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Warning: This story contains spanking of teenager


Chapter 9 Results

Paige and Phoebe walked into the kitchen. Piper looked up and smiled, Wyatt was clutching an ice cream cone tightly in his grasp. This afternoon after she had tried for the third time to put him down for his nap to no avail, Paige had walked into the nursery and declared that she would take Wyatt of her hands for a few hours. She had then orbed out with her son, she suspected Paige or Phoebe hadn't wanted to be in the manor while the Chris situation had been dealt with. Phoebe had left before dawn and Paige had left first chance she got. She smiled as she realized that it had been a great relief, not to have to worry about Wyatt, while she worried about Chris.

"So, how'd it go?" asked Phoebe looking at her.

"How do you think it went?" asked Piper quietly.

"That good, huh?" asked Phoebe

"Yeah." answered Piper

"So, does our neurotic little nephew realize what he put us through yesterday?" asked Paige as she handed Wyatt over to Piper.

"Yes." responded Piper quietly

"Well he won't be doing it again, right?" asked Phoebe cautiously

"I sure hope not," said Piper trying to sound convinced that her workaholic son would take it easy.

"Well you said you guys dealt, with it right, so he should get it." stated Phoebe

"It probably depends on how hard of on an incentive Leo gave Chris to never do it again," stated Paige earning a glare from Piper.

"Paigeā€¦" said Phoebe

"What, like we don't know what happened, come on."

"That's beside the point Paige, Piper's obviously upset."

"Phoebe, its okay, its true you know what happened and although I wasn't too happy about it at first I realize that it was necessary, because Chris needed to understand that we won't tolerate his behavior of lately."

"Where is he?" asked Phoebe

"Upstairs sleeping," answered Piper as she took Wyatt's ice cream cone and cleaned him up.

"So will he be joining us for dinner?" asked Paige

"Yes he will, why?" asked Piper

"Just because," said Paige smiling

"What ever you're thinking of doing don't Paige, don't embarrass my son."

"Come on Piper, would I do that?"

"Yes," answered both Piper and Phoebe

"All right, all right, geez, can't a girl have a little fun?" muttered Paige as she walked out the kitchen and made her way upstairs to her room.

Chris heard his name being called, he slowly opened his eyes and turned his head, his father was standing by the side of the bed.

"It's time to get up son."


"It's almost time for dinner and you have some apologizing to do."

"Oh, yeah, alright," muttered Chris still half-asleep. He slowly got of bed and stretched his sore muscles. His whole body ached from all the struggling he had done and he realized that he could still feel a dull ache in his ass. Great he thought, sitting down for dinner was going to be agonizing.

"I'll meet you downstairs," said Leo as he walked out the room.

Piper had finished making dinner; she was sitting in the conservatory watching Wyatt play with his toys when Leo came in followed by Chris.

"Piper were are Paige and Phoebe?" asked Leo

"Upstairs, but there on their way down, why?" answered Piper

"Chris has something to say to them and to you," said Leo

Piper looked over at Chris; he was looking at the floor and trying to avoid her gaze. She reached over and hugged her son; he leaned into her embrace and hugged her back. She let him go as she heard her sisters coming down the stairs.

"Hey, is dinner ready, I'm starved?" asked Paige

"Paige, Phoebe can you come over here, Chris has something to say," said Leo

Paige and Phoebe walked over and stood next to Piper, they turned their gazes to Chris.

"Chris," said Leo

"Oh, yeah, okay, look I'm sorry about yesterday and worrying everyone and I swear it won't happen again. I also apologize for lying to you guys and my attitude these last few months," stated Chris remorsefully.

"Okay, Chris apology accepted, can we eat know?" asked Paige

"Paige, my son apologizes and all you can think of is food," said Piper

"I just want us to get past this, you know he did his crime and paid for it, let's move on," said Paige

Piper looked over at Leo and he nodded.

"Your right Paige, Chris paid for his mistakes and we shouldn't dwell on it," said Leo

"Good let's eat," said Paige.

They all walked into the dinning room. Phoebe tried hard not to laugh and Leo just smirked. Chris went red with embarrassment and thought at least it'd help him make it through dinner.

"Paige!" exclaimed Piper

"What?" asked Paige innocently as everyone began to sit. Paige looked at Chris and had to hold in the laughter as he carefully sat in his new-pillowed chair that she'd prepared just for him, yeah, she couldn't help herself.

The End


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