Hi!!!! I'm BlueandRedButterflies (you guys can call me Annabell, though). This is an extra scene I wrote as part of a homework assignment. I had to write a conclusion (or extra scene) to show what happens to Towers Chandler and Marian after the short story, "Lost in a Dress Parade". I do not own anything, think of this as a short fanfic. Please rate and review!!!!

Mr. Towers Chandler was once again dressed in his best suit, walking down Broadway to his favorite restraunt. His mind drifted back to all those weeks ago when he had met Miss Marian. He had not seen her since.

If only I hadn't been such a fool and had told her the truth! he thought. Then, no; I needed to keep up the impression I was as important as I looked. Otherwise, she would have thought of me as a joke.

He strolled along, and upon turning a corner, saw a young woman and man. They were both dressed in fine, designer clothes and walking arm in arm.

"Good evening," Mr. Towers Chandler said, tipping his hat.

"Good evening," they replied.

Mr. Towers stopped. "Miss Marian?" he asked the young lady.

"Yes?" she answered.

"It is you! I'm so glad you ankle is alright. I haven't seen you in so long—how are you?"

Miss Marian blinked. "Oh! Mr. Towers! I am fine, thank you. Please let introduce my fiancé, Charles Goldman. He is studying to become an artist." She explained.

Mr. Towers forced a smile. "Good evening. It's good to meet you." She has a fiancé? he thought.

After a long and awkward pause, Charles said, "Well, we must be going. We have reservations at seven o'clock, and it is already past then! Farewell!"

"Farewell," Mr. Towers said, continuing on his way.

My chance is gone, he thought. All because of my stupid pride.


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