meanwhile *
Iolaus came to the place where hercules told him to go.
he looked over the bushs,and seen the the pond.
he bent down to get them off the then strife was in the bushes,and seen iolaus. but strife did not look like strife he looked like walked up to iolaus,just as iolaus looked up.
with hes big blue eyes, he herc he said. i didnt know you was laughted so ciron didnt need your help huh? he asked.
strife laughted no he didnt,but you will need help soon he said back.
iolaus looked up again at him .what iolaus said as he was about to get up off the ground strife took threw him in the pond with one hit.
iolaus yelled out as he splashed in the then herclues running up.
iolaus he no no no yelled strife. as he used hes powers to stop hercules.
hercules could not move or nothing came out of hes mouth.
as he watched iolaus slowly ! iolaus shouted out.
hercules felt so cold he started to feel tears could see iolaus blue eyes full of fear. hercules was in rage watching hes best friend iolaus went under the water.
hercules shouted a loud shook the ground,as he yelled iolaus name.
just then strife lost hes power to hold hercules. as he started to run to the pond.
strife was confused, still trying to stop jumped in the pond.
and draged hes friend layed him on the ground. iolaus was still breathing.
iolaus!!? hercules yelled .iolaus coughed and wated up,and started to breath.
hercules wispered looked up at strife,with rage in hes eyes.
you gone to far he to teach you a lesson hercules shouted.
just as hercules got up and started to walk to strife ,he left in a flash of light.
COWARD!! hercules shouted.
he picked up iolaus and carried him back to the village.

moments later

discord and strife returned back to ares temble.
ares was still sitting in hes chair,strife and discord were about to speak, i know ares said as he shook hes head.
maybe i need two different gods to help me with my plans he said.
you two have failed me to meny times ares said.
no my lord,we will think of someother way please dont get rid of us she beged covered hes face with hes hand and with the other hand waved to them as if saying get lost.
discord hit strife in the chest as they turned around to go.
as hercules came to the village he put iolaus down in the ground.
and they both walked in the soon came hoping with one leg ,and the other one all wraped !
hercules, jason yelled gave each other a shake and a little hug.
and all of the smiled iolaus took jason arm and started to walk him inside the stoped and looked up in the sky.
he smiled thank you father thank you he said.
and he looked back down seeing iolaus helping jason.
hercules ran over to them and took jasons other arms to help.