Hey this is my first story. I have always made up stories in my head and I figured I might as well write one down or something. I have thought about even becoming a writer one day (so please no negative reviews …jk pleas tell me what you think) . Ok here we go.


Chapter One

The sun was high in the sky, its about 4:30 PM. Tomorrow my flight is at….ummm….

"Um what time dose the plane leave again???" I asked as I stood before my open suite case double checking I have everything I will need for Spain. "Plane takes off at 8 AM, we get there by 7, and we leave your house at 6 so wake up at like 5." Trent replied entering my room with my cell phone and charger. "Forgot already? My sister Ashly ran you threw it like what 35 times?" He was right I was told 35 times how the schedule would be. "I just wanted to make sure" I lied threw my teeth, cause I had forgot.

"Got everything" Trent sighed. "Yup. I can't think of anything I might be missing." I said closing my suite case moving to my purse. Trent and I have been dating outside the island for almost a year. His family is going to Spain for his older brother Mike's wedding and invited me to tag along since the only places I have ever been was my town and TDI (and I got an invitation) . My mom was unwilling to let me go but gave in knowing I would be watched by Trent's whole family, have a great 2 weeks, and his family left my mom in charge of there home and dog. (That spells huge TRUST )

I fixed my purse, I had my phone, phone charger and adapter (cause of the outlet thing) some makeup, iPod and charger plus adapter, camera, pack of batteries, (I hade for more in my suite case….I like to take pics especially for my first trip) a book and of course my passport and ticket. Then I noticed I was missing my iPod. I turned to find Trent fidgeting with it on its dock.

"I need that" I said. "Get it tomorrow. There I set it so it will wake you up at 5 to your fav song. After you wake up just turn it off, put it in your bag and get ready." Trent explained. He was so nice to me…..or he was like his family and a huge early bird and wanted me up ASAP. Before I could thank him my brother popped in to ask if I have seen Tyson (our 3 legged dog) and I was worried. (The dog is Tyson. I will have a short story for him soon explaining his 3 legs)

"He's not in the back yard? He never gets out. We need to find him!!!" I said worried for my poor 3 legged friend. "Actually he's in my room. I just wanted to ruin the moment I saw that was about to happen. Later" he announced as she ran back to his room. "I am going to kill him" Trent just chuckled. He picked my bag up and said he was brining it down stairs. "I still need to pick out an outfit. Meet you down" I replied. I picked a normal black top with comfy jeans for the long flight. The just as I was coming down stairs Trent met me half way explaining a text from his place to get home and help with fixing up the place so it's easier for her mom. "See you tomorrow" He kissed me good bye softly on the lips. "Wait. Don't you need a lift?" (OK Trent is leaving his motorcycle here, so is his sister with her car and brother with moped, and parents car. So either he walked 2 hrs home or I helped him out.) "Thanks. But I drive"

After I dropped him off and said good buy I drove home with my mind on 3 things. 1) Spain 2) Trent's Italian family (He's Italian but his brother is marring a Spanish girl in Spain so yae) 3) TRENT. Oops make that for 4) the flight.


5 in the morning

I woke up to Steve Tyler screaming




Not my absolute favorite song, but it did wake me up. I stopped the music and turned the player off and placed it in my bag then hit the shower. After my shower I got dressed with the clothes I had picked out and went down stairs. My mom was making French toast and coffee, my favorite. After breakfast Trent and his family arrived, with their dog Mikie. Everyone was happy to see the dogs getting along. As our parents talked, I was engrossed in conversation with Trent's little sister Ashly (Ash for short) Then she said she was sitting with me on the plain and she and Trent started arguing over who sits next to me for the flight….Trent won.

After saying my good byes to my mom, we entered the airport. Everything went so smoothly that we were on the plane before we knew it and landed in Spain. (EDN (Editors note) - I cut out the flight cause this is not the main point of the story and I need to cut it short same with the wedding).

When we landed I was so astonished at Spain I took picture of everything. "Save you space. We have been here for….3 minute and you've taken….45 pictures. You have 2 weeks ok. Chill" Ashly explained to me. Ok I was over excited. Trent would point out what to snap a photo of so I won't over do it. When we reached the hotel we got assigned 3 rooms. 1 for Trent's parents, 1 for Trent and is brother and the last room for Ashly and me. All the rooms were connected with Trent's parents in between our rooms. (They really don't trust us) The next day is the wedding so we just spent the day relaxing in our rooms while Trent's parents called all their relatives to tell them that they landed. I called my mom to, and then unpacked.

It was 6 when I got hungry. Ashly was to. "BRB" She said entering her parents room, and exiting with a smile, Alex (not sure if I introduced him properly before? Trent's 14 years old brother. Ash is 15.) and Trent. Were ordering room service and but we have to split the bill between 2 rooms so we eat together tonight." Ashly explained this as Trent took a seat nest to m on my bed. Alex grabbed the menu. "Dam its in Spanish" he complained. Trent laughed. "Turn it over" Trent explained. The other side was English.

During our dinner we watched TV (well not really. We did not understand it. So Alex and Ash narrated for us in a comedic way) and talked during our meals. We discussed what we wanted to see and do before we left. Then I tuned out….idk why. Then I snapped back in at "….omg if Gwen caught the bouquet that would be so cute!" Ash squeaked. "What?" I asked coming back to earth. "Nothing. Who cares if she caught it anyway. That's just an old myth anyway" Alex complained. "It's not a myth, its tradition…." Ash began to debate. "Guys do you want to scare her away that bad??" Trent asked. "O no…I mean….ummm…" I never really gave marriage a thought so this was odd. "Don't think about it okay?" Trent reassured. After our meals we cleaned up and decided to go to bed.

But before Trent left he covered my eyes and said to trust him for 5 seconds. I giggled and wondered what he was up to. I heard the balcony door open and felt a cold wind. Then Trent's hand uncovered my eyes to show me a beautiful view of Spain. It was breathtaking. "Nothing really cool happened on your first day so I thought this could do." Trent explained. 'WOW. You thought right" I said before kissing him. Then we left and went to sleep for the next day.

Chapter 1 End

Ok so what did you think??? It picks up I promise, but I need to get the boring stuff done first. Definably by ch 3 it will start to get really exciting I promise so hang with me. Updating soon (idk when but spring breaks coming and I have no plans *sniffles* so I might right more) Peace buy.