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Chapter 9

The End of Ulquiorra Schiffer, former Espada

Ulquiorra's POV

Ron fell to the ground, grumbling angrily. He shot to his feet, massaging his neck. "Who are you? How did you get here so fast? Who was that guy with the sword? How do you know Dumbledore? And how the hell do you know my name?" He demanded to know, speaking extremely quickly.

Of all the people who I knew, he was the only one who didn't recognize me. I smiled slightly and leaned closer. "Ronald Bilius Weasley." I whispered in his ear. "In our first year at Hogwarts, you sacrificed yourself in a game of chess. In our second year, you crashed your father's car." I started to circle around him. "In our third year, you found out that your rat was an animagus. In our fourth year you had a crush on Fluer Delacour. And in our fifth year.." I stopped in front of him. "you were unconscious as I ran into the veil."

Ron's eyes widened. "Our first year?" Then he took in everything I had said. "Wait.." He said, looking at me properly for the first time. "Harry, is that you?"

I smiled. "Yes it is and I think that answers most of your questions. As for the rest of them, the guy with the sword was Sosuke Aizen. We don't get along very well and as for the other question.. " I sonidoed around Ron. "Lets just leave it at I'm still dead, but I'm not exactly human anymore."

Ron's mouth dropped open. "Well I figured you were a ghost or something but no ghost I've seen has ever looked like you." He said, pointing to my hollow mask, hole and my sword.

I frowned, wondering best how to tell him. "Well... when someone dies, they become a soul, like a ghost. If they are left to long in this world they become hollows, evil souls that eat other souls and hurt humans. The job of eradicating hollows and sending pure souls to what you call heaven is the job of shinigami. Shinigami have certain powers which helps them when they fight hollows. Some hollows can gain powers similar to these through certain means and become more human like. I am one of those hollows."

Ron didn't say anything for a moment as he tried to process all that I had told him. "So..." He said. "That means that you're evil?" He questioned.

I shook my head. "No, I am different to other hollows...." I trailed off.

Ron shook his head. "It doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're back." He grinned. "Well, lets go tell the others." He grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the group of people. As I got closer I realised that I knew them all. Standing there was McGonagall, Fred, George, Ginny and Neville.

I smiled and started to say something when I heard something from behind me. Turning around, I saw four people stride out of a senkaimon and two people coming out of a garganta.

I recognized all of them instantly. Yoruichi, Sirius, Nel, Hichigo, Ichigo and Grimmjow. As I saw Grimmjow, my eyes widened, taking in his hollow hole, zanpakutou and mask fragment. He grinned when he saw my shocked expression.

"Hey Ulqui! We just thought you might need some help but.." He looked around. "It seems as if Aizen is already gone." He said, slightly disappointed that he couldn't fight.

My eyebrows shot up at my new nickname. Ulqui? I thought, well two can play at this game. "I see that you're a hollow again, Grimmy." I snickered softly when Grimmjow angrily tried to unsheathe his word, only to be stopped by Ichigo. "Anyway, we have more important matters to attend to." I said.

Nel took one look at my serious expression and asked what was wrong. "Before Aizen left, he said that he had taken Orihime." I told her.

Nel gasped, as did the all of the shinigami present, even Grimmjow was shocked. "Well what are you waiting for?" He said. "Let's go save her and kill that bastard."

I shook my head. "No. I don't want anyone else getting involved. I'm going to fight alone."

"What? Are you crazy?" Ichigo shouted. "You'll get killed!"

I nodded. "Probably but-"

Ron suddenly stepped forward from behind me. "Who are these guys?" He asked me.

I sighed. "Well, the ones wearing the black are shinigami's. The one on the end is like me and I'm pretty sure you know the other one."

Ron frowned and squinted. "Sirius?" He asked in surprise. "What-"

Ichigo interrupted him. "Ulquiorra, you can't go by yourself. At least let one of us come."

"No. I have to do it alone and I don't care if I die." I said.

Grimmjow opened his mouth to say something but Ichigo stopped him. "No, Grimmjow. If he wants it like this then we have to let him. We have to go warn the rest of soul society." Ichigo unsheathed his sword and stuck it in the air. "Release!" He shouted and a senkaimon appeared. It opened, flooding the hall with its light. Ichigo stepped through, accompanied by a hell butterfly.

Yoruichi turned to me and said. "Good luck." Before going through the senkaimon, taking Sirius with her and Hichigo followed them.

"I wish I could convince you not to do this, Ulquiorra but I know you're not going to listen to me." Nel said with a small smile. "Just be careful." She went through the senkaimon, disappearing through the light. As she went through, the senkaimon closed.

Grimmjow sighed and ran a hand through his blue hair. "Well, I better lay low for a while. But Ulquiorra, please don't die." He stepped through a garganta that he had opened while he was talking.

Sighing, I turned back to face the wizards. "I'm sorry but I must go to, the life of my friend is at stake." I searched for Aizen's reiatsu and opened a garganta.

When I was gone, Ron turned to the others and said. "Was it just me or did none of that make any sense?"

I was in a small town, standing on one of the many streets. The sun was high in the sky, shining down on me. Birds twittered in the sky, not aware of the battle that was about to take place. Turning around, I saw Aizen standing there with a cocky grin on his face.

"Aizen" I said angrily. "Let's finish this." I unsheathed my sword and shouted. "Bind Murcielago!" But nothing happened. Confused, I shouted the phrase again but still nothing happened. Slowly I looked up at Aizen.

"Oh, just for caution I already released my Bankai. It is more than just hypnotism; it can influence actual events and stop them from happening. This means that none of your attacks will affect me; even releasing you resurreccion will not work because I already know everything that you can do. Only something that I don't know of can affect me now." Aizen explained to me.

My eyes widened and I sonidoed away from him. This is bad, I thought, nothing I do will affect him. I sonidoed through the town, trying to find a place to hide and figure out what to do next. Then I heard it, Aizen's footsteps. The footsteps became closer and closer. I looked around frantically for somewhere to hide but there was no where and so I continued running. I turned a corner and found myself in a dead end.

The footsteps stopped and I turned around to see Aizen standing there. He held his sword in one hand and a flower shaped hairpin in the other. My eyes widened as I recognized the hairpin and saw that it was stained with blood.


Aizen grinned evilly as he saw my shocked face. "Yes. I found her and killed her. No one escapes from me." He crushed the hairpin and let the remains fall to the ground. The world seemed to slow down as I heard a thumping sound. I looked down and saw that my hollow hole was gone. I looked up at Aizen in shock.


He nodded. "Yes, before she died she gave you a gift. She gave you her heart." He disappeared and suddenly a sword pierced through my chest. "Too bad her gift was wasted." I fell to the ground not even bothering to try and fight him. All that I'd had was gone. She was dead and because of that I didn't have the will to live .The world started to fade into darkness as my life slipped away.


In the distance I could hear voices calling to me. They were telling me not to give up but I didn't listen to them. Suddenly all was quiet and I opened my eyes to find myself in a world of black. But I was not alone. Standing there was a whole number of people that I had never met. But some of them I recognized. Hermione was there, standing next to Sirius and Ron.

They were all smiling at me and a woman stepped forward towards me. She had green eyes like mine. "Don't give up; we're all here for you." She smiled at me.

Then Hermione spoke up. "We are always here for you, Harry, no matter what happened." She looked behind me and I turned around.

Standing there was Orihime. Her hair flowed free of the hairpins which she held in her hands. She smiled sadly as I rushed towards her. "I'm sorry for everything Ulquiorra, but this was how it was meant to be."

I felt something trickle down my face. "But why?"

She looked at me. "Because you are destined to save the world." She placed the hairpins in one of my hands. "Goodbye, Ulquiorra." She said softly and I found myself back in the human world, lying on the ground.

"I'm sorry that I had to kill you, but you lost sight of your true purpose." Aizen said and started to walk away.

My eyes flung open and my wounds seemed to disappear. I felt something hard in my right and two small objects in my left. I slowly struggled to my feet as Aizen turned around to face me.

"I never lost sight of my true purpose, Aizen." I said through gritted teeth. "My true purpose is to save the world." I lifted my right hand and pointed the object at Aizen who laughed at me.

"A stick? Is this a joke?" He laughed harder.

But I just stood there. "Aizen, in my past life I wasn't just anyone. I was a wizard. And not even a god can protect himself against magic." Aizen's eyes widened as I smiled. "Stupefy!" I shouted and the spell shot out from the wand, hitting Aizen who collapsed. I walked over to him as he struggled against the spell. "And I wasn't just any wizard, I was Harry Potter, the boy who lived."

Picking my katana off the ground, I sheathed it. "I won't kill you Aizen but the shinigami can do whatever they want with you. Just tell me where Orihime's body is."

Aizen didn't answer and so I grabbed his neck. "Tell me!" I growled.

"In my throne room in Hueco Mundo. But she's already dead and you can't do anything about it." He laughed and I threw him to the floor.

I held out my hand and opened a garganta. Stepping through it, I found myself in Aizen's throne room and in the center was Orihime. I raced over to her, kneeling down. Her orange hair was dotted with blood and she had multiple sword wounds through her body.

I held out my hands and shouted the first thing that came into my head. "Soten Kisshun. I reject!"

A yellow shield formed over Orihime's body and slowly the wounds on her body started to disappear. I sighed with relied. My idea had worked. Soon, Orihime looked like she always did, with one exception. She wasn't breathing. The fairy-like creatures returned to the hairclip and I checked Orihime's heartbeat. Nothing.

I gently shook her, as if she would suddenly wake up but nothing happened. A tear crept down my face and I hugged her lifeless body close to me. "If only.." I sobbed. "If only you hadn't given me your heart." I sobbed, softly.

Then an idea occurred to me and I placed a hand over my new heart. I could feel it beating, pulsing with life. I placed my other hand on Orihime's chest. "Please work.." I whispered softly.

"Soten Kisshun. I reject." I said once more and the shield formed around Orihime's body. Making sure my hands didn't move, I leant down and kissed Orihime lightly on the lips. "I'm sorry Orihime but if this is the only way." I breathed in deeply, preparing myself. "Orihime, I give you my heart." I whispered, tears creeping down my face.

For a moment nothing happened and then the shield spread over my body as well. Pain suddenly racked through me and I struggled not to move my hands. The pain in mty body came from my chest, where my heart was. I looked down and watched in wonder as my hollow hole re-formed. Beneath my hand I could feel my heartbeat growing softer. Then the pain became too great and I screamed, collapsing to the floor.

When I came to, the first thing I saw was Orihime, looking worriedly down at me. "Ulquiorra!" She said in relief as I opened my eyes.

I sat up. "What happened?" I asked.

Orihime smiled, tears filling her eyes. "You saved me Ulquiorra. You gave up your heart to save me." She hugged me. "Why did you do it though?"

I hugged her back, "Orihme..." I whispered. ".. I love you." My lips brushed hers and we kissed. Pure joy filled me and I realised that what Yoruichi had told me was true. Although I still had the appearance of a hollow, I had my own heart.

After awhile we broke the kiss and Orihime stared at me with wide eyes. I suddenly grew afraid of what she would say but I needn't have worried. Orihime smiled and she kissed me again. "I love you too, Ulquiorra."

Then I stood up, holding out a hand for her. She grabbed my hand and leapt to her feet, brushing down her shihakusho. I opened a garganta ands we were about to step through when I remembered what I was holding. I held out my hand to her revealing her hairpins. "Here." I said. "You need these more than I do."

Orihime took them and pinned back her hair. We then stepped through the garganta and into the soul society. As we walked I linked hands with her and she nuzzled my shoulder. "Don't worry, Ulquiorra. I won't let them take you away from me." She said confidently and we walked forward, hollow and human.

"I have called this captains meeting to determine what will happen to the two arrancar." Toshiro announced, silencing the whispers around the meeting hall. The captains were lined up on either side of the hall. Grimmjow and I stood in the middle, everyone's eyes on us.

"I have given this much thought and..." Toshiro turned to me and, much to the astonishment of everyone present, bowed. "We are extremely grateful to you, Ulquiorra Schiffer. You captured Aizen for us and so we are forever in your debt. If there is any favor you need."

I shifted slightly. "Well, there is one thing."

"What is it?"

"I was wondering if Grimmjow and I would be allowed to stay in the soul society, like Nel."

Toshiro smiled. "I was hoping you would ask that." He held out one hand and an unseated shinigami ran over, placing something in his hand. "I have already spoken with the captains about this and they all agreed it was a good idea." He held out what he had in his hand. It was a white captain's haori. It had the symbol of the ninth division on it. "Rukia Kuchiki has resigned her position as captain of the ninth division, instead going to teach at the shinigami academy. Welcome to the ranks of the Shinigami, Ulquiorra Schiffer, new captain of the ninth division."

In wonderment, I stepped forward, unable to believe that I would be a captain. I took the haori and put it on proudly. Then I stepped back next to Grimmjow, unable to stop the wide smile that spread across my face.

Grimmjow fidgeted next to me, slightly annoyed that he was being ignored. Toshiro now turned to him. "Don't worry Grimmjow. I have something for you also." Orihime stepped forward and took off the vice-captains badge she had on her arm. She handed it to Toshiro who in turn handed it to Grimmjow. "Orihime has decided to also become a teacher in the shinigami academy, leaving the position of vice-captain of the fifth division open. Even though you didn't prove yourself to us, your new captain nominated you for the position and we decided to give you a shot at it."

Grimmjow grinned and turned to see who his captain was. His mouth dropped open when he saw Ichigo standing there with a big grin on his face. "You nominated me?" Grimmjow said, shocked.

Ichigo nodded. "I couldn't think of anyone better."

Toshiro smiled at the arrancar's shocked look and then addressed everyone gathered. "This Captains meeting is now over."

The captains then came over to congratulate both of the hollows though Mayuri did not look very happy. They introduced themselves, one by one and I found that most of them were very nice. After the captains started to leave, Ichigo came over. "Don't look so shocked, Grimmjow." He laughed.

"But..but why?" ?Grimmjow stuttered, still not believing what had happened.

"Because I know how much you've changed and this gives you the opportunity to show everyone else." Ichigo smiled. "Also, you now have to obey me because I'm your captain." Ichigo laughed again and then left.

Grimmjow looked as if he was going to faint. Then something else occurred to him and he turned to me. "Hey Ulquiorra!" He said.

I looked up and came over to him. 'What?" I asked.

"You know.." Grimmjow said. "You always end up ranked higher than me, even now." Grimmjow smiled and I realised with relief that it didn't bother him.

I returned the smile. "Do you know what happened to Aizen?" I asked.

Grimmjow nodded. "I overheard a couple of the shinigami talking. Aizen was executed yesterday." He then smiled. "It's finally over. We're free."

They both walked out of the hall, towards the setting sun. My life as Ulquiorra Schiffer, former espada was officially over and my new life as Ulquiorra Schiffer, aka. Harry Potter, the captain of the ninth division had just begun.

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