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Arriving at St. Mungo's, Teddy was in an obvious panic. After supporting Victoire on her way via floo, he rushed to the front desk.

"My wife's in labor!" he said excitedly, his hair flashing yellow and red.

"One moment please, and fill out this admission form," said a dull voiced receptionist who Victoire knew was notorious for letting people wait. She didn't even look up from her nails.

"Marcella?" she snapped, the receptionist's head snapping to attention at the sound of a healer's voice.

"Healer Weasley, I mean Lupin, I mean! MERLIN!" the young woman said, eyes bugging out.

"Please have Healer Nelson alerted to my presence. I'm sure she just got back from seeing her children off to the station, but let her know I'm having mine, and I'll be in the private ward reserved for the Weasley, Potter, and Lupin families. My grandmother in law will be here soon, along with my grandmother, and my parents, and a good many other famous people. Tell them to wait in our private waiting room that my uncle pays for my family to keep. My uncle Harry that is. Harry Potter. I'm sure these little ones will be out very soon," she ordered calmly. Being a healer gave quite the advantage and authority in situations like this. Marcella just gaped as the very large bellied part veela and her obviously distraught husband headed to the private room that was constantly kept ready for any Potter, Lupin, or Weasley injured. One of the advantages of being an incredibly rich, incredibly large, incredibly famous family.

"Victoire," said healer Nelson, entering the room with a big smile. "I was expecting you any day!" Victoire visibly relaxed, seeing the woman who had overseen her healer training there to help her through this. Not only was she an excellent healer, but a friend and mentor. Teddy wasn't exactly helping with his nervous panicky attitude.

"What can I do!" he asked excitedly, his hair going from orange to neon green.

"You can sit right here and hold your wife's hand through it all. I'm just going to take a quick look to see how things are progressing," said Healer Nelson taking on a business-like tone.

"I… Vic… I… You know I can't lose you!" burst out Teddy. Victoire looked at her husband with a startled expression. "I mean, we've only finally gotten together, and I just… I love you so much, and I always have. I don't know what I would do without you!"

"I'm not going anywhere," said an exasperated Victoire matter of factly. "I'm not going to die, everything is going to be just fine. Don't… don't worry… and I love you too, of course."

"And Mr. Lupin, just so you know, your wife is healthy, in her prime, and has very few risk factors for a difficult birth besides the fact she's having two babies at once. Let me assure you, that I know what I am doing, and if need be can surgically remove the children to ensure their health or that of their mother at no harm to either of them. My team and I are very good at what we do."

"My husband read chapter thirteen of What to Expect When your Witch is Expecting," explained Victoire with a giant sigh. "He just finished it two nights ago and hasn't slept since."

"Oh… well that does explain things. That chapter's a bit doom and gloom and could cause anyone worry," said Healer Nelson with an understanding look.

"I…" Victoire broke off what she was going to say as a contraction hit. She tightened her grip on Teddy's hand and when his eyes took on a panicked look, she tried to give him a pained smile.

"Are you going to be taking anything for the pain?" he asked quickly.

"I migh…." Victoire started breaking off as yet another contraction hit. Healer Nelson raised her eyebrows and moved to the foot of the bed.

"I think that once they decided on today, they decided they didn't want to wait. You would think they were late for the Express!" she exclaimed. "You're nearly fully effaced and dilated! How far apart have you let your contractions get!"

"I… I hate waiting!" said Victoire mournfully. "I didn't want to come in too early…and at first I wasn't SURE! if the twinges were just twinges…. Or… MERLIN… and then I was… and they got really… FAST…."

"VIC!" wailed Teddy, his face nearly ghost white while his hair was a sickly yellow green. Meanwhile, Nelson had summoned everything she needed and was gently coaxing Victoire to just breathe and let Teddy hold her hand.

"TELL ME NICE THINGS!" exclaimed Victoire, her veela claws manifesting themselves and digging into Teddy's hand drawing blood.

"Remember when we were little, and we went to that fair in Ottery St. Catchpole with Grandpa Arthur? We rode the big wheel, and Grandpa Arthur levitated you down when you got scared when we stopped right at the top. He had to modify like thirty memories!"

"Yes," she whispered. "I was so scared."

"But it was really pretty up there too, and you cried when you couldn't see the pretty fields anymore. You talked Uncle George into brining you back the next day so you could ride the wheel again."

"That time I wasn't afraid," agreed Victoire.

"That's why you were such a good Gryffindor. Merlin, I suck at this, I'm scared as hell and can only think of scary stories!"

"No, no! It was perfect!" laughed Victoire between contractions. "ANNOTHER!" she yelped as an especially painful one hit her.

"Push Victoire, I can see your oldest child's head!"

Teddy seemed to turn a little green, but Victoire took on a determined face and did as she was asked, letting out her first real scream as she did so.

"Here he is!" announced Healer Nelson over the scream of the newly arrived baby, quickly severing the cord and wrapping a blanket around him. The nurse she passed the squirming, crying boy to took the baby to an astonished looking Teddy with a small wave of her wand to prevent the shell shocked looking husband from being able to drop the squirming newborn.

"Lift him up you lump! I can't SEE!" exclaimed Victoire, desperate to see her newborn despite the fact she was still experiencing rapid contractions. Teddy lifted the squalling newborn carefully supporting the fragile neck with his hand and smiled at the boy as Victoire reached out and cupped her delicate white hand to his small red, still mildly bloody face. Looking at Victoire, he could see she was crying and had a huge smile on her face as the boy stopped crying, seemingly content to have his mother's soothing touch.

"He's so beautiful!" she whispered, brushing back some of the thick bloody hair on her son's head.

"Are you ready to push again, Victoire?" asked Healer Nelson again from the head of the bed. "I think his sibling is ready to reunite with their brother!"

"Here, I'll clean this one up right here so Mr. Lupin can hold your hand," interjected the nurse, stepping in to take away the boy. At the distraught look on Victoire's face, she added, "I'll bring him right back, and we won't even be leaving the room."

"Yes," she said, allowing Teddy to hand off the delicate bundle and take her hand again. This time she seemed to think it was a little easier. Within just a few minutes, there was another cry from the foot of the bed that signified the arrival of the second twin.

"It's a girl!" exclaimed Healer Nelson, once again cutting the cord, and this time taking the extra wand movements to clean the baby off before swaddling her in a pink blanket. Carrying her around the bed, she gently placed the girl in Victoire's waiting arms as the nurse handed their son back to Teddy, who was still looking utterly shocked.

"They're perfect," whispered Victoire with a tearful smile.

"I love them so much," replied Teddy, laughing as his son wrapped his small five fingered hand around his one finger. "I love you," he said leaning over to kiss his wife, carefully cradling his precious son as he did so.

"I love you too," replied Victoire. "Now let me hold my son, and meet your daughter!"

"Merlin's Beard!" exclaimed Teddy, looking closely at his daughter for the first time as she had been handed directly to his wife. "She looks exactly like you! Are you sure that there's any of me in here?" he laughed.

"Really Teddy, this one looks a lot like you. Definitely your nose, and your chin, and your light brown hair color."

"I guess, but she's so… blonde," he said running a gentle finger over her blond scalp, causing the infant who had fallen directly asleep in her mothers arms, obviously tired from the labor to open her eyes. "HER EYES! They're Blue!" he laughed, obviously pleased.

"All babies have blue eyes," sighed Victoire, smiling down at her son who also had his blue eyes open.

"Vic, she's so perfectly you! I just can't get over it!" Teddy stated again, laughing as his little blue eyed daughter yawned and stuck her little pink tongue out.

"I wonder if my mom will think so," replied Victoire with a smile, finally looking over at Teddy to see his hair was a bright blue color, she guessed the color of her daughter's eyes.

"Teddy!" she laughed, causing him to look up, entirely unaware his hair had morphed.

"I'm not done with her! You can't have her back yet!" he replied with a pout.

"I… I wasn't going to… but their names?" she said, biting back a laugh at the idea he wanted more time to meet his daughter.

"Ohhh…. I think…. Well I guess I had better ask you which you think suits her…." said Teddy, obviously holding back his opinion.

"I'm pretty sure we're thinking the same thing," said Victoire, knowing that of the two girls names they had decided on to choose from, one fit the tiny bundle seemingly perfectly. "She's a bright little star."

"I love you Lyra Andromeda Lupin," cooed Teddy, kissing his daughters forehead. Pulling back his eyes widened, and Victoire burst out into laughter.

"It looks like she takes after you after all!" And sure enough the bright veela blond had turned to the same blue color her father was sporting, the newborns eyes obviously developed enough to see the color.

"So… Arthur then?" asked Teddy, looking at her small bundle.

"It…. I guess it suits him… but…" Suddenly, not to be outdone, Arthur's hair was a bright blue to match his sister's.

"Well that sly little lynx, he's a metamorphmagus too!" laughed Teddy, turning his hair pink and laughing as both his children imitated it.

"I love it! And if you recall from Astronomy, it's also a constellation. It suits him perfectly!" exclaimed Victoire with glee.

"Lynx Arthur Lupin?" asked Teddy with a grin. "I love it! What do you think little man?" Lynx responded by nuzzling his mother and turning his hair to his natural brown.

"Let's see if anyone else is here yet?" suggested Teddy after a moment of watching Vic's eyes start to droop. "Then after everyone sees us, you can get some rest before you have to feed these two."

"Oh my Merlin!" exclaimed Andromeda, gently pulling the blanket away from the small face to get a better look at the little girl. "She's so beautiful, and she looks just like you Victoire."

"Yes, and this one looks just like Teddy," laughed an elated Fleur who was rocking a slightly fussy Lynx with Bill looking over her shoulder.

"What did you name them?" came Molly Weasley's excited voice from the doorway. She immediately went over to see her great granddaughter. "Oh, Fleur, she looks just like Vic and Dom did."

"Just wait to see how much she takes after Ted," laughed Victoire from her spot on the bed. "Show them Ted!"

"I'll take Lyra Andromeda, Gran," said Teddy, lifting the bundle from his grandmother's arms as her eyes widened. He turned his hair pink and grinned as the soft down of hair on his daughters head flashed the same vibrant color to match.

"Oooh!" exclaimed the grandparents in the room.

"After me?" asked a tearful Andromeda.

"We thought we would follow in the Black family tradition of a star or flower name, and we wanted to give them middle names after people we love and respect. Mum, you're holding Lynx Arthur," said Victoire watching as Teddy passed their daughter to her great grandmother Molly.

"This one's an Arthur?" asked Vic's grandfather with a grin.

"Yup, after his great grandfather and grandfather," said Teddy, looking at Bill, whose middle name was after his father. "He can morph too, but he was pretty sneaky about it. He had his eyes opened for ages and didn't morph until we had discovered his sister's abilities."

"They're absolutely beautiful," said Fleur with a satisfied smile on her face. "I always knew you two would make beautiful babies!"

"Merlin have mercy on me! She's already planning for more!" exclaimed Victoire looking a bit afraid.

"Not for a while!" protested Fleur, passing Lynx to his namesake. "But how could you not want more of these precious little treasures!"

"MOVE IT! AUNTIE HERE!" exclaimed Dominique, storming into the room, only to be overcome with excitement upon seeing the babies. "Oh Vic!"

Hours later, the room had long been cleared of the friends and family who had come to see the twins. Victoire had taken a nap while Teddy watched over his small family. The twins had slept quite a bit, but both had nursed. Teddy had moved to sit on the hospital bed next to Victoire and was content to watch her sleep as he relaxed.

"How are you feeling?" Teddy asked as he noticed Victoire stirring.

"Tired, but so happy. How about you?"

"It didn't really sink in until I had them in my arms. They're so much tinier than I expected!"

"Did you honestly expect them to come out fully grown?" laughed Victoire quietly, causing Teddy to flush red.

"For your sake I'm glad they didn't, I imagine that would have been rather painful," he retorted, causing her to squirm uncomfortably at the thought though she laughed anyways.

"Before you know it, they'll be off to Hogwarts!" she said, suddenly breaking off her laughter.

"All the more reason to treasure them like this when they're small," said Teddy with a smile, leaning in to kiss his wife. "I love you Victoire Lupin, and I thank Merlin that somehow everything sorted out and we're together now, because you make me happier than any wizard has a right to be. My heart is always and forever yours."

"I happen to love you too," laughed Victoire, post partum tears threatening behind her eyes as she kissed her one love and husband, her best friend since childhood, and the father of her children. The two, were enjoying a quiet moment together, simply holding one another and relishing in the joy the day had brought when a cry broke out. Teddy sighed and looked at Victoire as if asking what to do.

"Weren't you saying something about treasuring them?" she answered with a smirk. After all, she was still confined to her bed. "Go see what she wants."

"I… What if she need changed?" he said with wide eyes.

"Then I'll forever treasure the memory of you changing your first nappy," she laughed.

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