Hinata walked into another room and put on a different outfit, which was a tight black shirt and black capris. She put in green colored contacts to disguise her eyes and put on a mask, tied in the back with a blood red ribbon, that covered her face from her chin to the middle of her nose. She let her long hair down so it would make the features of her face less distinct. Hinata also tied a light brown bag around her waist that contained all of the weapons that she uses when she goes on one of the missions given to her by Hiashi.

Hinata walked out of the room, Neji had been standing guard.

Neji looked at Hinata as she came out. "I always have to do a double take when I see you in that outfit of yours."

Hinata looked up at Neji. "That's good, it means that it's a good disguise, Neji." Her voice was a little deeper because of the mask she had on.

"Well, go tell Lord Hiashi that you're leaving Lady Hinata," Neji paused as Hinata walked by, "or should I call you 'Beloved'…?"

"Either one works." Hinata said calmly as she entered Hiashi's office. "I'm leaving now father."

Hiashi nodded. "Go now and be swift about killing this 'Joker' person."

"With pleasure." Hinata said, bowing.

Naruto walked out of what once could've been a bathroom. He was wearing a black shirt and a pair of black pants. A broken mask that looked like it belonged to a carnie instead of a yakuza ninja was covering his face. The only part of his face that showed was his left eye because the mask was broken around his eye.

Gaara handed Naruto a purple colored contact. "Wear this to cover your true eye color. I swear, you're costing this yakuza more and more every mission."

Naruto put it in and grabbed a thing of temporary hair dye and put it in his hair, which was now a light brown. "How does it look?"

Gaara nodded. "Nobody will recognize you now. Now go, and be swift!"

Naruto bowed and ran out the door.

Hinata was standing on a telephone pole, looking for her target, her hair was blowing in the wind, hiding some of her still exposed face. Where are you, Joker?

Hinata jumped up as a kunai knife with a bomb talisman attached to it implanted itself into the telephone pole and blew up.

Naruto was standing on the edge of a building behind where Hinata was once standing.

Hinata was now standing on the building across from where Naruto was standing. "Unless your name is Joker, I have no quarrel with you."

"I am Joker, but are you Beloved…?" Naruto asked, impatiently.

Hinata nodded. "I'm Beloved; ninja of the strongest yakuza in Konoha."

Naruto chuckled. "That's crazy, for the yakuza that employed me is the strongest in Konoha!"

"Shall we test it?" Hinata asked, putting a hand inside the bag she had tied to her waist and pulling out a kunai knife.

Naruto pulled a kunai knife out of his shuriken holster. "Why carry around that big pouch when it's more convenient to just carry a shuriken holster?"

Hinata assumed a battle stance. "Are you afraid of such a difficult challenge?"

Naruto laughed evilly. "Of course not! I just don't want you to be slowed down by that bag. I want a challenge this time."

"You and me both."

Naruto and Hinata jumped at each other. Each holding a kunai knife in their hands. The kunai knives hit each other and flew out of both of their hands. They landed on the roof where the other was once standing.

They turned to face each other again. Naruto drew four shuriken while Hinata pulled out something bigger.

Hinata unfurled the giant Shuriken. "Demon shuriken, windmill of shadows!"

Naruto didn't wait any longer, he jumped up and threw the four shuriken at Hinata. Hinata jumped to avoid them and threw the giant shuriken at Naruto. Naruto, still being in midair, couldn't avoid it and was hit on the right arm. The bone of his arm cracked and his arm bled severely.

Hinata landed on the roof again as Naruto fell on the roof on his back. "You're weak. I don't know why I bothered coming to challenge you Joker, you're weaker than most other ninja I face."

Naruto stood up. "I just wasn't expecting you to use an old trick on me." He ripped the giant shuriken from his arm. "But now you've given me a weapon I can use easily."

"Try it." Hinata said, no worry in her voice.

Naruto threw the shuriken at Hinata, who didn't move. She moved her arms and the shuriken moved up and back into her hands.

Naruto didn't understand at first, but after looking hard enough, he saw the strings attached to the shuriken. "Not bad. I wasn't expecting you to actually attach strings to the shuriken."

Hinata laughed. "Never underestimate an opponent, no matter how weak they may seem."

"You should talk. You were saying something about me being the weakest of all the ninja you've ever faced!" Naruto shouted.

"You went down so easily, I read your movements and was able to determine how to take you down with one blow." Hinata said, putting away the giant shuriken. "I've got some advice, before challenging me again, train. Then I'll have a real challenge!" Hinata turned away to walk back to the Hyuuga yakuza headquarters.

Naruto became furious with what she said and threw two shuriken, one in the shadow of the other.

Hinata managed to dodge one, but the other implanted itself in her back. She fell to her knees.

Naruto laughed evilly again. "'Never underestimate an opponent', isn't that what you said!?"

"You'll regret that Joker!" Hinata yelled, standing back up, reaching for and pulling the shuriken out of her back. She threw the bloodied shuriken back at Naruto.

Naruto avoided it. "So you're going to fight me now?"

Hinata drew the giant shuriken back out, along with a scroll. "You asked for it Joker, and now I'll destroy you!"

Naruto chuckled. "Try."

She threw the giant shuriken at Naruto again, but without strings attached to it while she took some of Naruto's blood that she had gotten off of the shuriken and spread it on the scroll.

Naruto barely managed to dodge the shuriken again, he waited for it to come back, but it just implanted itself in a wall a few feet behind him.

Hinata was doing hand-signs incredibly fast while Naruto was distracted. She pressed the scroll to the ground (roof) as Naruto turned back around. "Earth style, fanged pursuit jutsu!"

Naruto's eyes became wide. That's Kakashi-Sensei's jutsu! Dogs burst through the roof and bit down on him, keeping him in place.

Hinata jumped across the where Naruto was standing, making sure that her footsteps were light to prevent the roof from caving in. "Listen Joker, I have no time for ninja such as yourself. I promised my boss I'd bring him your head, and now I think I will."

"You're a jutsu and technique copier." Naruto said, still slightly amazed that Beloved, Hinata, was able to use his Sensei's jutsu.

"Some techniques and jutsu just require the knowledge to use it." Hinata said, drawing a shuriken. "The shuriken techniques, windmill of shadows, and the jutsu, fanged pursuit, are just two of the many things I can do because of the knowledge of the jutsu or technique."

"Before I die, I'd like you to tell me your name." Naruto said.

Hinata shook her head. "I'm not obliged to tell you unless you tell me."

"I suppose my killer should know my name." Naruto said.

"I've got a better idea." Hinata said, removing Naruto's mask. She didn't recognize him at first, but then saw his blue eye and some blonde in his hair that Naruto didn't get. "Your name…what is it?!"

"…Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto said, closing his eyes, ready for death.

Hinata dropped the kunai knife and released the jutsu, running away. No way! There's no possible way!

Naruto stood there in shock, bleeding from the dog bites and where the shuriken had hit him earlier. "She spared my life…?"

Hinata ran into the Hyuuga estate and into the living room where her father and Neji were watching TV.

Hiashi heard her enter the room. "Back already?…Hmm?" Hiashi saw tears running down Hinata's face.

Hinata tore the mask away from her face and dropped it on the ground. "He's Naruto! The man you want me to kill is Naruto!!"

Neji gasped silently, he knew how much Naruto meant to Hinata.

"I see." Hiashi said, standing up. "Are you friends with Naruto?"

"Yes, I am! I don't want to do this anymore! I can't kill him!!" Hinata yelled.

Hiashi walked over to Hinata and patted her on the head. "Now, now, he just took you off guard. I'm sure you weren't expecting it to be your friend behind the mask…but now that you know his identity, you can kill him while you are Hinata instead of fighting him to the death as Beloved." Hiashi said, pretty much making up the plan as he went.

Hinata shook her head. "Father, I can't do that to him!"

Hiashi sighed. "Would you prefer me to send Loveless after him?"

Hinata shook her head. "No, don't send Neji!"

Neji's alias on a mission was Loveless. The names chosen for the ninja in the yakuza are quite literal.

"Give Neji a chance, if he doesn't kill him, he doesn't kill him." Hiashi said.

"…..Fine." Hinata said, giving in.

Hiashi laughed and left the room.

Hinata ran over to Neji. "Please don't kill Naruto, I'll figure something out."

Neji nodded. "Wasn't planning to kill him anyway."

Hinata smiled. "Thanks Neji."