The final chapter.

Chapter 9: The Final Test

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It didn't make sense that he hadn't visited her in months. The whole thing with Light being Kira was old news now. Misa went to court and L was there to help her in putting Light-kun away and naturally he was sent to prison.

Misa was sure Light-kun was extremely surprised the judges took L's side without evidence. Misa was surprised too, when they judges agreed that they put her on a minor parole charge with L being her guardian.

So although she was under house arrest for awhile she was still happy to know that she could finally be with the one she had been looking to be with for so long.

She even apologized to L the day of the hearing – he was a bit confused until she explained that even when she thought he was Kira she couldn't kill for him. L seemed completely relieved and told her he was glad she said that because now he knew she really did have a good heart after all. Misa simply smiled.

Rem informed her about a couple of weeks ago that Ryuk wrote Light's name in his Death Note out of boredom. It was a way of telling her to relax and she would be safe. Rem also believed it was time for her to go as well. She told Misa it was time to give up the Death Note, but Misa still believed she might need Rem at her side since L wasn't around as much as she hoped he would.

Her parents kept reminding her how L was a detective and this would be expected of him normally. L was expected to travel and do things for the world and her job was to pray for a safe return. Misa didn't like waiting. She hated it, she wanted to go find L and tie him to a chain forcing him to date her. It was a bit crazy in the end, and Misa wasn't about to scare away the one person who made her heart sore.

It wasn't fair that L had vanished right after he told her that he was L. She even kissed him, well he kissed her but she did share the kiss in the end so it meant something right?

Or was he just trying to prove his point that he was the real L? After all he never said anything about loving her. Misa heart hung heavy. She was so depressed she even snuck out of her house to try to talk to that boy BB but even he was missing. His little home on the beach destroyed and any trace of him was zero. Reluctantly she came home to two angry parents telling her she wasn't supposed to go out alone being house arrested. Misa nodded, headed to her room and just slept.

She slept for days, reading, writing, watching TV until finally after one year had passed. During that year a lot of things happened. One being that the court dubbed she would be free of all charges on good behavior and now Misa was able to pursue greater things.

In fact her mother signed her to being the top model for her photograph company and Misa slowly was enjoying the life of stardom. Fans would always approach her yelling and screaming that they loved her and wanted to be like her. Misa was a grinning beauty no doubt but a part of her was filled with a great sadness.

Her mother saw it too, because it began to show when she was taking photos as Misa seemed to become too stiff or when people questioned her about a boyfriend Misa would reply a simple, 'No comment.'

Lisa was scared for her daughter and she called her husband home early that night. She wished that he could find L immediately. This leave of absence was too much for Misa to bear. The girl was really worn out but Mitsu shook his head saying that L was stuck between a really tough case and Misa had no choice to wait. Lisa's head dropped in defeat, sobbing like any worried mother would but luckily she had a wonderful husband to pull her close and kiss her fears away in the time of need.

"All things would come in time." Mitsu told his wife and Lisa wondered if Misa could truly wait knowing how Misa was so impatient when it came to being with L. Lisa chuckled, earning a questionable look from her husband. She sighed.

"Lisa thinks what you should really say is, all things come in time when Misa-Misa allows it to."

"You don't think she'd go after him, do you?" Mitsu asked quickly pulling away from his wife that night to check on his little girl. Lisa followed after him with a soft smile.

"Lisa thinks Misa-Misa would."

The two padded towards Misa's room and they opened the door silently flickering on the light to see Misa groan in her sleep and stir awake sounding grouchy.

Mitsu turned to his wife; she was dumbfounded when Misa started up at them with annoyance written on her face.

"Misa-Misa why are you still here?" Lisa exclaimed approaching her daughter's bed side and pulling off her sheets. Mitsu rolled his eyes, yawing and heading back towards his bed. He knew this would be the case. Misa's eyes were bulging out in utter confusion as to why her mother was yelling at her in the middle of the night.

"What do you mean?" Misa asked, rubbing her eyes to adjust to the spotted pink, yellow, and green dots haunting her vision.

"Why aren't you going after L-kun?" Misa groaned throwing herself back into bed and trying to wrap the covers back over her head.

"Misa gives up on him!"

Her mother's jaw almost hit the ground.

"You did what!" Misa glared at her mother for being so persistent.

"Misa is tired of waiting and when she tried to go after him, there weren't any sources of information!"

"That's never stopped you before! In fact who are you and what have you done with my Misa-Misa?" Her mother shouted, placing her hands on her hips and tapping her foot angrily. Misa clenched her hands and got out of bed and ended up in a glaring matchup with her mother.

"That's not fair! You know that Misa loves him. It's just that…" Misa trailed off dejectedly and her mother continued to tap her foot on the ground. "It's just that Misa thinks L doesn't love her…"

Her mother's lip curved into a smile and soon the older version of Misa was stuck in a fit of giggles. She pulled her dramatic daughter into a tight hug.

"Oh Misa-Misa, such a silly girl Lisa has." Misa blushed in embarrassment when her mother kissed the top of her head. "Don't give up, because it just doesn't suit Lisa's little girl."

"…Mom." Misa groaned out and Lisa pulled away from her daughter tapping her shoulders with a radiant smile.

"How about we go down stairs and have a nice cup of hot chocolate?" Misa shook her head.

"Isn't it a bit late for chocolate?" Misa asked and her mother tapped Misa nose.

"It's never too late for chocolate when L's involved, right?" Misa's face turned bright red.

"MOM!" Misa yelled at the top of her lungs, whacking her mother with her pillow. Lisa continued to chuckle.

And thus, the two shared a cup of hot chocolate together. Even Misa's father ended up with them when he began to feel lonely at his wife's missing presence.

The next morning Misa felt rejuvenated, she was bouncing up and down and throwing punches like she was ready for an intense battle. Her mother and father seemed extremely pleased when Misa tumbled down stairs with her things for school with a brightened smile across her face.

"See you, you two!" Misa waved off to them and Misa's mother and father eyed each other with hidden smiled.

"Should we tell her?" Lisa questioned as she sipped a cup of her morning coffee. Mitsu laughed and began snaking a hand around his wife's waist pulling her close to give her their morning's kiss. It was quick, and left Lisa wanting as her husband spoke up to say,

"No, I think we should let her find out on her own." Lisa sighed, knowing he was right. She placed her coffee on the table and turned to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He raised a brow at her and she laughed mischievously.

"You know were all alone now." Lisa told her husband as she kissed him and then let her hands drop to his tie, playing with it. She loved seeing her husband blush.

"But, but, I have work!" He squeaked out trying to pull his tie away from his wife's pursuing hands. Lisa stood up on her tip-toes and blew into her husband's ear before kissing it lightly.

"Let's just pretend you suddenly fell ill." She whispered, lips turning into another enchanting smile. Mitsu's hairs were practically standing up as he stumbled away from his wife and she began to strut back over to him while running her hands across the table laughing.

"You know I can't do that Lisa!" He exclaimed, running around in circles around the table as she followed him in doing so.

"But Lisa can." Lisa said, and pulled out her cell phone and her husband eyes widened as he heard his bosses voice on the other line. "Hello this is Amane, Lisa requesting that you allow Lisa's husband to stay home today – he has a terrible flu." Mitsu's eyes paled at his wife as she nodded and they wished her the best of luck. Lisa snapped the phone close and threw it over her shoulder. "All mine now."

"Why do you do this to me?" Mitsu grumbled out, rubbing his head. Lisa 'awed' at her husband as she approached him once more to give him a kiss to him.

"Lisa doesn't know?" Lisa began as she lowered her husband's hands and smiled at him, "Perhaps it's because she loves him?" Mitsu looked at his wife, grinning.

"Come here you!" He yelled out pulling her into a bear hug as she let out a surprised squeak as he kissed her away in a fit of bliss.


Misa was running she was late to class again! This time it wasn't her fault though, it was her mother for keeping her up so late last night! It wasn't fair because she wasn't like her parents, she didn't cheat and use coffee to wake up in the mornings!

When she got to school there was no one outside, and that made her panic even more. Everyone must already have been inside doing work like she should be doing! This was possibly the worst day ever. Misa ran up the stairs, and skidded down the halls until she finally approached her class room.

Misa paused trying to take a couple a breaths and slow her racing heart rate as she grabbed the door to the class room and opened it. With closed eyes Misa yelled,

"Sorry I'm late teacher this will be the last time I swear!"

Silence followed and Misa was sure her teacher was giving her the usual glare ready to tell her that she already made that claim two days ago, but after a short while nothing came. Misa opened her eyes to see that her teacher wasn't there in fact, no one was.

"Eh—?" Misa exclaimed grabbing her cellular and turned it on looking at the date. Was that why her parents were staring at her oddly? Was today SUNDAY?

No…Today was Monday…So why was everyone missing? Or was it just her class was canceled and her parent's didn't tell her to play a little joke on her?

Misa growled and ran over to the other class to open it up and ask another teacher but that class was empty too and the one besides it, in fact every other class was empty as well.

Sweat began to pour down her head as none of it was making any sense what so ever. They wouldn't leave the schools doors open if there wasn't anyone here for the day. A light bulb turned on over Misa's head. They must have been in the assembly room – perhaps there was like a giant play going on or an announcement that she was missing which meant even more bad news if it was like that because her teacher would surely give her a detention.

Misa sped off heading downstairs with a huff and puff and managed to reach the assembly room pushing the doors open and what she thought she was going to be a million kids turned out to be zero. Misa's brows furrowed, she didn't understand what was going on. She dragged her stuff over to the center of the stag and sat down, throwing her things up there too.

Misa let her head droop, nothing was making sense anymore…

"I give up, I don't understand why there's no one here…" Misa sighed out, standing up and preparing to leave as she turned herself back toward the stage and reached for her things –that was until someone's feet blocked her path.

She looked up and her heart felt like it stopped as soon as she saw L staring down at her with a look of amusement on his face.

"Nobody's here because I paid off the school to make it so no one would be around when my precious Misa came to school so I could surprise her."

Misa's mouth hung open, unsure what to say. "I am surprised though when I got a call from an old friend I used to work with on the Kira case," He paused as he watched her growl and mouth out, 'Dad' with grit in her teeth, "saying his daughter was beginning to give up on a man she loved."

Misa held her backpack to her chest.

"Can you blame me?" Misa asked sadly as she ruffled her things. "I thought everything was swelling and then you just up and disappeared again."

"I had work, I had to deal with BB and guess what I finally managed to capture him meaning I'm free and—"

"But you didn't even call…" Misa mumbled, cutting him off and L sighed, jumping down from the stage and placed his hands into his pockets as he glanced at Misa.

"I didn't call because I didn't want to promise to take you places when you were under house arrest." Misa opened her mouth to talk but L cut her off, "I didn't call because I didn't want BB to think I was involved closer to you and have you dragged into the mess." Misa's eyes darted away, and L placed one hand on her right shoulder pad. "I didn't call because I knew I'd owe you a lot of things."

Misa turned to L, with a question mark over his head and was surprised when his lips were on hers. Warmth filled her heart and Misa began to feel wobbly like jello especially when he pulled away leaving that tingling feeling on her lips. She flushed a deep crimson red when he smiled at her. "I didn't call because I wanted to surprise you and tell you I've come to make amends to the person I left behind. The person whom I love very much."

Misa knew she was crying but she didn't care she leapt into his arms in a fit of sobs and he held her close apologizing. "It's funny." He suddenly said, and she pulled away with confusion written on her face. "You always said you'd hunt me down, but this time it looks like the tables were turned."

Misa's head exploded in a fit of steam as L pulled her closer, laughter escaping his lips as they shared another passionate kiss.

Rem smiled, as she watched the two lover's embrace. With Misa's death note in hand she decided it was finally time to let Misa's memory of the death note fade away knowing well that with this boy at her side that no harm would ever come to her. Misa was in good hands and Rem could tell with that giant smile on Misa's face that the hunt for the boy named L Lawliet had finally come to an end. Which was good news for Rem too because now she wouldn't have to kill him.


The End


Ryuk: Your so uninteresting Rem, letting that end with no one dying.

Rem: Oh be quiet. We both know you're complaining because no one is going to be feeding you any apples!

Ryuk: Oh yeah well I just got assigned to a new kid, and I'm going to have a ton of apples!

Rem: Good for you – now... If you don't mind, were trying to end a story here?

Ryuk: Yeah, Yeah. See you later and they all lived happily ever after – yada yada.

Rem: You are disgusting.

Ryuk: Whatever...You people have a good one OKAY? Satisfied?

Rem: Yes.

Ryuk: Tch.


There now that's the end and it's finally done so now I finally get this bad negative feeling off my shoulders of never completing it.

Sorry for making you wait so long, I was really depressed with how my story turned out but maybe you liked it.

- Moonie