother was a woman of wonders, and one of the worlds' most applauded photographers in the world. Her slim form was sought out by many models and if it wasn't for her over protective husband they would have surely featured that body in a cover of a magazine by now. Misa's mother's movements were like watching a professional ice skater move beautifully across the stage in a simple swoop. While her mother was very popular, she was also much hated for her bubbly personality to refer to herself in third person and because of her blonde hair she was referred as an air head in some interviewed magazines.

At the dining table sat another significant figure in Misa's lifestyle – her father. He sat tall in his chair flipping through the morning newspaper as silent as ever. One might consider him a statue, but underneath that cold exterior was a giant softy – at least that's what Misa's mother always told her.

"It makes Lisa wonder when her daughter will ever learn to properly wake up…" Her mother whispered quietly in a thoughtful tone as she used her spatula to flip over the pancakes so they wouldn't burn again. "Perhaps when she finds L…" Lisa let out a dramatic sigh, letting her shoulders drop until a certain light flickered on inside her head.

Misa's mother quickly dropped her spatula off to the side of the oven and spun around to face her ever so busy husband with a smile. "Mitsu, is there any information today regarding our Misa Misa's favorite detective?" Lisa asked with a wide grin. The newspaper wall shook a bit until finally a voice could be heard from behind it.

"…No." Although her husband's reply was rather cold– Lisa shook it off with a giggle.

"Awe, you know Mitsu-kun perhaps it's time for you to drop a hint or two on where the boy is? Lisa finds this completely horrible to constantly tell lies to Lisa's own daughter. Besides if anyone knew where that detective freak was it would be you – wouldn't it?" Lisa spoke out, reminding her husband as to how it was him who personally met up with L asking for his help upon receiving death threatening letters.

Amane Mitsu closed his newspaper and set it down on the dining table revealing his tanned skin, police uniform, and fierce blue eyes concealed behind his oval shaped glasses. Unlike Misa's mother who was an American, her father was Japanese. His short combed brown hair contrasting his wife's long ponytailed blonde hair that draped past her shoulders. He gave his wife a sour look that she had gotten used to for years and straightened his tie.

"You know that I can't possibly do that after promising L I would never mention where he was. It is to remain a secret amongst the task force members and myself. Besides if Misa is truly determined to find him than she could easily discover his location herself. I will not guide her by her hand out like a child and let her find the easy way out-"

"And this is said by the very man who won't even let his own daughter go to a simple photo shoot?" His wife criticized with a low grumble. Mitsu chose to ignore his wife and continue on.

"Misa is a grown girl."

"Woman," His wife corrected, turning back to the stove to see that the pancake was ready. "Misa is a grown woman Mitsu-kun but I still think she at least deserves a hint or two considering the fact L is a very hard man to find! I mean think of her social life! She spends too much time watching the news then going outside to play like a normal teenager her age should do! Please be reasonable dear after all Lisa knows what's best." His wife said as she used her spatula to preparing Misa's breakfast on a plate whilst she turned off the stove. Mitsu could only roll his eyes in response at his wife's so called dilemma towards Misa's hobbies.

"I think watching the news fine trait for her for she gains knowledge of the outside world and its way better than what you have planned for her Lisa! I still can't believe you suggest modeling! My daughter, Misa, a model for that magazine you work for? Absolutely not, I can't imagine my cute little girl running around in such revealing clothing; soon I suppose you'll ask me to let her go to nude shots next? That is a sin in Japan!"Mitsu shivered at the thought and he could hear his wife giggling from across the room.

"Your over reacting Mitsu-kun, it's just a few pictures, Lisa promises." Lisa replied, giving her husband a peace sign and Mitsu only sighed in response to his wife's antics. "Anyways your trying to lead me off topic Mitsu-kun and you know how much I hate when you do that!" Lisa cried out as she heads over to the dining table and sets down Misa's breakfast adjacent to her father's seat.

"I wasn't doing anything of the-ow!" Mitsu winched as his wife pulled tugged on his short brown half spiked hair.

"Don't lie to me Mitsu-kun, or I promise there will be no sex in this household." Lisa gritted out, releasing him to whack him behind the head. Mitsu grimaced, and decided to tell his wife the truth about exchanging schools for Misa. It wasn't because of her getting teased it was because he knew L would be there under secret investigation for his Kira case. However it seemed that little detail would have to wait with Misa standing in the doorway fully dressed in her school uniform and combed straight hair.

Misa gave her father a thumbs up and he snorted loudly picking his news paper up and opened it back up to pretend he was reading something important. Misa turned to her mother who was grimacing at the sight of Misa's choice of hairstyle. It didn't fit her what-so-ever she needed a much cuter and adorable look. Misa knew the look her mother was giving her – there was no doubt in Misa's mind that her mother was already giving her a new look by imagining her as a Barbie doll.

"Mom, I don't want to wear my hair in pigtails today. It looks stupid because people used to tease me all the time." Misa said with a calm assertive tone but her mother gave her a doubtful look.

"It doesn't look stupid. It looks unique and unique is not ugly or stupid, it just means that person is very special." Her mother said confidentially and Misa wore she could hear her own father snickering away at his wife's comments. Misa was slightly eyeing that newspaper with a glare for not stepping in to save her from her mother's insanity. "Now go eat you breakfast while I go get some ties for your hair." Her mother quickly spoke as she led Misa to her seat then headed up the stairs to Misa's room.

Misa looked at the pancake and groaned noticing the black hue spreading along the top of the pancakes.

"She burned them again…" Her father lowered his newspaper to glance at his daughter and his straight face could barely hold up with the look of his daughter's eyebrow twitching as she poked the now bubbling pancake.

"Eat you breakfast Misa, it's good for you." He snickered, and Misa pushed the plate away.

"Misa would rather starve." She snorted out, and crossed her hands over her chest in defiance. "Misa will just buy a snack at school – that is if they allow her to eat there."

"Of course they allow you to after all it is a school not a prison camp." Misa felt unconvinced at that remark. What kind of school bars there students inside? Misa placed her hands on the table, and leaned forward with a yawn, ready to fall asleep but her father rolled up his newspaper and bonked her gently with it. "Misa, don't you dare go to sleep missy!" Misa whimpered she hadn't gotten any sleep after sleeping in late watching the television about Kira reports. Where there was Kira, there would be L.

"Can't I get a little nap – Misa is tired!" Misa protested continuing to stretch her hands across the table.

"Well I know for a fact that L barely sleep, so at this rate you'll never find him." Her dad informed her and Misa pursed her lips in annoyance. Whenever she had wanted to take a break her dad would bring out the L card on her and the sad thing was, she fell for it, every time.

Misa sat up rigid in her seat and awaiting the sound of her mother's sandals coming down the stairs and sure enough there was her mother approaching her with two giant scrunches around her wrist. Misa twitched; this happened every day as her mother was pig-tail obsessed. Misa could only sulk while her mother took up one side of her hair and put it into a pig tail while then doing the same with the other side. To Misa, she looked like a side show clown, and the expression of her father biting his lip wasn't helping either.

Bastard – She mentally cursed, but would never actually mean it.

"There see you look positively adorable! Ne, don't you agree Mitsu?" Her mother asked, practically bouncing up and down in front of her own husband. Mitsu glanced at his wife, eyeing her energetic state then back at his miserable looking daughter and burst into laughter. "Mitsu-kun, don't laugh!" Mitsu rose up one hand in apology as he rose from his chair, and wished Misa the best of luck before kissing Misa on the head, and one on Lisa's scowling lips.

"Misa hates it." Misa stated firmly, her mother turned to her with large eyes, tears threatening to fall.

"B-but Misa, it's so cute!"Lisa cried out and then snapped her hands. "Lisa needs to get her camera!" Misa panicked she did not want everyone in the world to see her looking like a freak show!

"Mom – Misa does not want photo shoots!" By now her mother was practically quivering her lip to her own daughter about ready to beg. Misa sighed, "If Misa promises to keep her hairstyle like this does Misa's mother promise not to take photos of her?" Her mother nodded enthusiastically. "Fine, Misa Misa will keep it on."

"Good and remember Misa, Lisa is watching you! Lisa has camera's everywhere." Misa gave her mother a terrified look, and Lisa patted her daughter's back. "So do not take it off or else." Misa could only nod in fear – her mother was so scary. She may have looked like a child on the outside but there was something evil on the inside hiding away. Misa prayed to never cross that side.


Her school wasn't very large, but its hallways were crowded with massive packs of people so Misa decided to travel outside the school to get to her classes in fear of getting squished. In the news stories she heard there were always certain people that tended to be merciless in some sort of hallway and if anyone got in the way they would be trampled. The brightest of students attended here, and Misa only got in because her father had saved the principles daughter when she was abducted. Misa was already shaking in her shoes, only because some of the courses she had sounded dangerously complicated.

Misa swallowed what little pride she had and walked through the school's main gates, continuing to stick to the fence on the inside so no one would see her creeping about and rolling around like a spy to be avoiding being spotted with her baby like pigtail look. There really wasn't any reason for her to be doing any of this truthfully considering it was only 6:00 am.

So Misa lied to her parents about needing to be at school by 6:00, there was a perfectly good reason for it! Misa wanted to get a peek into the library each morning and read up on L before she would have her first class by 8:00. With barely any students around it would be less noticeable of her dance she preformed whenever she so happily found a new article on L. Maybe this time she wouldn't be called the, 'L stalker,' like her last school. Misa could only hope.

When Misa managed to get to the building and cover herself with her notebook when people looked her way she immediately ran to the counter to see an elderly woman with thin rimmed glasses and bundled up hair. The woman raised her brow when she got a good look at Misa.

"You know this is the library, right?" The woman asked in an irritated look as if perceiving her as a hooligan. Misa nodded quickly with a beamed smile, and quickly stated she was new and hoping to get a librarian card. The woman took down Misa's name and asked for her student ID before issuing Misa her own card. "Now remembering keep your voice down as I can't have you interrupting the schools star pupils in the back."

Misa blinked in shock a bit to hear that students had come this early to study. They must be really intelligent or just really stupid – she didn't want to categorize though, her mother always told her it was rude to make fun like that. Misa reached over and grabbed the card, and asked kindly where the articles of local news were held. "News…?" The woman seemed bemused at this and Misa felt a bead of sweat roll down her forehead. She waved around her hand, and clearly stated that it was for class assignment.

The woman gave her an odd stare considering that teachers never usually give their students projects on the first day – college or not – it just didn't make sense.

"It's vitally important to me." Misa emphasized with thin lips and the woman continued to examine this child who appeared before her wearing the schools blue and green uniform with two very pointed out pigtails. The serious expression on Misa's face just didn't even have an effect on the woman; she just couldn't take Misa seriously.

Misa let out a huff while silently cursing her mother and took the card saying a low, 'whatever,' as she decided to explore the library on her own. Misa knew already that she hated the woman just for looking down at her for her mother's hairstyle preferences and Misa had considered shaving her head but would never actually perform that deed.

Misa stumbled around the library as if she were in a supermarket and getting a quick glance at each shelf searching for anything that would talk about crime rates, detectives, or any sort of information about younger genius minds because without doubt L would pop up somewhere.

On her way to the back she could hear voices and she decided to peek wondering if they were the star pupils. Her eyes widened when she saw the massive paper work on the table. There was no way anyone could read through it that fast as much as she was witnessing this boy with brunette hair doing. He was so handsome too, she couldn't help the way her mouth dropped in agape to him. Besides him with his back turned on her was a slumped looking guy with a plain white shirt and navy jeans.

With pursed lips Misa wondered what a handsome looking guy was doing with a bum-looking guy like that. At least the brown haired boy was wearing the natural school uniform but this other kid just wore whatever – what a jerk.

Misa snickered out a laugh, and quickly regretted it when she saw both boys become startled by the noise. She spun around, back against the bookcase before they could see her with a hand covering over her mouth. She quickly sneaked off before they had the chance to find her. Luckily for her though, she did find what she was looking for. A news stand and her heart nearly leapt up when she saw in giant words, 'L formally announces he's on the case to stop Kira.'

At this point Misa couldn't help but to do her usual victory dance of a small Caramell Dansen as she scooped up the news book and hugged it passionately while trying her best to cover up her girly squeal. This made her feel one step closer to L, a step she had always felt was impossible to reach just because of what happened to her at the age of 14.

Misa shook her head, clenching her fists tightly as she imagined that figure before her once more. His tone straight forward and demanding but also held a certain softness to it that made her heart skip in glee. How Misa wished when she reached out to touch him that her mind hadn't gone blank perhaps than would she have gotten to see what he looked like but now she only had a name…However now was a different story, now she had paper clippings of where he might have been sighted. Now her investigation could start there. She couldn't contain the dark chuckles under her breath at the chance of seeing the real L.

Misa grabbed as many books as possible and prepared to check them out, not caring if heaving a couple stacks of books around now blindsided her because all that mattered to her would be reading through them. However she didn't get very far plowing right into someone and all her books and news letterings falling to the ground. Misa's face went from pure joy to horror in a matter of seconds as she quickly dropped to the ground to recover L while muttering silently how sorry she was to the person she had nailed.

She could hear the sound of a piece of paper ruffling meant the person she bumped into was either helping her or glaring angrily at her for what she did. Misa didn't dare to look up until she heard a chuckle.

"L fan girl?" Misa identified the voice to be a male, and an embarrass blush spread across her cheeks. Misa raised her head, to swipe the paper away but froze when her eyes caught into dark orbs. He too seemed to freeze at the sight of her. It was him, that boy she saw earlier with that really handsome guy. This boy that was really too unique to stare at for long but now for some reason her entire body shut down on her. It was like a sudden feeling of déjà vu passed through her and she couldn't identify where they met.

"D-do I know you?" Misa asked in a strained weak voice, waiting for his answer but he only continued to stare blankly at her. "Do I?" He raised his thumb to his lips and nibbled on it examining her and finally his lips parted.

"No." He simply replied and for some strange reason Misa's heart dropped and she nodded.

"Ah, sorry then," Misa muttered, finishing up collecting the dropped items. "I thought you were someone else I knew from before…Misa's mistake…"

"Your hair looks particularly eccentric." He spoke up once again continuing to inspect her.

"You're one to talk considering you look so-"Misa cut her voice off remembering her mother's words about not making fun of people who were unique. After all it just meant they were extremely special. He waited for her to finish and she swallowed trying to think of a word and finally it came. "Different…Besides my mom makes me wear my hair like this." Misa explained, holding out a hand waiting for the boy to give her the piece of paper he kept captive from her.

More snickers could be heard from the boy and Misa almost wanted to set her books down to give him a good whack. Just because she was nervous about her appearance didn't mean she would try if someone was making fun of her. Not only was she known as a stalker but as a crazy girl because when she went berserk, kids were sent home crying. However after self control classes with her father at her side, Misa could keep her temper under wraps a lot better now.

"I don't see why you can't just take it out. Just wear your hair down you would look much prettier like that." The boy suggested, and a light pink blush found its way to her cheeks once more. Was he purposely flirting on her or just trying to offer advice. Whatever the case, she found herself allured to him after seeing brief glances of his smiles. It sent her heart a flutter.

"Y-you don't understand." Misa stuttered out, and decided it was best to leave the boy before something happened between them but now he followed behind her with quick steps. Misa couldn't help but feel annoyed by this boy and set her stuff on a table while he just stared blankly back at her.

"The reason can't be that serious." Misa shook her head signaling he was wrong because he had no idea what her mother was capable of doing!

"I just can't okay, she has camera's everywhere. There is no place to hide." Misa stated out paranoid and the boy chuckled even more. "I'm serious, if Misa doesn't wear her hair like this, she will die."

"I think your overreacting Misa-san." Misa glared at the jet black spiky haired boy with tears threatening to fall, this was no laughing matter. If her mom was watching her she was already doomed because the kid was surely setting her death date. "If you're that scared, let me help make it easier on you." He offered and before Misa could insist it was fine, he pushed her into a nearby chair and gently reached up pulling out her pigtails allowing her blonde hair to flow down her shoulders.

Misa's eyes were wide at this point, he was touching her and to make matters worse she was letting him! Someone she had never met before but for some reason she felt enraptured by the way his eyes traveled across her face and lips. He wasn't even that amazing looking, but there was something about him, that she just couldn't pull away. "There, all done…" He stammered out, now he sounded embarrassed for having done such a thing.

Misa fumbled for a mirror in her pocket and got a good look to see what he had done to her and she gaped at the results. While her hair was draping down there were two very thin ponytails in her hair that made her look from funny to adorable in a matter of seconds. For years she had been trying to get out of that horrifying hairstyle and finally one day this boy came along and solved it in a second. He really was a mastermind. Her mother was right about unique people after all.

She set the mirror down besides her on the table, and rose up unable to contain the joy that she had surprised from before by throwing her arms around the boy in a tight hug.


"Thank you so much L!" She cried out, not realizing that she had even let L roll off her tongue but the boy enwrapped in her arms grew rigid at the sentence. His mind flashing to something that happened to him after saving a young girl that forever captured his mind.

The boy had managed to scoop up the teen that had fainted after being nailed from behind the head with a crowbar and proceeded to prepare to take her to the ambulance cars outside while her parents dealt with news reporters. However while she was in his arms he watched as she stirred slightly and her eyes gazed up at him weakly.

Thank you…Sir…

"L." He corrected her, not exactly enjoying being called sir at the age of 16. He wasn't that old.

L…She breathed out, curling into his arms, and pressing her head against his chest. Thank you L…I think…I love you…

Now L had never expecting to ever hear that but when it did, his heart beat increased tenfold and he could feel himself smiling down at her. He had no idea what just trespassed but as he tried to set her in the car she refused to let him go because she kept muttering how much she felt safer in his arms.

It completely and utterly baffled him, because he knew she was talking while she was unconscious but even so, she kept begging for him to stay. This had never happened to him before, and he knew this was unacceptable, but she just wouldn't let go.

"Misa," He addressed her in a small whisper after what her father had informed him of his family. "I need to go now." He told her firmly, and untangled himself from her. He could hear her whimper and he swallowed, unsure what to do. This was just too odd, he had barely known her, this was their first meeting, their first conversation and he already knew he loved her too. How did that work?

Her whimpers constantly did a blow to his mind and he couldn't stand hurting her anymore. He took a quick glance around and at seeing no one was around, he placed a small kiss on her head to silence her. "Don't worry, I have a feeling that you'll be fine because you look like a strong woman and I can say that looking at you makes me want to love you too."

A small smile etched on her face, as he let her eyes shut.

Thank you…

"You're welcome…"He muttered back to her, pressing a hand on her cheek and leaned in to press a farewell kiss on her lips. "Goodbye Misa."

So long L…

L had never imagined to see her again, to meet her again, and to be able to speak to her again but now it was her wrapped in his arms with a bundle of giggles. His hands twitched uneasily behind her finding it hard to even lay a hand on her after stealing her first kiss and she seemed oblivious to it all.

Hell it looked like she didn't even recognize him but from the bundles of papers he knew now, she was searching for him. He didn't know whether to be happy or disappointed. Having her reappear in his life when the possible Kira was close by wasn't anything good. He had instructed her father to keep her away from him for a reason.

Damn it Mitsu. L cursed under his breath, he would have to issue her father a series of complains once he and Light returned to the task force building. He prayed to god that Misa didn't even remember that the two of them kissed; perhaps that blow to the head made her experience long term amnesia.

Thankfully Misa let him go, and bowed respectfully to him. He was glad to see she was bowing because she would have seen the redness on his face from the close contact once again. She rose her head up, tilted her head up and smiled.

"My name is Amane Misa, what's yours?" L was tempted to run away but his legs felt like stone statue and wouldn't move. He knew if he opened his mouth to her, he would probably blurt out the truth so he kept his lips tightened. "Uh hum, hello?" Misa asked, waving a hand in his face like he was in a complete daze. That was hardly the case.

"Ryuzaki, where the hell are you, we need to get to class now?" L stiffened as he heard Light approaching them, and Misa also glanced past L's shoulder to see the stud from earlier.

Light didn't know what he was walking into but seeing Ryuzaki with a pretty girl meant something was going on that he needed to be a part of because this was not an ordinary sight. Usually by now, the girls were sent running from his odd way of walking and acting around people. He approached Ryuzaki with a smirk, and nudged his shoulder. "So who is this beautiful next to you, a friend?"

Misa's face quickly turned pink to a hot red and she wondered if anyone could see her blushing at the boys dreamy like aura. She swore she heard congratulations bells around her and confetti being tossed in the air with mini angels of her around this man.

L groaned and shifted his eyes on L briefly with an annoyed glare that Light easily shrugged off.

"I bumped into her accidently. I was merely helping her recover from the fall." L spoke crisply and then glanced to Misa only to suddenly feel like gritting his teeth at the sign of her face. She was practically drooling, head over heels for Light and of course that irritated him big time. "Is that not correct Amane-san?"

Misa only nodded, her eyes still fixated on Light and L could only reached up rub his temple.

This would not bold well for him.


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