How To Annoy the Hell Out Of The Bouncer Characters

Sion Barzahd:

1. Call him a ninny

2. Tell him that he was desperate enough to love a robot

4. Hurt his feelings (who cares what Dr. Phil thinks!)

3. Stick a happy face over the dog on his jacket

Volt Krueger:

1. Force him to watch 'Veggie Tales'

2. Worship him as 'Satan'

3. Take him to church

4. Laugh when he gets chased out of the church

Kou Leifoh:

1. Call him a girl

2. Tattoo a picture or corn on his back

3. When he's asleep, give him a 'make-over'

4. Dye his hair pink


1. Call her a Pixie

2. Dance around her

3. Mess up her hair

Dominique Cross:

1. Tell her if she is related to KOS-MOS (they have the same voice actress)

2. Do the robot

3. Bug her that Sion fell in love with Kaldea first


1. Follow him around, humming one of Naruto's theme songs

2. Replace his mask with the mask of Michael Myers

3. When he's not looking, yell really loud "NICE BUTT!" and whistle at him, then run away before he kills you

Kaldea Orchid:

1. Constantly remind her that Sion is in love with Dominique

2. Play crappy on her piano

3. When she transforms into a panther, start singing the 'Meow Mix song'

Dauragon C. Mikado:

1. Dress up as him and call him "Father" in the creepiest voice ever

2. Tell him if he's Seifer's long lost brother

3. Point at his dragon tattoo and call it a bunny

4. Constantly point out how gay he is. Start out with the words "How gay is Dauragon? Let me count the ways…"