I heard a whispering sound coming from outside the tent. I felt my hair stand on end as the light foot steps grew closer. I swallowed and shifted position as the person grew closer and closer. Soon I could see the figures shadow against the tent walls. I shuffled my hand around the tent without taking my eyes off the shadow in a attempt to wake Ikuto, but my hands couldn't seem to find him. The figure turn away from my tent I let out a sigh and turned my head to see where Ikuto went.

"Ikuto!" I whispered harshly. No response. "Ikuto!" I whispered slightly louder and jabbed him in the ribs with my elbow. I heard him groan and immediately dove at him and covered his mouth with my hand.

"Amu?" He asked in a muffled voice.

"Shh!" I snapped back noticing the figure now had turned back toward our tent. Ikuto caught on and shut up. We waited a few more minutes then let out a sigh of relief when the figure turned the other way.

"Who's that?" Ikuto whispered.

"My guess is as good as yours" I said as I shrugged. Ikuto just nodded then started moving toward the tent door. I grabbed his shoulder and whipped him back beside me. "Are you crazy?!" I whispered. "Your gonna get us killed!" I said giving him a sharp glare.

"Look, we've got friend out there. Are we just going to sit here and watch?" I sighed nodding for him to go. He smiled giving me a peck and crawling towards the door slowing unzipping the top. He then peeked ever so slightly and gasped.

"What?" I said moving closer. No response. "Ikuto?" I asked again moving toward him. He just knelt there frozen. I pushed him gently aside and peeked through the hole myself to be blown away by a really pretty girl surrounded by little glowing spots. She had snow white hair that reached half way down her back, and had a white satin ribbon tied in it like a head band with a bow on top. Her eyes were completely white witch made her have somewhat of a frighting gaze like Ikuto's when he had black eyes. Her face was deathly pair but still had a light pink drizzled over her cheeks. She wore a white sun dress with a halter top and the dress ended halfway down her calf and the hem was made from the same white satin. She wore two satin ribbons with big bows at the back around her wrists, and another around her neck the bow slightly to the side. She also wore two short boot's with a slight heel and satin ribbons at the top with the bow facing outwards. Remember when I said Utau was really pretty? Yeah...this woman was ten time Utau's gorgeousness. The strangest part was the two gigantic but magnificent white wings that spread at either side of her. All around her were little colorful orbs floating everywhere. She then turned her head towards me and spoke in an angelic voice.

"Where may I find Jinx?"

I stumbled on words until I managed to choke out a "W-who?" You dumb ass you know very well who!

"Jinx" She repeated smiling gently at me.

"Who are you?" I asked feeling more confident this time.

"I'm Evy (Say: E then, V)"

"She's an angel" I jumped snapping my head to find Fang standing in plain sight. She strode over to me unzipping the tent door and helped me out letting Ikuto stumble out from behind me.

"Angel you say?" Ikuto asked pulling himself off the ground. Fang nodded ask a response.

"Impossible!" I jumped again looking back only to find Nagi and Kairi were awake and stepping out of their tent.

"Is everyone awake?!" I asked looking at Fang.

"Yes!" I heard a chime of voices call as people started to climb out one by one.

"It was a rhetorical question" I muttered folding up my arms.

"What's going on here Fang?" Nagi asked in a serous tone. "She can't be an angel they can't leave Heaven"

"You fool, you know nothing of the after life do you?" Fang said crossing her arms in a rather 'nagging mother' kind of a way.

"Perhaps I should tell them Fang" Jinx said cutting out to the front. "You see I've cheated on death by putting my soul into a body shell. Your life on earth should only last until you assigned body dies, then your soul gos to heaven and are assigned to assist a angel. When you cheat death an Angel is sent down to bring you up to heaven but I befriended Evy. Witches were simply humans who would cheat death with those silly soul stones you wear around your neck and steal the Angels magic. Over the years you evolved that way and became your own race. You still wear your souls like that because it's tradition. So I've got my own guardian Angel. You see those little lights around Evy? Those are her assigned souls." I glanced around to find everyone gapping except Fang, Jinx and Kalip of course.

"So what happens to angels when they loose their magic?" Kukai asked.

"They die" Jinx answered plainly

"WHAT?" Utau screeched. "Angels don't just die!" She spat stomping her feet.

"They do" Kalip assured nodding his head.

"How?!" Utau wined.

"They just do, like you and I death happens the same way." Jinx explained. " I called her down yesterday to come assist us" Everyone started to murmur to the person beside them as we loaded back into our tents to go back to sleep. I never imagined that all those silly fairy tail's were true...what next? A pixie? I just sighed and slipped back into the tent feeling Ikuto's arms wrap around me and my eye lids shut.

"Good, night" I whispered to Ikuto before I was consumed by darkness.


We headed off as soon as we were all awake. We didn't travel as long as I thought we only walked for about an hour, then Fang lead us up into a tree. She pointed forward where there were many crop fields with a bunch of vampire farmers scattered across it, then pointed toward a man in a blood red suit wandering around in the field.

"That's an officer if theres only a few there not a problem because they'll just run away but it's best if they don't see us. They might alert the science lab where your special metal is all located. That will only make sneaking in harder." Fang said. I didn't remember talking about what type of material we needed I guess I was just not as important.

"What metal is it?" Ikuto asked suddenly. I guess they didn't tell him either.

"Arla it's the only magic type of metal. The vampires use them in there experiment's because it's the only way that can use magic."

"Where do you get it from?" I asked.

"It's usually under ground. It comes from Angels dead body's and shit."

"Pleasant..." I muttered sarcastically.

"How will we get past the crop field with out anyone seeing us?" Evy asked

"Watch a learn" Utau said jumping from the tree she landed in the air as if there was something there to stand on. Then, she spread her arms straight on either side of her closing her eyes. Suddenly great white wings appeared behind her and feathers began to fall. She then started singing in a voice that certainly wasn't her own and it was in a different language. One by one each farmer began to fall asleep. Utau leapt from her spot and gestured for us to follow.

We were soon at the great gate that surrounded the capital and the castle, when we heard a high pitch screech of terror.