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Summary: Draco Malfoy has always expected he would become a Death Eater upon reaching his sixteenth birthday. He did not expect to discover that his mother had kept a rather large secret from him: she is part-veela, and so, in turn, is he! When the Dark Lord reveals his scheme for the new veela, mother and son flee to the muggle world.

Pairings: (At the beginning at least) E/B, J/A, E/R, C/E, and normal canon HP pairs as well.

Always Expect the Unexpected

By Koinaka

Chapter One
In which Narcissa Malfoy's secret is uncovered

There are not many people in the wizarding world that would guess that Draco Lucius Malfoy was anything other than a pureblooded wizard. After all, he could trace back his lineage on either side of his family for some fifteen odd generations. That being said, somewhere along the line, it was quite obvious that a secret or two must have been kept. Otherwise, his current predicament would not have been possible.

It had all started on the morning of June 4th, the day before Draco turned sixteen. The day before Draco was to be marked. His mother had pulled him from Hogwarts for the week. They weren't to learn any new material that week as the professors had devoted the week entirely to reviewing for the O.W.L.S, and Dracro had been prepared for those for ages. Besides, it wasn't unusual for this to occur as those with magical creature blood came into their inheritance at sixteen. Of course, he didn't think he had nothing to worry about, his blood was nothing but pure. No, he simply used the excuse, as most students did, to spend a few days enjoying the comforts of home, and to be marked without the old man suspecting, of course. His father was away from the manor - when wasn't he away from the manor? - and his mother was hovering irritatingly, asking him one inane question after another. Well, perhaps, in retrospect, there weren't so inane, but still...

How do you feel, Draco? Fine, Mother.

Are you quite certain? You're awfully pale. Perhaps I should fire-call a Healer? I'm fine, Mother. No need to worry so.

Shall I send for Severus, dear? You know, there's no one forcing you to be marked tomorrow, Draco. You could put it off until your seventeen, and that's a whole year away. A lot can happen in a year, my little dragon. I want to be marked. It's an honor, a privilege. It's my duty, as a Malfoy, to serve him.

He'd fallen asleep quite early that night, a mixture of anticipation and dread coiled in his belly. The anticipation he understood, the dread he did not. Tomorrow he would be sixteen. Tomorrow he would finally begin serving the Dark Lord, finally begin what he had been trained to do since he was practically a child. He was honored by the Dark Lord's offer. It was a sharp, all-consuming pain had awoken him at midnight, the moment he turned sixteen, and not his mother kissing him, and feeding him his birthday cupcake before he'd ever left his bed like when he had been but a boy. At first, he didn't think he could bear it. It felt as if his entire body was being rearranged. He remembered, only slightly, begging his mother, who had slipped out of the shadows as if she'd been waiting for this very moment, to kill him, to put him out of his misery before the darkness pulled him under.

She was waiting for him, sitting next to his bedside when he next awoke.

"I'm part Veela," she had told him upon his awakening. "I never told anyone - not even your father. Until now."

Draco had blinked, sleep still creeping on the edge of his mind, making everything seem hazy and disorientated, but after he'd blinked several times, he noticed how much clearer everything was. Everything was so bright, so vivid now.

Narcissa had taken a deep breath, and continued in a shaky voice. "And, it seems you are too, Draco. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but I wasn't certain if you would be affected. Male veela are quite rare, I'm sure you know that."

Silence followed his mother's whispered confession.

Draco's heart was racing and he felt a bit sick. All of his life he had been raised to believe that the only people worth anything were purebloods. Magical Creatures had their uses, of course, so they weren't entirely without merit, but they were just that... creatures. To taint your family line with the blood of a subhuman was tantamount to being a blood traitor. Worse, in fact, if some were to be believed, than even marrying a half-blood or a mudblood. Those were at least human, but he... he was nothing more than a half-breed, part-veela, part-wizard. Useless, pathetic, weak, his inner voice supplied derisively. An inner voice that sounded remarkably - or perhaps not so remarkably - like his father. A voice that continued to spew its verbal abuse as Draco pretended to listen to his mother lay out plans for their subsequent escape and departure. His mind somehow glossing over the why's.

"Oh, Draco," she said, her voice heavy. "Please say something, anything."

But Draco did not speak, he did not trust himself to do so right then. His body was still heavy with the pain of coming into his inheritance, and his chest constricted painfully at the thought of what lie in his immediate future.

For several minutes, mother and son sat in silence, before Draco finally spoke.

"Where is Father?" his voice was different than before, musical, enchanting even. He gasped at the sound of something so foreign coming from his mouth.

If it were possible, his mother's expression became more pained. "He's away, dear, business you know. The Ministry has been quite overcome since Dumbledore was dismissed from Hogwarts. We didn't think you would wake for some time now. He would be here, if he could, darling."

It was a lie, both of them knew, but there was no sense in stating the obvious. Instead, they took what little comfort could be garnered from it. The comfort was very little indeed for Draco. He was not a foolish boy, he knew what his father was doing. Business tended to be code word for Death Eater business. And also, Draco knew that he was more burden now that anything else. A filthy half-breed not fit to hold the title of Heir to the Most Noble and Ancient House of Malfoy. There was nothing more important to a Malfoy than his family, and by his absence, Draco knew that no longer contained him, even if it was never overtly said. Perhaps Draco was worrying for naught, and the Dark Lord would still allow him to be marked.

"Why must we leave, Mother? Is it truly necessary? Surely the Dark Lord can overlook my blood status! Uncle Sev is a half-blood, after all, and he's still a loyal Death Eater. I don't understand why we're running away," Draco said, his eyes focusing on the intricate pattern on his bedding. It was odd that everything felt different now. Perhaps it was he that was different.

A look of absolute fear flitted across Narcissa Malfoy's beautiful face before it disappeared, replaced by what nearly - nearly - passed as a smile. "We are leaving, Draco. I'm afraid it isn't prudent for us to remain now that your status is known. Surely, you are aware of the legislation being passed at this very moment restricting the movements of those with creature blood, we must go before we cannot," her voice sounded very tired, more tired than Draco had ever heard it.

What aren't you telling me? Draco wanted to ask desperately. Instead, he sighed. "Am I to assume that the Dark Lord is aware of my new status?"

There was a slight hesitation on his mother's part, but eventually, she nodded. "Yes, he knows," she murmured, sadness etched in every part of her being, as if those three words had confirmed what neither could verbalize. "I tried to dissuade your father from telling him... tried to get him to see reason, but I'm afraid your father is too entrenched with the Dark Lord now. It has clouded his judgment."

And it had. It was the proof that Lucius Malfoy had once again chosen the Dark Lord over his family. Not that it had ever been a question - truly. No one was more aware than Draco that the Dark Lord would always come first in Lucius's life despite all proclamations to the contrary. Oh no, his father was every bit as zealous in his affections for the Dark Lord as one Bellatrix Lestrange, his aunt - in blood alone. Draco hadn't known her growing up and the bit he'd seen of her since her escape from Azkaban made him supremely grateful for that little fact.

"Am I still to be marked?" Draco said, his brow furrowed with confusion,

Narcissa blanched. "Draco, I want you to listen to me very carefully. I have stood by and allowed your father to dictate to me the manner with which to raise you. I have allowed him to teach you spells no child should know, but this I will not allow. You will not be given to the Dark Lord - now or ever! The Dark Lord is very interested in you, more so than he should be, more so than I deem appropriate, this is why we must flee."

"Given?" Draco repeated, his brow furrowed with confusion. Whatever did she mean by given? And why would the Dark Lord be interested in his inheritance? What could the Dark Lord stand to gain from Draco being part-veela though? Perhaps if he was a full veela, that would be beneficial, yes. Draco knew about veela, of course. Not because he was one, no, but because they had studied them fairly in-depth in school. While veela weren't especially dark, they were - in their alternative form - ferocious fighters, magically impenetrable for the most part. But Draco wasn't a full veela at all. In fact, if his speculations were correct - and again, he had no reason to doubt that they were - he was, at most, only a quarter veela himself, and a male veela at that. The female veela tended to be the more aggressive of the two genders, much more dominating than the male veela. Male veela, on the other hand, from what Draco remembered, tended to be generally submissive, not weak, as such, but certainly not built for battle. The veela race, on the whole, had grown quite small. Of course, it helped that both female and males could carry and bear children, but still their numbers were dwindling.

Oh. Oh. Draco gasped and turned horror-filled eyes toward his mother, a panicking feeling beginning to swell in his chest and his breathing becoming more rapid as his brain finally began to synthesize all of the information together. "No," he breathed. "He can't have... No. He's my father!" He finally finished his thought though he wished he hadn't.

Mother and son shared a look, and Draco nearly became undone. He let out a strangled breath. So, now he knew. His father had... promised him to the Dark Lord! Draco knew about the Dark Lord's proclivities, of course. There were few Death Eaters who were unaware as the Dark Lord had a tendency to prey upon muggle boys as a general rule. So opposed to the female gender was he that he had disregarded the need for an heir to pass on the Slytherin line - what was left of it, at any rate. Male pregnancies were possible, of course, but there was a litany of potions needed for the conception, as well as one ingredient he was certain the Dark Lord could never obtain, the love of the bearer. And not a manufactured love, but a true love. Then there was the actual pregnancy. The entirety of which was sustained on magic alone, so suffice it to say that there were few males indeed strong enough to do so. It was, all around, an extremely delicate procedure and rarely done for that exact reason. But if the Dark Lord had access to a male veela... he could very easily obtain an heir. There were no stipulations of true love, no one true mate or any of that other rot like the fairy tales told to young girls suggested. No, it was just like with human - witch or no - females.

Bile rose in Draco's throat and threatened to expel the meager contents of his stomach. Not even a week before, scarcely even days before, Draco had wanted to join the Death Eaters more than anything else in the world. He couldn't even imagine a future in which he was not one. But now, now, there was no way he could join the Dark Lord. Not as a Death Eater, at any rate, and he was certainly not joining him in any other capacity. No, that certainly wouldn't do. The idea of that... foul inhuman monster touching him was nauseating.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, he barely registered that he was beginning to hyperventilate. His mother began speaking to him in low, soothing tones, her fingers running through his hair as she had done many times before, albeit it had been quite some time. It was only then he noticed that his hair was a bit longer, perhaps reaching his shoulders and was now a silvery-blonde color as opposed to the white-blonde he once was.

Finally, his breathing became more calmed, but now the exhaustion seemed overwhelming, almost crushing him.

"Father... he doesn't know we're leaving, does he?" whispered Draco, casting a fearful look around him.

"No," answered his mother, just as softly, "but we'll be gone long before he realizes. He doesn't think you'll wake for several days yet, and even then so, the Dark Lord won't do anything until after the end of term. He knows you must return to Hogwarts for your O.W.L.S lest suspicion arise."

Draco breathed a sigh of relief before allowing his eyes to flutter closed.

"I will make you safe!" Narcissa Malfoy nee Black whispered furiously as sleep claimed Draco once again. "Even if it means giving up everything, I will see you safe."

When Draco woke up, he was in a room that was not so unfamiliar to him, his room in his godfather's quarters at Hogwarts, and it was apparent he was not alone, as hushed voices could be heard in the next room, his mother's and his godfather's to be exact. He got out of the bed slowly, experimenting to see just how much pain remained, none, it turned out, and crept over to the door. He didn't even need to press his ear against it. His hearing was remarkably clear, and he could hear their voices as vividly as if he were in the room with them.

"The muggle world, Severus? Surely you jest! There must be some other place in the wizarding world we can flee to."

"Some other place, Cissa? Where in the wizarding world do you expect the Malfoy name not to follow you? He will track you down, and when he does..." The sentence was left hanging, and Narcissa could be heard taking in a strangled breath.

"You're right, of course, but muggles... I know precious little about the muggle world," his mother said at last.

"You know enough, as does Draco. You've both been taught enough to move seamlessly between the two worlds. What you do not know, I can help you with. I grew up in the muggle world, as I'm sure you know."

A sigh then. "I remember," said Narcissa in a small voice. "But I still insist upon America. Lucius would never go there. He thinks them barbarians."

"And rightly so, Cissa, they do have a tendency to be rather uncouth, but I am in agreement with you. The wizarding world in America is new enough to not be enamored with the Malfoy name, and democratic enough not to care how many galleons Lucius will wave in their faces, should he find you. It is made up of the most part by those who fled Britain during Grindenwald's reign and then, of course, those who fled during the first rise of the Dark Lord, so security is high and wizards do not simply enter the country at their leisure. Even muggle transport is watched closely, and those found attempting to enter illegally are barred entrance to the country even following procedure."

There was a long pause. "Alright," she said, a determination in her voice that Draco recognized immediately. It was the same determination she used whenever she saw herself up against a foe - many times his father. She'd used the same voice when his father had attempted to send him to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts. "What must we do, then?"

"The process of immigration is rather long, but I've a contact or two within their wizarding Congress as well as having met with the President of Wizarding America on occasion in my line of... work, so it shouldn't be difficult to expedite the process. And I'm certain they will allow you sanctuary especially on the grounds of your... inheritance. American society is not like ours, Cissa. No discrimination of any kind is allowed or endorsed, and there are laws in place to protect everyone, regardless of what sort of blood runs through your veins. Once you have successfully entered the country through the correct wizarding channels, you can simply disappear into the muggle world, and I suggest you do so. America is a large country, and it would take time - time Lucius will not have the luxury of - to discover you, if ever he should manage to enter the country. I recommend the Pacific Northwest. There is a small wizarding place much like Diagon Alley accessible through Seattle, Washington, and there are plenty of places a comfortable distance to there where you might settle. The climate in that region is similar to ours, and I believe you both would be happy there."

Several moments passed in silence.

"Have you...do you...?" his godfather seemed at a loss for words. "I haven't much, Narcissa, but Draco is like a son to me, and whatever I have I will give to you."

Narcissa laughed, it was not a joyful laugh but a bitter one. "I am not bereft by any means, Severus, though I do thank you for the offer. I've still all the Black money left to me, and of course, the numerous vaults given to me throughout the years by Lucius in attempt to appease me of his... infidelity, you understand, of course. And, then, there is the issue of Draco's trust fund and his inheritance. I may have seemed like nothing more than a silly child when he was born, but I have never been a fool. I knew this was a possibility. Draco will receive every knut due to him. It was written in our marriage contract, the stipulation that Lucius could never disown him, financially or otherwise. Draco remains the Malfoy heir, no matter how Lucius may wish it to otherwise be."

Severus made a noncommittal noise before clearing his throat rather loudly. "Speaking of Draco, I believe he is awake and has been listening to us for several minutes now."

Draco cringed slightly. He should have known. It was impossible to keep things from Severus. That man had eyes in the back of his head for Merlin's sake!

"Come in now, Draco, darling. It's unbecoming to lurk in doorways," said his mother, not unkindly.

Draco entered the room, slowly. His mother embraced him quickly, fussing over him for several minutes. "How are you feeling, my dragon? Are you in any pain?"

Draco rubbed his eyes absently. He wasn't in pain, really, it was just that he felt completely overwhelmed. His senses were on overdrive. "I have a slight headache," he admitted.

"I'll go get you a potion, then, shall I? I'm sure you two have plenty to discuss. I'll contact my associate in Congress while I'm gone as well."

Both Malfoys nodded their agreement and watched as Severus left the room. Narcissa patted the empty place next to her on the couch.

"I'm sure you overheard, Draco. I know this is difficult for you to understand, and I'm not saying that any of this will be easy for either of us, but we must do this. I will not stand by and allow you to become nothing more than a brood mare for that sick monster, I will not do it!" She took a deep breath, calming herself a bit. "Think of it as an adventure, love. I've never been to America before."

Draco couldn't help the sneer that formed on his face. "But muggles, Mother? How are we to blend in with muggles? You said yourself I'm a magical creature! Won't that be a bit suspicious?"

"Part-veela, darling, but I truly don't think it will be an issue. You'll have to be careful, of course, should you choose to engage in any... sexual activities, but I'm not even certain that a muggle could impregnant you. Besides it will be sometime before you even need worry about this, though, darling as you are far too young to be sexually active. It is quite possible that we may be safely at home before this is even a factor. You know that we need not hide forever," his mother's porcelain skin flushed when she finished with her little speech.

That did not comfort Draco in the slightest. He had absolutely no desire to spend any amount of time in the muggle world. Oh, he had no doubts he could pass as muggle if need be. He had knowledge of their world, of course, as he had been taught about muggle literature and other muggle subjects that his tutors had felt it prudent for him to know. Though he must admit that most was in relation to how the wizarding world was better, but still had far more knowledge than even some muggle raised wizards. Perhaps he didn't know the nuances of muggle society, but he had more than enough muggle clothing, and practice dressing as a muggle to blend in. Although he was quite certain his tastes were a bit more formal than normally worn, but he didn't think he would have a difficult time with it, all things - and hesitation - aside, of course.

"What am I to do whilst you have me hidden away?" he asked, letting the bitterness he was feeling creep into his voice.

His mother gave him a sharp look. "I'm sure you'll find something to do. You could attend muggle school, for one. You might even make friends. True friends, Draco, friends who befriend you for you and not in some attempt to elevate themselves. You'd be surprised, darling, you may even enjoy America. Please do not allow the blinders your father installed on you to waste this opportunity."

"Opportunity?" spat Draco, and he was about to say more, when Severus entered the room, a bit breathless.

"They've granted Draco sanctuary effective immediately," he said at once.

Both Malfoy's raised blonde brows at the wording. His mother was the first to speak. "Just Draco?" she asked.

"For the moment, yes. I'm afraid that there has been some... issues with your entrance. As I've told you, the United States is not in the habit of allowing just anyone who asks entrance into their country and that extends to the wives of suspected Death Eaters, especially if the Death Eater in question is one Lucius Malfoy. I'm quite certain they will allow you entrance, Narcissa, once you've filled out the proper paper work."

"So, she should be allowed to come by the end of term, then, surely? I can just wait for her to be allowed entrance. I've got to sit my O.W.L.S., at any rate," Draco said, quickly, eyeing his mother as if she would turn to vapor at any moment and disappear.

Severus gave Draco a sympathetic look. "I'm afraid you cannot afford to wait here while that happens. If Dumbledore remained in control of Hogwarts, it would be safe for you to do so, but considering Delores Umbrige's stance on half-breeds," Draco cringed at the word, "it would be better for you to go now than it would be for you to wait."

"But," Draco began, frantically. "I won't tell anyone! No one will ever know!"

At this, Severus merely raised an ebony eyebrow. "Have you not taken a look in the mirror since your birthday, Draco?"

Draco shook his head, and Severus sneered a bit before conjuring up a mirror and passing it to Draco. "This is why."

The boy staring back at Draco in the mirror was undoubtably himself, only... better. The lines of his face were not quite so pointy anymore, and his eyes were a blue-gray color instead of the slate gray he'd had all of his life. That was not the only thing to change. He'd already noticed his hair had elongated and changed shades, everything about him seemed to have gotten softer. His skin, his hair, his body. Oh, there was no mistaking his gender, but there was a gentle swell at his hips that was not there before.

"I've a potion to mask your attraction, until you become accustomed to controlling it yourself, if you have need of it," Severus continued.

"So, how soon must I go?" Draco said sighing forlornly. He did not want to leave his home, his friends, his everything to go into the wilds of America.

"I shall escort you this evening. At curfew would be the best time. I'll not be able to stay long, I'm afraid. It would raise too many questions with Delores." he practically spat the word.

"What if," Narcissa said slowly. "What if I stayed here and pretended to be you for the night? That way that vile woman will be none the wiser."

Severus stared shrewdly at Narcissa for a long moment. "That will do, I believe. I've some polyjuice potion available should it be necessary. No one but me is allowed entrance to my quarters, once the alarms are set, so you'll be safe enough here. You need only drink some polyjuice if someone happens to come to my room in the middle of the night."

"Alright, I will go then, darling, but I shall be back before you leave. I'll bring your things with. I've left you a change if clothes in the wardrobe for now," she pressed a kiss to his cheek before pulling out the port-key that allowed them to transport between Severus's quarters and Malfoy Manor whenever they chose. Being a Malfoy had certain perks, of course.

"So, you'll just take me, and what? Drop me off in America with naught but the clothes on my back and call it the American Dream?" sneered Draco.

Severus gave him a withering look. "Watch your tone, Draco."

Draco dropped the sneer immediately and looked appropriately contrite. "I'm sorry, sir," he murmured, abashed.

Severus let out a sigh. "You're forgiven. You've had a trying day, and I'm afraid it will get worse before it gets better. We shall floo to the American Wizarding Congress. They will have a port-key to the wizarding district in Seattle, Washington for you, as well as appropriate lodgings there until your mother is allowed entrance. Once she is allowed in, you shall head to your new residence."

It was Draco's turn to sigh. "I suppose I haven't a choice, do I?"

Severus gave him an odd sort of look then. "For the first time, Draco, you actually do have a choice. You would do well not to squander it."

"Alright," breathed Draco softly. "Where is my new residence to be?"

"Well, as I told Narcissa, many magical beings seek sanctuary there as America has various laws and acts protecting them. There happens to be a growing number of magical beings located near Seattle, in a small town called Forks. While they would not give out their information, they thought it best for you to settle their as well. That way, should you need them, you would have a support system to depend on. Now, if you don't mind, I must spend some time in my lab. Feel free to make yourself at home," said the dark-haired man before sweeping out of the room.

"Wait!" Draco cried as the door swung shut. "You expect me to live in a town named after silverware?" he asked, incredulously.

A small chuckle was his Head of House's only reply.