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Mogami Kyoko came into his life like a whirlwind.

After their disastrous first meeting because of Fuwa Sho, he got to know her better. They were placed in a situation where it's impossible for them not to be in each others' company. And facts that she is cute, funny, incredibly sweet, and that smile of hers just makes him melt inside. But he knew there was so much more than that underneath. Seriously, if the role that she played in the show that they were in didn't make him forget it was her, he would be ogling her half the time.

There are people on his side that liked the idea of him and her together. They've been encouraging him from the beginning to do more than just nurse the crush he's had on her. But there are a lot of problems to consider...

It seems like a preposterous thing. A 21-year old man going after a 17-year old high school girl. Well, it may be a big thing now. But that four-year gap between them won't even bleep on anyone's radar three years from now. Well, it might, since they're both celebrities. So what's wrong with now? It's not like he had evil intentions towards her. He's not the type to play around with girls just for the heck of it.

Then there is the fact that she only looked up to him as a senpai. Well, it's really understandable in the beginning. But it's almost been a year since. When she encountered a problem with Box "R", she turned to him. And she's confided in him with big secrets - things that only the two of them know. Wouldn't that be an indication already that she's come to see her more than just a senpai?

And yes, he's dropped her hints like wanting to spend time with her during and outside work. But the more obvious he became, she remained just as oblivious. It's a rather dumbfounding situation - most girls her age would think of nothing other than boys.

But it can't be helped. She is really, really determined to become a serious actress. Recently, she's been getting more work and getting busier. It's not like he had a problem with it. For one thing, she's really talented. So it's a good thing that her talent is being nurtured. He liked that many good things have been happening for her in such a short amount of time. But if it wasn't for the show that they were in together, he probably wouldn't see her at all.

He can't say that it's not starting to become harder though. She's growing up so fast, becoming more mature and polished so quickly. Girls are so easy to predict, but not this one. But if he doesn't make a move now, someone might really snatch her away, he thought as he watched her bend over to get something out of the vending machine.

And he can't let that happen. He's not going to stay on the sidelines just watch her be taken away by a guy who has suspicious intentions - or worse, better than he is. At least, not without her letting her know. He's decided. He's going to tell her.

Purposefully, he walked up towards her. She saw him come out of the corner of her eye, turned her head and smiled. "Just one more Golden Cola and I'm done, Hikaru-san."



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- Oh yeah... that disastrous first meeting is the first episode of Kimagure Rock.

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