I hurried out of the rain onto the porch of an old rickety house as I desperately tried to warm my stone cold hands. I had only been out here for two days and I was almost ready to give up I felt pathetic. Even so I would not go back home no, anywhere but home. I sat down setting my bag to the side and clutching my knees closer in a seek for warmth. Cold. I was so cold it was unbearable and bitter. As I tried to avoid thinking about it I glanced around the porch noticing the door. It wouldn't be unlocked...would it? I stood up slowly approaching the door with one arm outstretched. 'click' Your...kidding? Nope the house was empty...abandon, up for grabs and who was I to say no? I stepped in making sure to shut the door behind me. As I did the overwhelming warmth surrounded my body welcoming me to my knew home. I couldn't see anything in the pitch black but didn't want to take the risk of letting any cold air in. I felt around with my feet until I found a soft surface in a corner, what I believed to be a pillow. As I sat thoughts flooded my mind. How will I find food? Where will I get money? What will I sleep on? What will I do if I starve? They were suddenly stopped by a faint whisper that snapped me back to the real world. "Is someone there?" Male, young male 14-17 I would guess. As his steps grew closer my well composed state shattered and blew away in the wind. But as I saw is face in the candlelight I felt a blush rush to my cheeks. Defiantly male more like 16 or 17 he had striking midnight blue hair and shiny sapphire eyes finely chiseled features, but the strangest was he had big blue cat ears. "who are you?" "..." I couldn't find one thing to say I tried my hardest but obviously that wasn't good enough. "what are you doing here?" "I-it was raining and I was...cold..." I managed to choke out. He glanced out the window Then back to me and around the room. What was he looking for? "fine, come with me" he waited as I stood and stumbled forward trough the dark and up the stairs behind him, as I did I noticed his cat tail swaying with each step. He lead me down a hall of some sort then into the last room to the left. It was lit dimly by an old gas lamp and the window let some of the city lights into the room, the room was smallish other than the gas lamp the only things in there was a chest and a black mattress. He flopped down onto the mattress and set the candle near the gas lamp. "so...what's your name?" I murmured as I stepped closer to him. "Ikuto" "oh..." I rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly scooching ever so slowly toward the mattress. "you?" "Amu..." He seemed so...calm as if it were all normal... "how'd you get out here in this dump?" "ran away" I let out a sigh and sat down beside him setting my bag behind me. " why?" "abusive father, bossy step mom, annoying sister, and superficial so-called-friends...you know, the usual" "sorry I asked..." he answered teasingly "yeah, well it ain't no fairytale...what about you?" "well in my case they ran away" "so what did they just leave you here?" "yeah, but I can't blame them" "why?" "no reason in particular" He said as he leaned back to lie down I would have pushed my question on him but I suppose he didn't want to tell a complete stranger, I wouldn't. "Do you mind if I stay here?" I asked as I too leaned back "..." "Ikuto?" I pulled myself and search his face for an answer. Nothing. "if you don't like me just say so" "that's not it" he snapped rather sharply. I inched closer but as I did he just turned over onto his side "it's best if you leave in the morning" he muttered before shutting his eyes. "Ikuto did...did I do something wrong?" I sat up cross legged facing him. "look I'm a bad person I'm better off alone" I gave him a concerned look "trust me I can keep a secret" "I'm not worried you'll tell I'm worried you'll hate me" He said as he turned back toward me without looking at my eyes. "try me" He glanced up at me then sighed and shifted to a cross legged position parallel to me. "I'm a murderer" I stared at him blankly with an expression that said 'WHAT???' "Are you joking or just stupid?" "I'm not! It's true!" "really?" I didn't believe one word that he said, how could a 16 – 17 year old kill anyone, let alone be a stink'n murderer? "look I've killed hundreds believe me!" I looked at him skeptically then shook my head in disapproval "Fine, fine that still doesn't explain why you want me to leave, I mean can't you just pick who you kill?" "I wish" he muttered under his breath "what is that supposed to mean?" I asked as I rose one eyebrow questioningly. "I don't pick who I kill I just kill..." "...o..kay...explain how that works" "I'm sure you been curious about my cat ears and tail since you came..." damn he's right... "well ever since I can remember I've had these and ever since I remember I've been randomly controlled by someone how loves to kill"