Hello there everyone!

Long time no seen! Crystalbluefox's back in action and with that I've been reading on some of my stories and have decided to rewrite some of them, including this one. I'm so thankful to read that so many people likes this story so much and I hope that you won't mind the changes, but when I read the chapters, there's something there I don't really like, therefore I'll change it!

Please do take a look at it and keep an eye every week for new updates.

For now, these following chapters have been updated:

Chapter 01 (rewritten) Updated 27.03.2015

Chapter 02 (rewritten) Updated 29.03.2015

Chapter 03 (rewritten) Updated 05.04.2015

Chapter 04 (rewritten) Updated 11.04.2015

Chapter 05 (rewritten) Updated 20.04.2015

Chapter 06 (rewritten) Updated 25.04.2015

Chapter 07 (rewritten) Updated 02.05.2015

Chapter 08 (rewritten) Updated 10.05.2015

Chapter 09 (rewritten) Updated 17.05.2015

Chapter 10 (rewritten) Updated 23.05.2015

Chapter 11 (rewritten) Updated 29.06.2015

Chapter 12 (rewritten) Updated 26.07.2015

Chapter 13 (rewritten) Updated 12.09.2015

Chapter 14 (rewritten) Updated 20.09.2015

Chapter 15 (rewritten) Updated 27.09.2015

Chapter 16 (rewritten) Updated 28.03.2016

Chapter 17 (rewritten) Updated 23.06.2016

Chapter 18 (rewritten) Updated 30.09-2017

Chapter 19 (rewritten) Updated 01.01.2018

Chapter 20 (rewritten) Updated 27.01.2018

Chapter 21 (rewritten) Updated 23.03.2018

Chapter 22 (rewritten) Updated 29.03.2018

Chapter 23 (Under Construction)

Hope you'll like the changes and I hope you'll understand.

You are always welcome to pm or review. Feedback and critiques are more than welcome.

Take care everyone and have a wonderful Autumn!

Love & Hugs