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Chapter One: The New Recruit

"So... are you ready for this Josh?" Mr. Fitch inquired, tipping his infamous white cowboy hat.

The 16-year-old teen looked nervous. "Um... yes, Mr. Fitch," he replied, "I-I think I'm ready for the test."

Bobby, another student training to be a space marshal at Galaxy High, laughed out loud. "Oh yeah, I can see you're just dying to get your butt kicked," he taunted.

Josh rolled his dark eyes and got onto the bike, slipping on the virtual helmet. I can do this, I can do this, he thought confidently.

Suddenly, the bell rang!

Yes! Josh thought, sliding off the helmet, Saved by the lunch bell! "Sorry, Mr. Fitch, I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow to see whether I can stand your new virtual bike path," he said with fake apology in his voice.

"You can stop faking now. We all know you were lucky to have been saved by the bell," his teammate, Yoko, scolded gently, playing with a strand of her red hair while brushing away her dyed yellow bangs.

He gave her his winning smile. "Oh don't worry about it, Yo. I'm not 'faking' my sadness," he lied smoothly.

"Sure you're not," Brett, the last member on their team, said while rolling his eyes.

"Come on, Brett," Josh said, "Hurry up, Squirt. It's time for lunch." Then he pet his ultra-pet on his head. "Come on, Fluffy. Let's go."


As Josh and Fluffy ran out into the courtyard to cross over to the cafeteria, he accidentally ran into another person, knocking her back onto the ground.

"Oww..." she muttered, "I'm so sorry, I should have been looking where I was going."

"Ah no, that was my fault," Josh apologized, beginning to pick up her books for her.

Their hands met when they both reached for a book, and they looked up at each other. Josh found himself staring into beautiful aqua orbs. She appeared to be about 15 or 16, and she had long black hair with dark red streaks in them. She was wearing a light blue tank top under a short-sleeved blue sweater, with long black slacks.

"Um... sorry for running into you," she apologized, flushing red in embarrassment. Then when she reached for a piece of paper, she found that it had fallen into a puddle, and was soaked wet. "O-Oh dear, now how am I ever going to get around this place?" she murmured to herself.

"I-I'm so sorry about that," Josh said, handing her the books, "Are you new here at Galaxy High?"

"Y-Yes," she stammered nervously, "I just arrived here. I-I guess my timing has been really bad today. Not 5 minutes and I already run into another student."

"No, no, no! The fault is all mine," Josh said, "Here, let me help you around. It's the least I can do."

Fluffy nuzzled into her hand, and she smiled, patting the gentle ultra-pet on the head.

"I think he likes you," Josh informed, "That's his way of saying hello."

"What's his name?" she inquired, looking up at him.

"Fluffy. He's my ultra-pet," he replied.

She smiled. "Hey Fluffy," she greeted.

Josh bent down and pat the ultra-pet gently on the head. "Why don't you go on ahead, boy? Tell Yoko and Brett I'll catch up with them later," he instructed, and Fluffy nodded before running off to the cafeteria.

"I'm sorry, we haven't been properly introduced. My name is Emma. And you are?" she introduced.

"I'm Josh. It's nice to meet you," he said, smiling warmly at her.

"It's nice to meet you too," she replied, "Um... if you don't mind, I'm looking for Principal Kirkpatrick's office. I-I think he's expecting me."

"Oh, yeah, my dad tends to have his busy schedules. Do you have a student interview with him?" he said, mentally chuckling to himself as they walked to the office.

Emma gasped, "Principal Kirkpatrick is your father?!"

"Yeah," Josh replied, "So he tends to be hard on me and my team the most."

She giggled quietly. "I'm sure he means well. After all, his reputation would be at stake," she told him.

"So should I be seeing you in my classes later on today?" he asked curiously, wanting to see her again.

She shrugged. "I don't know. Probably. My enrolment in Galaxy High is... complicated," she admitted enigmatically.

"What do you mean?" he asked curiously, "I'm sure it can't be that complicated."

Emma sighed and shook her head as they entered the office. "I'm afraid so," she replied.

Josh's father, Principal Kirkpatrick, sat at his desk overlooking the school courtyard. He brushed a hand through his grey hair and stood up with a smile on his face. "You must be Emma Stiles. It's nice to finally meet you," he greeted warmly.

"I-It's nice to meet you too, Principal Kirkpatrick," she replied, shaking his hand.

"Hi dad," Josh said casually.

"Hello Josh," Kirkpatrick said, raising an eyebrow, "What are you doing here?"

Emma quickly covered up for him. "Oh, uh, Josh was just bringing me here over to your office, sir," she explained, "I ran into him on my way over."

Principal Kirkpatrick nodded in approval. "Thank you, Josh. That was very kind of you to do that," he said, "Now, off to lunch with you. I have much to discuss with Emma here."

"Thanks, Josh," Emma thanked, giving him a warm smile, "I'll see you later."

He nodded. "See you," he said, leaving the room.

"Emma, please, take a seat," Principal Kirkpatrick offered, motioning to the seat in front of his desk.

She sat down and he looked at her. "So, you know that I know that you don't really need the education we offer here, because of all of your past experiences. But, you wish to enrol here anyway?" he inquired.

She nodded. "Yes, I have practiced and learned to control my powers so now I want to use them to help," she replied confidently.

"Does Josh know about your powers?" the principal asked.

Emma shook her head. "No. He's a good kid, I can see," she told him, "I think he has quite a lot of potential."

He nodded slowly, thinking. "Hmmm... yes, I do send his team on a lot of missions," he said, "Would you mind if I put you with his team? I'm sure Josh doesn't mind having an extra teammate."

She dipped her head, smiling. "Sure. I think it might be fun," she replied, "When do I start?"

"I'll call them in," he said, pressing a button on his computer, "Josh, get you and your team in my office immediately. There's something important I wish to talk to you about," he ordered.


Meanwhile, Josh had run off to the cafeteria to meet his teammates and his friends.

"Fluffy told us you'd be late," Brett said, "Something about a new girl."

"Ooh... Did you show her around?" Yoko teased, "Was she cute?"

Josh smiled. "Yeah, she's cute. A bit timid, but I'm sure she's just shy. Yeah, I took her to my dad's office," he explained, patting Fluffy on the head, "I know Fluffy likes her, don't you, Boy?"

He hummed quietly in agreement, smiling while wagging his tail.

"When will we be meeting her?" Brett inquired, "What's her name?"

"Her name is Emma Stiles, and she's in my dad's office right now," Josh replied.

Brett's green eyes widened. "D-Did you just say 'Emma Stiles'?" he gasped.

Both Josh and Yoko blinked at him.

"Do you know her, Brett?" Yoko inquired, "A former acquaintance? Have we met her before on a mission?"

"No!" he scolded in reply, "Emma Stiles is the Princess of the planet Alasparx in the Alpha-Delta Quadrant. She has powers beyond imagination! She also has these fairy wings in which she can fly around with!"

Both his teammates burst into laughter.

"Fairy wings?! Oh yeah, you've been reading too many fairy tales, Squirt," Josh laughed, "Believe me, I saw her. No fairy wings."

"Idiot!" Brett snapped, "They only appear when she wants them too. She could turn you into a frog if she wanted to!"

"R-Right..." Yoko replied, trying to calm herself down.

Suddenly, Principal Kirkpatrick's image came up on the big screen next to the cafeteria menu. "Josh, get you and your team in my office immediately. There's something important I wish to talk to you about," he said.

"On it, chief," Josh replied, and he and his team immediately ran over to the principal's office.


Josh, Yoko, Brett and Fluffy ran into Principal Kirkpatrick's office.

"What's the new mission, dad?" Josh inquired as he and his team lined up.

Emma stood up from her chair and looked at him and the others.

"Josh, I'm assigning the Princess of Alasparx, Emma Stiles to your team. She'll be joining immediately, and so I'm sure you will all get along fine. She'll be in all of your classes, though there will be a few times when she will be absent, for she does not actually need to concern herself with your classes," Principal Kirkpatrick explained, "I'm sure you'll all get along fine. See to it that she's settled in. That's it for now. You're all dismissed."

"Yes sir!" Josh, Yoko and Brett exclaimed.

"Thanks for your help, Principal Kirkpatrick," Emma thanked.

He grinned. "It's not a problem. If there are any problems, don't be afraid to let me know," he said.

She dipped her head and followed her new team out.

"So it seems we're going to be seeing more of each other than we thought," Josh commented, smiling at Emma.

She smiled in return. "So it seems we are," she replied.

"Oh my gosh," Yoko said, "It's sooo nice to finally have another girl on the team. I'm Yoko, karaoke queen."

Brett bowed. "It's my pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. I'm Brett, the brains on the team," he introduced.

"Oh please, don't bow," Emma replied, "We're all friends here. It's nice to meet you guys. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun." Except with the fact that lots of people are out to kill me, she thought grimly, hopefully it doesn't put the rest of you in danger.

"So..." Josh began, "According to the Squirt here, you have fairy wings to fly. Is this true? Or is it some joke that Brett made up?"

She grinned. "It's true," she said, closing aqua eyes and focusing.

Suddenly, a pair of transparent shiny wings appeared on her upper back, gleaming with fairy dust. They fluttered, and Emma floated a few inches off the ground.

"Amazing!" Brett exclaimed, turning to Josh and Yoko, "See! I wasn't lying!"

Yoko's eyes widened. "That is so cool! So everything Brett said was true!" she said.

"Yep," she replied, brushing away black bangs and letting her wings fade away, "I can also use magic."

"You really are the real deal here," Josh said.

"Of course she is," Yoko said, "Now, I'll take you to your room. It's next to my own and Josh's and Brett's."

Josh took Emma's books out of her hands. "Here. I'll take these," he said, grinning somewhat flirtatiously.

"Thanks," she thanked gratefully, smiling as she followed Yoko to her new room.


When they arrived, they found the room empty with the exception of two suitcases sitting at the foot of the bed.

Emma cocked her head and smiled, waving her hand. Instantly, her suitcases opened and her clothes began to fly from them and insert themselves into her shelves and drawers.

"Wow... you really know your stuff," Brett said, amazed at the display, "Is there anything else you can do?"

She giggled. "I'm somewhat of a singer, somewhat of a cook, an excellent driver, for both a motorcycle and a spacecraft, and I enjoy a good book once in a while," she replied, "Otherwise I like to chill out and try not to be too stressed out over schoolwork, so I'm somewhat of a slacker."

Josh grinned. "Me, I'm a professional slacker, and proud of it too," he bragged.

"Yeah," Brett agreed, "Principal K sometimes has no idea what to do with him."

Emma laughed. "Come on, I think out afternoon classes are going to start soon," she said.

"Oh no," Brett disagreed, "Classes don't start for another 20 minutes."

"Unless a mission comes up, of course," Yoko reasoned, "And that's been happening quite often for the last little while."

As if on cue, Principal K's picture came up on the small screen on the wall. "Josh, get your team assembled and meet me at the Hornet Bay. You've got a new mission."

"Good call, Yo," Josh noted.

"Let's go," Brett said, and they ran down to the prep room, where they changed into their uniforms, Emma's being a light blue colour.

They saw Principal Kirkpatrick standing by their Hornet, his arms behind his back.

"Josh, you and your team are heading over to Alasparx in the Alpha-Delta Quadrant. It seems that the people there have requested our help," he said, shooting a grave look at Emma, "I have a bad feeling about this, marshals, so be careful."

"Yes, sir," they said, and hurried into their hornet. Emma quickly waved her hand and created a seat for her right over Josh's seat, and Brett quickly set in their planned coordinates.

"Okay, let's go," Emma said, her eyes grave.

"You drive," Josh told her, "It's your planet, and you should drive."

She nodded gravely and swapped seats, and she started up the Hornet, activating the thrusters.

They flew off, and once they exited Earth's atmosphere, Emma put the pedal to the metal and drove at warp-speed to her home planet.

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