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Oh, what a day, Isabella Swan thought. Her best friend Alice Cullen slid into the back seat of the cruiser that her father drove when he picked them up from school. Bella couldn't drive yet, she couldn't wait until she got her own car so that she could drive to school, and not be humiliated. The toils of being a freshman.

"I bet I could set you up with Bella Swan," Bella turned her head to find the source of the voice. Oh, course, Edward. Edward Cullen lived across the alley from her, since the beginning of school. How Alice and her had become friends when her brother hated her was beyond Bella.

"Just because she is your sisters best friend, and because you live across the alley from her, doesn't mean I want to date her, she rides in a police cruiser, plus she is fat," Edwards best friend Emmett McCarthy said. Alice put a reassuring hand on Bella's shoulder.

"It's almost summer. Don't worry," Alice said in her ear. The drive to the house was uncomfortable silence. Once they reach home, Bella hopped out of the car, and went inside, Alice trudged along behind her.

Bella tossed her book bag on her bed, and set down at her computer and opened her e-mail.

"I can't believe that my brother would do that. Edward is such a dick at times, and I probably take after him."

"Alice, you are no way like your brother, your not even like your older sister, Rosalie."

Rosalie was a junior this year, while Alice and Edward where freshman. Alice and Edward where also twins, even though they acted nothing alike.

"Thank you, what is your dad doing outside?"

" My dad always puts a pool up about five weeks before summer vacation. I never understood why, but I do go out there and swim, and tan."

"Any good e-mails?" There was one from Bella's mother.


Would you please come to Florida and see me for summer holidays, I will buy the plane tickets. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Sorry, I just really want to see you. Maybe you could even stay with me for the school year. Phil and I would love that. Oh and Phil got signed. Lots of Love, Mom.

"My mother wants me to come and live with her over the summer, and possible stay there for the school year." Bella said.

"What are you going to do?"

"I think it might be a good thing, for me to move to Florida. I mean, I really only have you as a friend, and this year was hard. Your brother really harassed me."

"My brother is a rude, arrogant pig." Alice laughed. Bella joined in.

"Still," Bella said through laughs, "moving might be a good idea."

"You better tell Charlie, before he kills himself trying to set the pool up. On second thought, let him set it up, I might want to use it over the summer."

"Okay." Bella looked out the window. "Hey, he has water in it, do you want to run and get your suit, and get in. The water might be a little cold, but I won't be using it much this year." Alice nodded, and darted out of the room.

As Bella looked out her window, she saw things that she would miss this summer. Edward, Emmett, and Bella's older brother Jasper where working on Edward's Chevrolet Corvette C4 in the Cullens garage. It was currently stripped of it's paint, and the boys looked like they where working on the engine. Putting on her suit, she thought about Edward, the boy she had first fallen for when he had sent mud flying at her last summer.

Edward was cute, really cute. His bronze hair was one of a kind. His green eyes where like emeralds. He was gangly, but Bella knew that with working out, he would be built. He would never go after a ordinary nerdy girl. He would find a nice girl, and settle down long after she was gone.

"Bella, let's go. It's sunny, and I want to sunbath." Alice yelled at her window. Why did Alice have to look amazing in her two piece while I look average. Bella always wore cloths that did nothing for her figure, most of her cloths where one or two sizes to big, her swimsuit was a one piece, with a t-shirt thrown over it.

It felt good outside today, but the water was just a little on the cold side for Bella. She quickly scrambled onto her raft, and started sunbathing. Alice had another idea. Her raft was overturned in the matter of moments.

"Alice," Bella trembled. "What was that for?"

"My brother was looking over here. Oh, shit, here he comes. Along with your brother, and Emmett."

"Hey ladies, can we join?" Edward asked.

"No, please leave us alone. We wish to enjoy what time we have together before summer."

"Bells, what are you talking about?" Jasper asked.

"Mom asked me to come and live with her, for the summer. I am taking her up on the offer. I hate Forks." Alice looked heart sickened. Bella stood firm in her decision. "Now please leave us alone." Bella got back up on her raft.

The boys walked away.

"Good job Bella. Do you think your mom would let me come down over summer? Lots more shopping there than here." Both girls started laughing, and didn't stop until they had to leave for there respective homes.

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