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Warning: This story contains spanking of teenager


"The Rebellion"

Ever since Chris had come from the future to save the past, he always wondered if he had done the right thing. He was after all the main reason his parents had split, he had almost erased himself from the timeline and here he was sitting on a beam on the golden gate bridge ashamed at what he had done to his father earlier. Sure, he was mad at him and sure, he felt Leo deserved it but he knew it had been the wrong thing to do. The Leo from this time did not deserve it he had done nothing wrong. He was angry and hurt by things Leo had done but all that resentment belonged to future Leo. Chris began to wonder what Leo would say if he was here right now. Not the Leo from this time but his father, the Leo in the future. His father knew who he was and what he was. A child that had always felt second best to his ever powerful older brother, a child that had always felt insecure and unsure about his role in the family. Chris was sure that his father would find a way to make him feel useless like always. That was something that he never understood, how could his father love one son more than the other? How could he ignore Chris for so long? Chris could remember times when his father failed to answer his calls when he was hurt, missed birthdays and being favored over Wyatt. He couldn't understand it. What had he ever done to deserve it? Was he just a bad son? Was he unlovable? These questions had always plagued him as a child but know he just didn't care. No, that wasn't true he cared or else he wouldn't have attacked Leo, he just didn't understand.

Also ever since he'd arrived in the past he'd wondered what he would do when he saw his mother. She had died in his time and seeing her again had been like a knife in his heart. He missed her so damn much it almost killed him to see her. It was especially hard seeing her being motherly towards Wyatt. Especially since he was responsible for her death, but that was something that she would never know. But has hard as it had been seeing his mother alive again he was able to deal with it. However, when he first saw his father he did not know whether to hug him or punch him. Seeing him was harder than he had thought but he could not understand why. It was not until he had spent some time around his father that he had realized that he was jealous of his brother and the time he spent with his parents. Not so much with his mom but with his father. It had brought out all the old resentment he had felt as a child and he had sent his father to Valhalla. He had convinced himself that it was necessary to make room for him self as the sisters' new whitelighter but it was out of jealously and spite. He did not want to see his father being all fatherly to Wyatt and ignoring him as usual. It didn't matter that the Leo of this time hadn't done anything yet. It was still his way of getting vindication for all the wrongs he felt where done to him by a man in another time. But as the days had become weeks he had felt guilt. He felt that he had done Leo an injustice. He had come to realize that Leo was not to blame at least not this version of him. Therefore, he had allowed the sisters to find him and bring him home. Boy had life become complicated for him since Leo had returned. Then they found out his secret and it was worse than complicated, it was a disaster. Not because they knew but because of the implications. His mother wanted to know where he was at all times and then Leo kept pestering him about what he had done to become such a bad father. So here, he was out in the bitter cold feeling guilty and abandoned. He needed to grow up. He was after all only sixteen, something his family was not aware of. It had been easy to pass him self off as a twenty-two year old. Sure, there had been some use of his power to glamour but he pretty much looked the same except for little details here and there. He just hoped his mother never realized his true age. She was overprotective as it was, he shuddered at what she would be like if she realized he was underage. Especially since he was living at P3 and she had seen him drunk at least once. Well there was no reason to dwell on something that she would never find out.


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