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2 Things you should know if you didn't read marauders: Teddy and James are the same age. Vic and Teddy didn't get together in school.

"VICTOIRE WEASLEY!" came a loud voice from the other side of the door. Victoire groaned and rolled over in bed, pulling a pillow over her head in an attempt to drown out Elaine's voice. "GET UP RIGHT NOW! WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN A HALF HOUR!" Victoire moaned, curling into a ball and deciding she would simply wait until Elaine stopped bugging her and then fall back asleep. "I KNOW YOU DON'T NEED BEAUTY SLEEP! GET UP AND OUT HERE RIGHT NOW OR I'LL BLAST DOWN THIS DOOR!" Victoire shot out of her warm bed, her long blond hair in a tangle and her eyes still sleepy. Elaine would actually do it.

"I'm up! I'm up!" she exclaimed grabbing her uniform, opening the door, and sprinting to the bathroom. She was pretty sure Elaine had rolled her eyes as she had passed her.

Ten minutes later, a freshly showered and neatly dressed Victoire arrived in the sunny kitchen of the flat that she shared with her best friend Elaine Dridel. Elaine was a morning person, much to Victoire's annoyance. Victoire's hair was in waves but Elaine had neatly charmed every lock of her hair into perfect loose and bouncy ringlets, and her St. Mungo's robes were neat as she made breakfast.

"I made you coffee, right here," said Elaine gesturing to a pot of black liquid on the stove next to the purple kettle which held Elaine's tea for the morning. Elaine set the table with a flick of her wand, and the pancakes and bacon she had been cooking filled the plates. Victoire smiled and sat down. Sometimes she didn't know what she would do without Elaine to wake her up in the mornings. It had been like this at school too. School seemed forever ago, while in reality they had graduated a little less than a month ago with only a few days of rest before starting their healer training at St. Mungo's with their other best friend ShiShi Yang. Suddenly a pop startled Victoire as ShiShi, speak of the devil and she shall appear, apparated into the bright kitchen.

"Merlin-damned Floo network is down today! We have to apparate and walk to work! We're going to be bloody late, so I thought I would tell you two. With Toire here, you were sure to be super late and that would make Nelson super pissed and we don't want that now do we?" she exclaimed as she noticed her friends eating breakfast. She grabbed a piece of bacon off Elaine's plate. Elaine didn't even scold her but when she moved to take a piece from Victoire, she decided against it from the look on Toire's face. Toire grabbed the bacon off her plate and shoved as much pancake in her mouth as possible, making her look like a chipmunk with her stuffed cheeks. She was NOT missing breakfast.

Elaine sighed and whipped out her wand, cleaning up the kitchen with a few charms. "In any case, we better get going." Victoire looked longingly at the rest of her delicious breakfast and followed them as they got up and apparated out of the room. She managed to bring her coffee and four strips of bacon to munch on the way.

With three pops, three young women arrived on a muggle street in downtown London. To an outsider, the tallest of the trio stood out immediately at 5'7 with her long wavy blond hair, blue eyes, rosy complexion, and strikingly beautiful features, she looked like a model. The next tallest at perhaps 5'4 was the delicate brunette who had the appearance of one who a slight wind could break from her fragile features, elegantly curled hair, and slight frame. The slender girl was a wisp of a thing but her startlingly purple eyes could stop someone in their tracks. She was the most classically beautiful of the group while the blond was the most enchanting and striking. The third was even shorter than the brunette with jet black, stick straight hair which she had chopped to right below her chin. Her pale skin had a hint of yellow in it, and her dark eyes were slanted almonds in her proud face. Each of the girls were wearing long blue robes that looked strange to any muggles who saw them, but they didn't seem to mind as they conversed on their way into work.

"I hate that we were already ready for work when we found out the network was down. Now the muggles are giving us funny looks!" said Victoire looking across the street to see a nasty looking man leering at her and her two friends as she chomped on a piece of bacon.

"Oh, do stop whining, we will be there in a few minutes," said Elaine. "So let's talk about you ShiShi, we didn't see you all weekend. Where were you? Sarah didn't even know." She raised her eyebrows at the girl questioningly.

"Oh, you know, around," answered the Chinese girl mysteriously. "I came back to the flat last night, Sarah and Frank were all over each other. It really is sickening. She should be happy I don't flaunt my love life in front of her instead of complaining about it to you guys. Honestly, I left Saturday night and came back Sunday afternoon. Not even twenty-four hours."

"Yes, I'm so glad she's not sharing a flat with us. Seeing Sarah and Frank snogging for hours on end isn't my idea of appetizing. They are sickeningly in love sometimes," commented Toire. ShiShi nodded her head enthusiastically in agreement.

"Just think Elaine and James, but a bit more annoying," laughed ShiShi as Elaine's face turned bright red.

"We aren't THAT bad! Honestly, I can't believe you're comparing James and I to Frank and Sarah. They are getting bloody married! In SIX weeks!"

"I can't believe they set the date so soon. I mean, they get engaged at graduation and suddenly they are getting married in August! I love em both, and I'm gonna miss em around all the time," said ShiShi referring to how Frank was constantly at the apartment that ShiShi shared with his fiancé. "HA! I'll actually have food in the fridge! Maybe I won't miss it so much."

"You're horrible!" laughed Elaine. "Did Sarah tell you what time we're meeting at Three Broomsticks tonight? Girl's night!" The girls walked into the hospital and were unfazed by the clamor inside as they had been in the Healer Trainee Program there for the past three weeks. They headed to the locker room to get their nametags and to put their things away before heading to the Healer Station where Healer Nelson would be waiting for them with the other trainees.

They weren't the only ones late that morning, and they waited as several others joined them. As healer trainees, they spent their mornings under the watchful eyes of Resident Healers who they followed around and helped perform easy tasks. Then, after lunch, the trainees went to classes and lectures, taking exams and doing school work until dinner when they went home.

Healer Nelson began assigning the trainees to residents and Victoire watched as Elaine went off to the pregnancy and birthing wing while ShiShi went to critical care. She didn't understand how they were always sent to the best wards and barely registered as she was assigned to work in SURPRISE the Magical Bites Ward with Healer Adams for the third time that week. Just because her family history involved a few incidents with biting creatures didn't mean she wanted to spend all her time in the bite ward. Sure Uncle Charlie had a few incidents with dragons, and of course the famous incident with her grandfather and Voldemort's horacrux snake, and there was the snake thing with her uncle Harry and oh, yes, who could forget that while her father wasn't bit by a werewolf, he had been mauled by one. Victoire hated the bite ward and not because Healer Adams was boring or it brought up bad family memories. It was because it reminded her strongly of him, of his father, and him.

Teddy was always the first one up. James was a close second, and then they had to work to wake up Orion and Murphy. The four friends were living in the heart of Hogsmeade, the Shrieking Shack to be precise. Oddly enough, the deed to the house was in the Lupin name due to the reason it was joined to Hogwarts via secret passage. His friends had decided it was the perfect bachelor pad, and Teddy would agree if it wasn't such a mess to begin with.

Teddy was slowly repairing his room; for instance this weekend he had redone the wallpaper so the torn peeling walls were neat. The somewhat large room was actually quite nice but was just dusty, and dingy. The floors needed a good polish and the windows a good washing. The room was regularly scorgified of dust and the boys were having a great time in the house, but Teddy knew the house needed several other improvements, including fixing the broken rail on the stairs.

Suddenly, James threw open the door where Teddy was brushing his teeth. He was half dressed with his white shirt half buttoned and his black tie hanging around his shoulders untied. "Teddy, just got an owl from Ellie, she told me the floo network was down when she tried to go to work so we better get an early start this morning. Last time it went down it was down for days while that idiot Creevy in Transportation tried to fix it! I'll get Orion, tell Murph."

The boys rushed around the house, barely having enough time to eat the bacon and pancakes that Elaine had owled over in a hot box. Teddy really appreciated that girl. She managed to make extra breakfast every morning and send it over in a special box that kept it warm. She took such good care of James, who Teddy was pretty sure would never be able to survive on his own without his mum, grandmum, sister, or Elaine looking after his well being. All too soon, Orion was being pushed down the stairs by James. Orion's usually neat hair was a mess, his shoes were untied, and James was carrying his tie and robes over one arm while Orion buttoned his shirt.

"HURRY UP!" exclaimed James exasperatedly as he sat down and started eating his Ellie-prepared meal and picked up the paper she had sent with the hot box. She always circled the articles she though James would like to read with purple ink. They were sickeningly in love was Teddy's opinion. Of course, James had been sickeningly in love with Elaine since about fourth year, but it wasn't so one sided anymore.

As soon as Orion was finished getting dressed, he snatched up a few pieces of bacon, and James glared at him. "For the road," he had said with a smirk before turning on the spot and apparating. James and Teddy followed suit, appearing in the muggle alley a few blocks from the ministry. Such an inconvenient apparation point.

"So, today's the big day huh, big guy," said Orion with a sneer at James who blushed.

"She's having girls night tonight at eight. How about marauders night tonight? We could go out together, do some fun marauders stuff, and I know it's a Monday night, but hey, we barely saw each other all weekend and Moony was gone all week last week."

"Yeah, how was the mystery trip?" asked Orion turning to Teddy. Great James, turn him lose on me when he asks you an uncomfortable question.

"Err.. fun. Got my flat in Cairo. It's close to the apparition point, the museum, the ministry office, and some good restaurants. I'll apparate every day to the pyramids, work, go home and then eat in. It'll be a blast. The totally exciting secret life of Ted Remus Lupin."

"No, really Moony, being a spy is so cool! I can't believe you got hired into the Department of International Intelligence so quickly. What's it like spying on Egyptian Wizards in your free time?" laughed James.

"Boring! I'm just supposed to make sure they don't learn any ancient secrets and fail to inform the international society. Your Uncle Bill used to do the same thing. He posed working for Gringots just like I do. My name will even be listed on the Gringots payroll. Those Eygyptians will have no idea what I am. Ministry work should be interesting and when I retire from undercover international work I will be free to keep a desk job at the ministry or get a job at Gringots. Honestly, when Bill told me to apply for the job I never dreamed I would get it. This is my dream job."

"Yeah, sounds like a good deal, and you're rolling in the money too," commented James.

"Says the future Auror!" laughed Teddy. "How's training going? I didn't hear Orion complaining when I was gone last week."

"Ha, Orion's still getting crap from Swazi for that prank the first day."

"SHUT UP! How was I supposed to know that the guy with the great big brown mustache that was just begging me to charm it purple was my boss! He oversees everything from our physical and practical training in the mornings to our exams and such in the afternoon. He's in charge of the whole bloody Auror Academy, and I got on his bad side first day!"

"Things have been going downhill for Padfoot here since the first day. Poor guy," laughed James remembering when the older man had raged at Orion while he was still sporting a purple mustache.

"I never did like authority figures anyway," commented Orion, causing the other two to laugh.

"You're crazy, you know that right?"

"Well at least James is on easy street huh?" Teddy said to Orion who was chewing on a piece of bacon wolfishly.

"He feels like he has to 'prove himself' with daddy as department head. Hasn't been this much of a bloody show off since Dridel was rejecting him," moaned Orion. "If you had to see James showing off day and night, you'd be crazy too!" He directed the second part to James who rolled his eyes. They had reached the phone booth to find a long line of witches and wizards waiting outside. They got in line waving to a few coworkers and people they knew. Suddenly, the door to the phone booth opened and the line packed into the small room which had been put under an engorgement charm for the day. Stupid floo network and rules about apparating into the ministry. In the lobby, the friends separated as Orion and James headed to the Auror Academy Floor while Teddy went to the Department of International Intelligence better known and disguised as the Deparment of Gringots and Relations on floor nine, alongside the department of mysteries.

Later that night, four friends met up in three broomsticks. Elaine was the last to arrive and joined them at the booth they had found in the back of the room. She was grinning but her eyes were a bright green. Victoire called green her passionate color, because that was her color when she was angry and when she was in particular 'in love' mood. They were green around James quite a bit for both reasons. "Finally! Someone decided to grace us with her presence," announced Victoire with a smile. Elaine smiled if possible, even wider.

"So Sarah here has been positively bursting with news since we arrived. Can we hear it now?" asked ShiShi sipping a pink cocktail drink. Sarah smiled over her own alcoholic cocktail as Elaine ordered a cherry soda similar to the one Victoire was drinking. Victoire rolled her eyes knowing that her friend just didn't want her to feel left out as the only person without an alcoholic drink.

"Okay, as you all know," said Sarah with a grin almost as wide as Elaine's which was starting to make Victoire curious. "Frank and I will be getting married at the end of the summer. So, it's only inevitable that I announce my wedding party!" The other girls looked pleasantly surprised. "I want you girls to be my bridal party! With my younger sister of course! That's why the wedding is before Hogwarts starts up in September. Oh it's going to be so much fun! I'm going to pick out the prettiest dresses and OH! I'm so excited! Elaine, will you be my Maid of Honor?"

Elaine looked surprised and Victoire wondered how. Elaine was the glue that kept the girls together all through school and even now. She always kept fights from erupting and was a calming drought on any of her friends when they were upset. She was the one that all three of them went to for problems and questions. Honestly, Victoire didn't understand how Ellie hadn't seen this coming considering that she was the one that all of them would most likely choose as their MOH. She was the most organized and a perfectionist that would do an amazing job. On the big day and the stressful ones leading up to it, Elaine was the friend anyone would want to have there for them. ShiShi and Victoire shared a look as Elaine excitedly accepted the invitation happily. She was already promising to do the best job ever.

"Actually, while we are on the subject of weddings," said Elaine with her huge grin, her eyes had now dulled to a deep lavender happy color. "JAMES PROPOSED!" she squealed the last phrase and held out her left hand for all of the group to see the ring. It was an absolutely huge diamond on a gold band with two little red rubies on either side of the ring.

Victoire recognized the ring as one of the Potter heirlooms. She remembered the time she, James, and Teddy had played wedding, at her coercion of course. They had been seven and James had brought that ring for the wedding ring. She had forced Teddy to morph to look like her Uncle Ron and have red hair, blue eyes, and his nose shape, he had looked like a young version of Ron Weasley. However, she had been upset she didn't look like Aunt Hermione and so Teddy had been her dad, and she had been her mum instead on this occasion. Aunt Ginny had been positively horrified that they could have lost it when she discovered them with the ring. Her mother hadn't been too happy either when she had found out. Victoire almost visibly winced at the memory, and not just for the scolding she had gotten.

"Oh, what happened?" sighed Sarah looking at the beautiful ring. Victoire knew it had been the engagement ring of James's great-grandparents Dorea Black and Harold Potter. They had both been gryffindors and the gold band and red rubies were meant to remind them of where they had met.

"Well, James came over to the hospital during my lunch hour today and asked me if I wanted to meet up for dinner around five before I went to girls' night. I said sure, and we went to that fancy restaurant in Diagon Alley "The Three Brothers", you know the one that you have to get a reservation for about five weeks in advance, even if your last name is Potter. Well, we sat down, and I though he was nervous, but he flew into this whole spiel about how he only had about five more months of Auror training and then he would take his CATs, Cumulative Auror Tests, and be a Junior Auror. He was talking about how much money he would be making and how great the job was going to be, and then a year after that he would be a full fledged Auror. He was saying how five months seemed like a nice engagement period, and I didn't understand what he was saying until he was on his knee asking me if I would marry him. He said 'I chased you for three long years at Hogwarts, and now that I've got you, I can't imagine letting you go. If you reject me this time, it will be the 247th time, but I wouldn't be on my knee if I didn't think you would say yes. Make me the happiest man in the world and agree to be my wife?' He looked so adorable I couldn't say no."

ShiShi sighed romantically and Sarah grinned. Victoire felt a pang. If Ellie married James, what would she do? She would be alone in their big apartment, and Ellie would be busy with babies and husbands and marital bliss.

"So, she said yes!" exclaimed a grinning James as he apparated into the kitchen where the other three marauders were already involved in a high stakes game of poker. At the time, Teddy was winning, but now that James was here, he could forget any thoughts of breaking even. Lucky son of a bitch, gets the girl, gets a family, gets my money he thought. Orion clapped his friend on the back and handed him a firewhiskey while they congratulated him. James took a seat as Murphy dealt him into the game, and Teddy kissed his galleons goodbye. Some guys had all the luck.

"Alright, well we'll finish this game and then how about a trip to Three Broomsticks to celebrate the first marauder to get engaged! Then we'll drag him to Hogwarts and throw him in the lake for old times sake!" laughed Orion. The game finished up quickly with James winning as Teddy had predicted. The four slightly drunk men then headed out down the street to Three Broomsticks.

As they arrived, the bell above the door tinkled merrily, and the somewhat quiet pub was filled with their laughter as they headed over to the bar.

"Rum for me and my friends, it's on me!" exclaimed James happily sitting down and addressing the bartender.

"What's the occasion James?" asked the woman with a grin.

"We're celebrating, James here is gonna get married to the broad he's been pining after for four years!" laughed Orion taking his rum happily.

"Yup, and these are my groomsmen, Orion here's my best man!"

"Bloody Hell James, maybe this you getting married isn't such a great idea, never told me I had to make a speech!" exclaimed Orion surprised.

"Uh, right, maybe Teddy might make the speech?"

"NO WAY! Orion's doing, it will be fuckin' 'ilarious!" laughed Teddy imagining a drunk Orion joking his way through a speech.

"I'm not sure I want a 'fuckin' 'ilarious' speech at my wedding," came a voice causing the boys to turn around on their stools and see Elaine, as pretty as could be with her hands on her hips.

"ELLIE! My LOVE!" exclaimed James. "Dance with me!" he said spontaneously pulling her into a waltz. Elaine laughed, throwing her head back at the craziness of it all while Victoire and her friends smiled on.

"Well, I won't make it too bad Lainey, just make sure I give the speech before I have too much firewhiskey," said Orion, somewhat slurring his words. Teddy wasn't sure if he was actually that drunk or slurring intentionally.

After James and Ellie's impromptu dance, the boys joined Ellie and her friends at their booth. Victoire couldn't help but notice that Teddy sat as far away from her as possible as she was sandwiched between James and Orion, a bit of an uncomfortable spot. She tried not to notice him and pay attention to the lively conversation that the marauders brought with them, but she was inevitably distracted and ended up merely pretending to listen and nodding her head at the appropriate parts or cracking a smile when she heard everyone start laughing.

Teddy on the other hand was nursing his rum in a surly manner as he stared down the table at the beautiful blond who seemed to be of another planet. He wasn't drunk enough that he did anything stupid, but he caught himself wanting to reach out and touch the golden locks of her hair, just to see if they were real.

At about eleven thirty, the girls had to leave. A healer's day started early, and they had to be up with the sun. After their departure, Orion pulled the other three marauders out the door and back to the house where they had to drag James down the passageway to Hogwarts where they shoved him in the lake, he wasn't very happy, but Teddy laughed for the first time that night since they had run into the girls at the bar.

After that, the boys transformed and had a good game of tag in the forbidden forest before returning to the shack, and sleeping off their hangovers old school style in the kitchen.

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