I : Introduction


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Thinking of you, wherever you are.

We pray for our sorrows will end,

And hope that our hearts will blend.

Now I will step forward to realize this wish.

And who knows?

Starting a new journey may not be so hard—

Or maybe it's already begun.

There are many worlds,

But they share the same sky—

One sky, one destiny.


Dear Whoever It May Concern,

You probably won't find this for a long time, so I guess you can wait 'til the end of the letter to know who we are. You know, we never thought that any of this would happen, but it does. We don't know why—or how, for that matter.

You're probably wondering, What the hell are you talking about? Well, that's easy.

Do you know about the Keybearer legend? If you do know, then skip the next few paragraphs as I give the ones who don't know a short explanation.

There was once a Keybearer. His island was invaded by Heartless, and he found himself in another world, after seeing his friends taken away. He went on a journey to find them. On that journey, he made many friends, and followed the clues as to where they, his pals from the island, were.

When he found them, he had to fight in order to save them. He had to close the Door to Darkness, however; he could not do it alone. His friend, on the other side of the Door, began pushing the Door towards Sora, so it would close. "Don't give up!" He was consequentially locked behind the Door, along with the King.

It many months, but finally, the one behind the Door found the Keybearer.

Blah, blah, blah.

We'll skip everything else, because I don't feel like writing it (yes, I'm writing, not typing it like I should. My hand feels so tortured.).

Now, the only important part is the group the Keybearer (a.k.a., the gullible naive brat who killed a lot of things just to find his buddies) murdered brutally: Organization XIII. As the name suggests, the organization is made up of thirteen members.

We—'we' as in you and I, and the others who are looking over my shoulder (seriously, guys, stop looking over my shoulder. You're making my handwriting all sloppy and stuff, and you're the ones insisting I have to write very neatly!)—were a part of it. Still are.

Find the next letter to find out the rest.

Yours Truly,

VI: Zexion

VIII: Axel (I'm the one who wrote all this, too. Be grateful I'm even doing this.)

IX: Demyx

XI: Marluxia

XII: Larxene

XIII: Roxas