Title: Caught Looking
Author: sinecure
Character/Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: Teen
Genre: Humor
Summary: The Doctor can't stop staring.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who.
Author's Notes: to JennyLD for the beta.

"Stop staring."

The Doctor jerked as Rose's shoulder bumped into his. He glanced down at her, then back at the woman standing in the ocean, veil trailing behind her as the wind gusted and then died down. "No. Sorry, I just..." Eyes straying to the woman's enormous belly as her groom came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her, he frowned, fighting for the words he was looking for. "Have you ever thought about kids? I mean, having them?"

Rose's mouth twisted down as she slid her eyes to the newlyweds. "No. Little terrors, remember?" Shrugging her jacket tighter around her, she shivered in the chill air.


Catching sight of his gaze yet again aimed their way, Rose frowned at him. "You're doing it again."

Turning to Rose, he held his hands up as if holding a tiny little baby. "It's just that, have you ever thought about it? How a teeny, tiny little baby grows inside a human being. Usually the woman--"

"Usually?" she sputtered, stopping him with a bemused look and a hand on his arm.

"Thinking humanly again," he chided, threading his hand through hers. "Usually it's the woman, but not always. Anyway, they carry this little bitty thing inside them for nine months or so, and then one day it wants out. So, it comes out, clawing and pushing its way--"

She laughed and pulled him along behind her. "It's not... it's not like that movie Alien, you know. It's not gonna come burstin' out of her stomach, and then scurry off."

Tilting his head, he raised his brows at her. "I've seen that happen, but, no. I mean, it's a fantastic little being curled up in her belly, all blood and fingernails and hair and soon--" he continued, trying to get her to understand what he was getting at, "soon he or she ends up a little person, walking and talking and making its own decisions and leaving its second home--first being the womb--to strike off on its own."

"You think too much," she muttered, stopping and leaning against him to wipe her feet free of sand and slip her shoes back on. "D'you ever just... not think?"

"No time for that, things to do." Taking her hand again, he strode across the car park to where the TARDIS was. With one last look at the couple down the beach, he pulled his key from his pocket and opened the TARDIS door. "She's got a little miracle inside her. Think of all the things that go into making a baby and how much could go wrong, how much has to go right in order for it to happen at all."

Following him into the TARDIS, she glanced at him under her brows. "Doctor?"

Flipping a few switches idly, he tossed her a glance and slipped his other hand into his pocket. "Yeah?"

"D'you have, like, a biological clock or something? Is it running out?" Twisting her lips up in a smirk, she leaned on the strut by the door and snickered at him.

She thought she was funny. "Yes. I do. And the urge to mate is getting rather strong." Now it was his turn to watch her under his brows, seeing her struggle with the urge to laugh and yet, not quite being able to do so because she thought he might be serious.

"Really." There wasn't quite a question there, more of a statement as she darted her gaze from him to the console then back again. She shoved her hands into her jean pockets and let out a soft breath. "Might explain Reinette," she muttered.

Ignoring her jab at him, he tossed her a huge grin. "No. Not really." Moving around the console toward her, he stuck his other hand in his pocket and stopped in front of her. "You're entirely too gullible."

She smacked his arm with a laugh. "Prat!"

Moving back to the console, he watched her strip her jacket off, thinking he'd got a little too close to the truth that time.