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Chase through the streets

2019, Remains of the city of Pittsburg...

The city's once tall skyscrapers now lie in ruin, buildings have collapsed in most places and the crumbling streets are covered in rubble and wrecked cars. Here and there a tree grows through the sidewalk, its branches swaying in the wind. A Raptor pack quietly run through an old store and stop in the street on the other side. Suddenly a rumbling noise is heard followed by a high rattle of gunfire. An ATV comes screeching around the corner, its rider struggling to keep the four-wheeled vehicle upright, shortly followed by a dirt bike. The Raptors shrieked in panic and leapt out of the way. Two jeeps the came barreling around the corner and took chase of the two off road vehicles. Des quickly swerved the four-wheeler around an overturned truck with a foot to spare. The rattle of machine gun fire could be heard behind him as the bullets went streaming over his head.

"Man! If these Crazies keep this up, we won't make it out of the city alive!" shouted Alex over the two-way headsets, from his position on the dirt bike.

"We just need to keep trying Al, we ca-shoot!" shouted Des as his rear left wheel clipped a cars fender.

"Careful, man!"

Suddenly a rocket crashed into a car that was sitting on the road right in front of him, causing it and five others to simultaneously explode. Des' eyes widened in panic.

"Oh, S########T!" he shouted as he drove straight through the middle of the explosions, making it onto the other side only singed.

"Where the Heck did that come from?" asked Alex.

An explosion behind them made both of them swerve their vehicles to a stop. They turned around and stared in shock as one of the jeeps exploded and crash into an old semi. The other jeep screeched to a halt and the men opened up on both of them, forcing them to duck behind the rubble and trashed cars.

Alex pulled out a pair of binoculars and scanned the buildings in the area. Suddenly he swung them back on a skyscraper that had been blown in half, the top part lying all over the road. Two creatures with blue-green scaly skin, dressed in scavenged armor and holding onto a pair of rocket launchers.

"Raptans! At eleven o'clock!"

There was a loud screech and growls as a group of ten Raptans came charging out of the base of the tower and opened fire on both the boy's position and the remaining Crazies. Des pulled his M-16 from his back and let loose on two of the part-human beasts.

One fell to the ground with a shriek and lay still, Des ducked as a stream of hot lead came flying into the side of the car he was hiding behind.


The Raptan's head exploded in a gush of blood as Alex's sniper rifle took it down.

"We need to get outa here man before…" a hummer then came driving through the remaining Raptan's and the gunner on top opened fire at the two in the windows.

"Time to go!" shouted Des as he leapt onto his four-wheeler and gunned the motor.

The jeeps wheels skidded on the road as it came shooting through the burning wreckage.

"Split up! Meet ya back at the docks!" yelled Des and he took off down another street.

"Roger that, out!" responded Alex as he headed down another street.


The Jeep and the hummer came to the intersection and stopped. The leader in the jeep stood up and pointed down the street that Alex had went.

"Take the Humvee and go after that one, we will go after this one, now lets move!"


Des looked at the pile of cars and debris that was blocking the road in front of him. He growled in frustration as he spun the ATV around an started to go back the way he came, only to find himself trapped between the roadblock and the jeep.

"Looks like I am going to have to jump!" he said as he gained speed toward one of the upside down cars.

Suddenly another rocket came shooting past and blew up the car sending a shock wave that knocked Des from his seat, sending the ATV crashing onto its side.

"You've got nowhere else to run kid! Now give us all of your possessions and we will let you live!" called the leader of the Crazies as he and the other jumped out of the jeep and made their way toward Des.

Des glanced at an open doorway and he lunged for it.


Hot pain spread through Des' leg and he fell to the ground with a howl of pain. One of the men laughed like a maniac as he ran up to Des and kicked him onto his back, revealing the pistol that ended his life. A foot suddenly stomped down on his leg and a loud crack was heard as the already shattered bone broke.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" cried Des as he fell back to the ground.


A few blocks away two Raptans were scrounging through an old deli for food when an explosion was heard from down the street followed shortly by a howl of pain. The female one turned toward the other and hissed.

"That sounded like a…human young one! Don't you think, Scren?" she asked her male companion.

"I believe you are right Screa! Come on! Let's get back to the chief!" he said as he began to run in the other direction.

"What! You want us to just leave the child to die?" shouted Screa in anger.

"Why do you care about the humans! It is their fault that we exist!"

"I don't care! I will not let a young one die, no matter what species!" shouted Screa and she lifted her machine gun and ran in the direction that smoke was billowing from.

"Screa! Screa! Get bac-F##K!" shouted Scren as he took off after his sister Raptan.

The female Raptan ran toward the corner, when a dirt bike came streaming past and swerved around the corner, heading straight for her. The rider immediately skidded to a halt and stared with fear filled eyes at Screa.

"Raptan!" cried Alex as he gunned his motor, kicking up a cloud of smoke and screamed back into the intersection.

Suddenly a Hummer came rumbling into the street and the gunner opened fire on the motor bike. The boy swerved around again and drove down the street, the Hummer giving chase once more. Screa stared after both vehicles in shock, she turned back to Scren who had finally caught up.

"What was that about?" Scren asked in confusion.

"I don't know, but what ever it is, these humans were after that young one and-!"



Screa ran in the direction of the screams and held her M-16 in the read position, Scren followed cocking his shotgun.

Screa came to the flaming pile and slowly crept around until she saw what was on the other side, she gasped. Scren caught up and slooked at her.

"What?" he whispered harshly.

Screa only pointed as she had an expression of horror and anger on her reptilian face. Scren turned and what he saw made him snarl in anger. The human men were standing around a teenaged human, whose leg appeared to be broken and blood was flowing freely from it. One of the men was strangling the boy, who was trying his hardest to get out of it, causing the man to laugh in amusement. Suddenly Screa let out a battle shriek and leapt in front of the flames and released a burst of fire into the crowd, bring three of the men down, including the one strangling the boy.


"Raptans! Take cover!" shouted the leader to the remaining two men and they jumped behind the jeep.

Scren opened fire with his shotgun and ducked behind an ATV that was lying on its side. He stood up and fired three shots into the side of the jeep before ducking back into cover. once the fire died down he stood up again and blasted the windshield out.


The leader grinned madley as he pulled out his pistol and aimed at Des who was now lying on the ground with his hands over his head.

"Say your prayers kid!"

Des looked up and in that instant the man fired, the bullet struck the boy in the chest and went clear through his back.

"No!" cried Screa as she threw down her gun and leapt onto the jeep.

"Ah S##T!"



The men's screams were cut short as she ended their lives with her clawed hands. The female Raptan then ran over to Des' side and lifted his head into her lap. The boy's eyes widened when he saw his rescuers and he tried to get away only to collapse back onto the road.

"Scren give me the needle!" she cried.

"But we are only supposed to use this on healthy prisoners to turn them…"

"I don't care! He will die if we don't do it!"

"Fine, take it!" he growled as he handed her a needle with a brownish fluid in it.

Screa looked down at Des who was now gasping for breath with sad eyes.

"I am sorry, but this is for your own good!" and then she jabbed the needle into his arm and injected the fluid.

Sudden pain exploded throughout his body and Des cried out and then he blacked out.


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