I'm sorry that I am wrapping this story up, but reviews where not as great as I had hoped, so I wrapped this one up. I might write a sequel, but that's up in the air. Maybe or maybe not, you'll just have to wait and see. I do have an idea for it, but I'll just have to see what happens.

Six Months Later

It had been a long six months, the press had stopped at nothing until Bella and Edward had been seen in public a number of times. Shauna had arranged certain sightings, and the couple had been caught in some awkward positions, but things worked in there favor.

Bella's latest movie was doing well in the box office, and she was signed to do a new movie that could potentially put the new writer in box office history. The reason Bella was doing the movie, she got to bring her new daughter Phynix to work every day. Phynix was would be six months when the movie started filming, and she would be staring as Bella's baby.

"I love being a mother," Bella said to Edward, right after having Phynix.

"I love being a father," Edward murmured, and watched Bella feed his daughter.

Just months after the news broke about Bella and Edward, Edward had gotten a job at a piano bar, and was making good money. He would be starting med school in the fall. He hoped to someday deliver one of their children.

"Turn on E!," Shauna flounced in. Edward hit the remote, and turned it on.

"We here at E! would like to report that Bella Swan-Cullen, and husband Edward Cullen, welcomed their first child into the world last night. Phynix Isabella Swan-Cullen. It has been rumored that baby Phynix will be staring along side her mother in an upcoming movie. It must run in genes to become an actress. We will be looking for great things from Ms. Swan-Cullen. Congratulations, to both Bella and Edward."

"Did you hear that, little one," Shauna looked at Phynix, "your not even a day old, and your already famous. More famous than Bradjolina's kids any day."

The three adults laughed, and Phynix cooed. Her story was just beginning.