Akastuki Short #1:

Deidara: Hey Itachi!

Itachi: What is it ?

Deidara: I have fan girls now!

Itachi: Sasori does not count as a-

Deidara: Look they even have a website! *holds up laptop for Itachi to see*

Itachi: ........ I'M BLIND!!! *screams and runs out*

Deidara: what's the--? *looks at the site* 0.o OMFG! *passes out*

*site had pics of deidei with other Akatsuki members*

Aqua-Lee: Poor Deidei, he hasn't been the same since, and now you know the truth behind Itachi's loss of eyesight ;D

Akastuki Short Take #2!!!!

Itachi: *pours cereal in a bowl*

Kisame: Don't hog it all!

Itachi: Shut up ! Its guppy flavored any how!

Kisame: T.T" I'm a Shark not a fish!

Itachi: Whoops too late! =D *finishes cereal and walks out*

Kisame: *has a look of horror on his face* *grabs box* Don't worry my friends I shall avenge you! *thinks* 'Fish are Friends, not food'

Akatsuki Short Take 3.... If You Dare o.-

*all Akatsuki are sitting in a circle playing truth or dare*

Pain: Ok, Zetzu truth or dare?

Zetzu: .....Dare.....no truth! no, no dare!

Pain: Dare it is! Ok I dare you to . . . .Not eat a human for the next 30 days!

Zetzu: 0.o.......

Pain: *smirks*

~A week later~

Pain: Itachi, I've lost the whereabouts of the Nine-Tailed Fox brat! Where is he?

Itachi: *points at Zetzu*

Zetzu: What! *shrugs* He was only half human . *walks out picking teeth with a toothpick*

Akatsuki Short Take-- OOOH! LOOK A BANANA! (#4)

Kisame: *looks into the bathroom mirror* *puts hair gel in hair* *walks out of bathroom*

Itachi: Dude you smell like mints?

Kisame: ......Thank....you?

Itachi: No, you seriously- you know what, never mind... *walks in bathroom and shuts door*

Kisame: O...kay..... *sits down at kitchen table* *drinks milk*

Konan: You smell like mint?

Kisame: Itachi said the same exact thing!

Konan: *shrugs and walks out*

Tobi: *runs in room* TOBI IS A HUNGRY BOY!!!

Kisame: Hi Tobi

Tobi: Why does Kisame have toothpaste in his hair?

Kisame: O.o Wtf?!

Aqua-Lee: From that day on, Kisame learned to read the labels! =D

dun dun dun Akatski NUMBA 5!!!!

Kisame: MOVIE NIGHT!!!!!!!

Deidara: I get to pick the movie this time yeah!

Kisame: b-but I wanna pick it!!!

Deidara: No!!

Sasori: . I'm picking it! . *walks over and puts in a random movie*

Deidara: T.T"""


Sasori: What!? I'm sick of watching "Jaws" and "Legally Blonde"!!!

Kisame & Deidara: WELL, WE DON'T WANT TO WATCH PINOCCHIO!!! *both leave*

Sasori: Heh! *switches movie to batman* I got the whole place to myself.

Akatsuki Short #6 - Now in Color! =D


Kakuzu: Shut up, I have to stop by the collection office, this guys head is worth $6 mil.

Hidan: *mutters* I swear to Jashin I will kill you one of these days

Kakuzu: Please we're both immortal, like thats ever going to happen...

Hidan: Jashin will curse you one of these days......

Kakuzu: Mhm sure *rolls eyes*

Hidan: *mutters to self*

Kakuzu: *walks off side of cliff and lands in a pile of Ino clones*

Hidan: I F***ING TOLD YOU!! XD *walks away*