"The Fullmetal Titan"

By cdc100

Summary: Edward Elric is a new resident at Jump City. When the city is endangered, the Teen Titans must turn to the Fullmetal Alchemist for help.

Disclaimer: This is a work of pure non-profit fan fiction. I do not own any of the characters, their weapons, their abilities, or any of their universes, nor do I own any of the lyrics that will appear in later chapters, or any of the products mentioned in the story such as Coca-Cola, or Playstation.

Chapter One

"A Suspicious Character"

It was an uneventful day at the Tower. Robin was at a laptop, most likely looking up crime reports. Starfire was in the kitchen, making that strange type of pancakes that she liked so much. Raven was sitting on the sofa, reading a book. Beast Boy and Cyborg were playing a video game on the big screen. It had been a crime-free week, and the Titans had nothing better to do.

On his laptop, Robin had finished looking at his crime reports, and was now looking at a surveillance log he had been keeping of a person. This person was a new employee at Wayne Enterprises, the company that his guardian owned. Even though Robin didn't keep close ties with his guardian, he seemed to take particular interest in this new employee of his. This employee seemed to be conducting not necessarily evil, but strange experiments in the laboratory of Wayne Enterprises' Jump City branch. That was the whole goal of the log that Robin kept of this kid: to find out if these experiments were dangerous. This kid seemed to be no more than fifteen or sixteen, had long blond hair, braided back into a ponytail, long bangs, and golden eyes. The kid's name was Edward Elric.

"Hey, Robin," said Cyborg, as he and Beast Boy finished with their video game, "what are you doing over there?"

"Just looking at something," responded the boy wonder. He clicked the minimize button on the window of the program.

"Like what?" asked Beast Boy. "It can't be more fun than playing video games on the big screen."

"Do you really want to know?" asked Robin, tapping his thumb on the keyboard.

The two of them nodded their heads.

"I'm looking at a surveillance log."

Starfire turned her head away from the concoction she was making, and looked at her three friends huddled by the computer.

"Robin, of whom are you doing the surveillance?"

Raven shut her book.

"Yeah, I mean, haven't you ever heard of privacy?"

"I'll remember that you asked that, the next minute you enter someone else's mind," answered Robin.

Raven scowled.

"I just hacked into the security cameras at Wayne Enterprises."

"Isn't that against the law?" asked Beast Boy.

"Alright, look. The person I'm probing, there's something odd about him."

The other Titans quirked their eyebrows.

"Every day, he's in the laboratory doing some kind of weird experiment. For all we know, he could be building a nuclear weapon."

Beast Boy took the mouse from Robin and clicked on the profile. He brought up the boy's picture.

"Are you serious, Robin? This kid can't be much older than you are."

Robin let out a low growl before pulling up surveillance footage he had taken of the laboratory.

"Look at this, and you'll see what I mean."

The group gathered around the screen and looked at the actions of the boy in question.

The boy picked up a box of powder from the supply room, and brought it into a separate containment room in the laboratory with a window. He then went back into the supply room, and grabbed a few blocks of wood, and a few vials of a blood-red liquid. He brought them into the containment room with him and closed the door. Within seconds, the Titans could see what looked like crackling electricity through the window. The boy opened the door, and light gray smoke exited the room. It was impossible to determine whether what he was attempting was a success or a failure, because his expression remained unchanged.

Robin chose that moment to stop the recording.

"Does that not seem just a little suspicious? Just a little?" he asked.

Cyborg scratched rubbed the flesh part of his head with a finger.

"Well, now that we've seen what he's doing…"

Raven piped up.

"He doesn't really seem like he's trying to do something bad. In fact, he doesn't seem to harbor any bad intentions at all. He just seems… kind of… sad…"

"You can sense his emotions, Rae?" asked Cyborg.

"No. I can just read his body language."

Robin stood from where he was sitting.

"Sad or not, we need to find out what's going on. We don't know what he might be messing with."

"I think you might be overreacting, Robin," said Cyborg. "Would he try to make something dangerous if he knew there were security cameras keeping watch?"

Robin took a few seconds to process Cyborg's analysis. Before he could come up with a response, Raven gave input.

"Okay. If you're that concerned about it, why don't we just watch him for a bit? Maybe we could tail him through town, or maybe one of us could come up and talk to him in disguise."

Robin nodded.

"Both very good ideas."

"When?" asked Beast Boy.

"The sooner we act, the better," responded Robin.

(Page Break)

The Titans convened in the living room one day after tracing the route that Elric went every day.

"Okay," began Robin, "He starts out… here, around seven, seven-thirty."

He pointed at an apartment complex indicated on a digital touch screen map.

"He then usually takes a cab, or walks down to this coffee shop."

Robin dragged his finger to a Starbucks halfway between the apartment complex and Wayne Enterprises.

"He usually stays there for about an hour or so. After that, he takes another cab to Wayne Enterprises."

Robin continued to drag his finger across the map to the building marked with a giant W, and drew a circle around it with his finger.

"He works there until five o' clock sharp, and then checks out and heads toward the pizza diner where we typically eat."

Robin drew another circle around the same pizzeria that the Titans frequented.

"He'll usually eat there until sunset or just after, and then head home."

Beast Boy raised his hand, and without acknowledgement, spoke.

"Quick question: Did we really need to map out ALL of his activities?"

Robin's eye twitched.

"The more places we know he visits, the easier it will be for us to locate and follow him. Here's the plan: When he leaves, Cyborg will plant a camera in his apartment. Starfire will follow him from his apartment complex to the café, where Raven will come up and talk to him. After that, I'll follow him to Wayne Enterprises, and watch him with the cameras. Beast Boy will follow him to the pizzeria where Starfire will be hiding, and she will come up to talk to him as well. After that, Cyborg will follow him back to his apartment complex."

Raven let out a sigh.

"Robin, we agreed we'd watch him, but I don't think that planting the camera is necessary."

"Raven's right. We can't be like Big Brother on him, can we?" asked Beast Boy.

Robin was getting tired of reiterating his point, and the rest of his team knew it. However, he remained completely calm.

"I wish there were some other way to insure that he isn't some homicidal maniac, but there isn't."

Seeing that this didn't satisfy his teammates, he made another suggestion.

"Look, when we're done watching him, we'll take the cameras right down, okay?"

The others nodded.

To Be Continued…