Cutters I

((Joyful Note: Okay, this is a Curly Goth X Butters fan fiction. You may raise an eyebrow to this but I like my rare pair for 2 reasons. 1) I think they'd look cute because I like big noses for some reason and I want Butters to run around being happy with Goth kids and 2) Their name together is Cutters. I mean come on, that is freaking A right there. So enjoy this. If you read my Cartman X Kyle you may recall I seem to a) like Roman numerals and b) include several elements either present or alluded to in this fan fiction. That's because my master plan interconnects all my South Park fanfic ideas, this being my second of many. Whether you support them or not, read many, in whatever order I guess but... in the end, there will be a master storyline that will take every back story I have and use it in one big South Park plot story. I would just write it with none of this back story, but I really don't like fanfics that just say 'oh, so and so like this guy now and these two are dating alright STORY!' I mean, many are okay like that but I prefer to write this way.

Also... I deeply apologize for the grotesque amounts of fluffiness in this story. I'm very, very sorry. But I tried to make it funny so... *sigh* hope it's alright...))

Butters Scotch peered over the garbage can at the Goth kids, sitting around the back of the school as per usual and ducked back again as Wendy and Stan glanced his way. His heart hammered wildly.

"O-oh Jesus, they didn't see me did they?" he was breathing hard as well. He'd been watching the Goth kids since Monday for a very specific reason.

You see, that very weekend Cartman had Butters bike all the way to Bi-Curious camp to rescue Kyle from getting raped. Butters had collapsed behind a trash can there and had been tortured by the camp councillors until he said he was gay. At the time, he'd thought he was just saying it. But it seemed to have opened a door of some kind and that very Monday the little blond boy glanced over at the Goth kids. When he saw the oldest of the group, the one with the Curly hair... he didn't know his name, Butters thought he heard angels sing, and red hearts seemed to surround his head. Then he got smacked with the tetherball into a snowdrift. But even as the other kids laughed at him, he didn't care.

Until that night. He'd been sent to his room for breaking a dish he was washing by accident. While he tried very hard to think about what he'd done, he just couldn't seem to stop Curly Goth's face from getting tangled in every self degradation. He told himself that his dad would be awful sore if he liked a boy, but Butters couldn't seem to help himself. So today, after the fire where Cartman, Kenny and Kyle had all died and Enslaved Underpants Gnome reconstruction of the school that morning, Butters was behind the garbage can, peering over it every so often at the Goths.

"I guess I really am gay, huh?" Butters whispered to himself as he peered once more, and ducked.


"Hey, that geeky little blond kid's still spying on us" Henrietta said, taking a drag on her cigarette.

"What the hell does he want?" Red Goth frowned.

"What a loser" Kindergoth groaned, rolling his eyes.

"Well he's starting to piss me off" Curly Goth scowled and the four Goths glared at the trash cans as Butters looked up again.


"Oh Jesus!" Butters gasped at the four pairs of eyes glaring and dove back down, breathing hard and pulling his knees up to his chest, eyes wide. He'd been spotted. Was it alright to look again now? He decided to try. He peered around the trash can and found himself within a foot of the Curly Goth's crotch.

"AAAH!" Butters yelped and jumped to his feet.

"Why the fuck are you spying on us?" Curly Goth asked, cigarette hanging out of his mouth in a way that Butters found really, really turned him on. Oh Jesus.

"I-I... um..." Butters brushed his knuckles together and looked down "no reason I guess."

"Then stop it" Henrietta glared and turned.

"Yeah" Red Goth said, flipping his fringe and followed Henrietta.

"Yeah" Kindergoth squeaked and hurried after the others.

Curly Goth looked down at Butters a minute longer. Butters made quick eye contact, blushed, and dropped his gaze. Curly took a drag on his cigarette "Conformist" he shrugged and took another drag before going back to the other Goths. Butters shivered a moment, then rushed away. He was a conformist? What did that mean? Oh hamburgers! First the school was burned down and rebuilt, now he'd made a bad first impression on the boy of his dreams!

The blond boy walked away sadly, past Craig and Tweek signing autographs to squealing podcast fangirls, past Wendy and Stan still walking together, past Mr. Garrison giving his father a blow job behind a dumpster, past....

Butters froze, half glanced behind him, then decided he didn't really want to confirm he'd just seen that and ran to play on the slide.



Butters cringed at his dad's voice. He was finally home and that didn't seem to allow him a moment's peace.

"Yes dad?" he asked hesitantly.

"Do you have any idea what you've done?!" his father snapped.

"N-no sir" Butters stammered truthfully.

"Well that does it Mister! I've had it up to ERE with your back talk!" he smack Butters to the ground and the little boy curled into a ball.

"I'm SORRY! I'm sorry, is this about seeing you and Mr. Garrison behind the dumpster? Cause I only saw for a second I swear!" Butters wailed.

His dad froze "M-Mr. Garrison?" he almost squeaked "Y-you saw... oh my god" he whispered "i guess you're going to black mail me then huh? You don't tell and I don't punish you anymore? Well fine! Oh dear god don't tell anyone!" his father ran out of the room crying.

Butters gulped and felt the side of his face where his father had hit him "Ow..." he went to check the mirror "Yech, that's gonna bruise something awful" Butters commented, making a face. That night his dreams were plagued with vision of that dumpsters.... but it kept returning to Curly Goth, chanting over and over

"Conforminst... Conformist..."