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Chapter 1

All is Trash

It was all over quickly. The shinigami invaded Hueco Mundo and they managed to defeat all of us. Gin revealed that he had actually been on the shinigami's side the whole time and he went away with his strawberry blonde-haired friend. Tosen was taken by them and kept under lock and key. The only one who forgave him was the fox captain and he told Tosen this shortly before Tosen was executed. Aizen-sama was defeated by the substitute shinigami and he was executed too.

The Quincy killed all of the espada so our souls weren't purified. When it came to my turn, I asked them a favor. I asked if I could be purified to start my life anew, knowing that I would not remember anything. This caused a big fuss but eventually they agreed and the last thing I remember from my life as Ulquiorra Schiffer, Cuarta Espada, was a sword swinging towards me.

I woke up on a sea of green grass my black hair waving slightly in the wind. The clearing was ringed with trees and there was no sign of any humans. I got up and looked around, wondering where I was. A flock of birds flew past me and I smiled for what seemed like the first time in a long while. It's so peaceful, I thought. Suddenly I heard a noise and I looked across the grass to see a horde of men with long swords running towards me. Their eyes glinted maliciously and their hands were stained with blood. They roared as they saw me, swinging their swords

My eyes widened as they got closer and closer. I looked around for something to defend myself with but there was nothing. Abandoning my search I flung out my right hand and a black energy formed at the tips of my fingers. The men suddenly stopped, now wary as the black energy got larger and larger. I looked at them with my green eyes, showing no mercy. "You're trash." I said as the cero left my fingertips and obliterated the men.

I walked away from the smoking remnants, as the last remnants of the black energy disappeared. Then I stopped as I heard more people running towards the clearing. One of the women had a bow. She loaded an arrow at me and shot, but before the arrow could hit its mark I disappeared with a small sound. I reappeared next to her another ball of energy forming in my hand. "Know this, never cross Ulquiorra Schiffer." I said as I appeared a couple of metres away from the massive explosion.

I reached up, fingered the left side of my head and felt my hollow mask fragment there. I sighed and put out my hand, a sword appearing in it. As I walked away from the flaming grass, I whispered softly to myself. "Lookout shinigami, Ulquiorra Schiffer is back."

Ichigo sighed as he looked at the stack of paperwork on his desk. He still wasn't used to the amount of paperwork a Captain had to fill out. "Orihime!" He called and his vice-captain came into the room.

"Ichigo!!! Did you change your mind about trying some of my latest recipe?" She asked, smiling at him.

Ichigo inwardly groaned. "No. I need a break from all this paperwork; I'm going to go talk to Rukia." He noticed that Orihime was quite pleased with this.

"Okay, I'll go spend some time with Uryu." She waltzed out of the room. Orihime had quickly gotten over Ichigo soon after the winter war and now enjoyed spending time with Uryu but it was unclear if she had feelings for him. Ichigo on the other hand had realised his feelings for Rukia and they ended up telling each other what they felt.

Ichigo smiled, he had been doing that a lot more these days, as he thought of his first date with Rukia. They had both kept it a secret from Byakuya but Renji had been forced to tell after Byakuya released his Bankai on him. Byakuya had interrupted the date with a charade of what looked like pink petals and Ichigo had run off, screaming.

Now, with Ichigo being Captain of the fifth division, and Rukia being Captain of the ninth, Byakuya had been forced to realize that he couldn't stop Rukia and Ichigo being together. As Ichigo went out the door, he was pleasantly surprised to find Rukia standing there, waiting for him. He gave her a passionate kiss but was interrupted by Hichigo running towards them.

"KING!!!!!." Hichigo screamed as he was chased by none other than the captain of the eleventh division.

Shortly after the winter war, Hichigo and Ichigo had become close friends, much to the disgust of most of the shinigami. Hichigo had revealed that he was actually a sensitive person, which surprised everyone including Zangetsu (For some reason). Ichigo had more recently found out that Hichigo could actually be materialized in the soul society and so Hichigo was allowed a gigai to go to the real world in after much discussion.

When Kenpachi had found out, he was ecstatic, realizing if he couldn't fight Ichigo he could fight Hichigo instead. At first Hichigo had enjoyed these fights but soon became sick of them and decided to run away every time he saw Kenpachi. So this led to the current situation of Hichigo running away from Kenpachi again.

Luckily, Hichigo was saved by a hell butterfly announcing to the group that a captains meeting had been called. Hichigo sighed with relief and set off with the others to the first division. When they got there, they stood in there respective places in the hall.

The first division captain, also the head Captain was now Toshiro Hitsugaya, his vice-captain; Momo Hinamori . In the second division, Yoruichi was now Captain with Soi Fon as her vice-captain (She refused to be moved to another division). The third division captain was Gin Ichimaru, as he had taken up the position again after returning to the soul society. Izuru had stayed with him in the third division.

The fourth division was still the same but the fifth division had Ichigo as the captain an Orihime as his vice-captain. The sixth, seventh and eighth were the same with Rukia as captain of the Ninth. Rangiku was now captain of the tenth with Hichigo as her vice-captain. The eleventh and twelfth were the same as Urahara hadn't wanted to be a captain again.

Jushiro was still captain of the thirteenth division and Neliel was his vice-captain. When the winter war had finished, Nel joined the soul society and was allowed into the ranks of the shinigami, even though she was technically still an arrancar.

Toshiro cleared his throat and the shinigami stopped talking. "In the Rukongai there has been a strange incident. A group of bandits were burning the villages and killing everyone they came across. They were unchallenged until yesterday. At a clearing between two villages the remnants of these bandits were found. No one knows who did it but we know that it was done by a cero."

Chaos ensued. During the winter war, the shinigami had killed off every arrancar that they had found. As far as they knew the only arrancar left was Nel but none of the captains believed she would killed them, except Mayuri.

"It was Neliel, she is the only arrancar left." The scientist shouted over everyone else.

"Excuse me," Orihime said nervously, "but there is another arrancar that was not killed by a Quincy."

Toshiro frowned. "And who might that be?"

But before Orihime answered, Ichigo's eyes widened. "Ulquiorra Schiffer." He said.

Ulquiorra's POV

I walked silently through the streets of one of the districts of Rukongai. After the incident with the bandits, I had realised that I was in the Soul society, I still remembered who he was and I still had my hollow powers.

I stopped as I sensed a hollow reiatsu and turned around. Rampaging through the streets of the Rukongai was a low-class Menos Grande. I shrugged because it wasn't worth fighting, turned around and continued walking. Suddenly there was a high-pitched scream. A young lady was struggling as the Menos Grande picked her up.

I frowned, not knowing what he should do. I made a quick decision,unsheathed his sword and sonidoed through the air.I delivered a quick cut to the Menos and finished it off easily. "Die trash" I said as the Menos disintegrated and then I quickly appeared beneath the falling woman.

As I delivered her safely to the ground, I said to her. "Think yourself luck, human. It's not everyday I save trash."

But the young lady just stared at him out of her brown eyes. "Harry?" She asked quietly.

Omake- When Zangetsu finds out that Hichigo is caring

Hichigo smiled as he stretched out on the white building. It was sunny in Ichigo's inner world for the first time in months and even Zangetsu was enjoying it. The sky was bright blue and there were no clouds in sight. Hichigo closed his eyes and rested. Then he felt a small obect land on his nose and he opened his eyes.

There, perched elegantly on his white nose was a orange and black butterfly. Hichigo frowned and Zangetsu waited for the Hollow to crush it but nothing happened. Instead Hichigo stood up, careful not to upset the butterfly and smiled warmly. He giggled happily as the butterfly stretched its wings and flew to his outstretched arm. Hichigo then spent the rest of the day playing with the butterfly while Zangtetsu crouched on his pole, too shocked to move.

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