Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach or Harry Potter. This is a collection of one-shot conversations dealing with the relative theories that deal with my fanfic 'Muggle Ghosts' as they crop up. They are between Regulus Black and Urahara Kisuke.

Grim Reapers
~ Meeting ~

Urahara sat on the porch of his small shop as he waved his fan back and forth, staring at the street. People passed on by on the street, many turning to glare at the shop that was abnormal in the fact that it was so old fashioned. Today business was slow and the other three were handling it quite well, though Jinta was off yet again being chased down by Tessai yet again. Leave it to Ururu though to continue cleaning the place.

As he was doing this, he saw a person step from behind the fence, wearing odd garb all around him. He wore a scapula and the cowl was pulled over his… or her… as it did not reveal the age or sex of the person, and across the persons back was attached a sword. The scapula was tied off with a nice piece of rope. None of the people in the street saw that this person was there. Urahara suddenly called out, gleaning the attention or the stranger, "I thought that the Grim Reapers of the European part of Soul Society always had scythes as their weapons; hence the name Grim Reaper and not Grim Sword."

The person who had been standing there suddenly pulled the cowl back, revealing someone around the age of eighteen to nineteen years of age. A small smile came to the person's face and he walked towards the man. "Only people with spiritual power can see me old man."

"Old man?" Urahara scoffed. "Please… how am I an old man?"

"Because, if you aren't an old man, then how is it that one knows that I am a Grim Reaper? Most humans with spiritual power don't have this information on them. Obviously your older then me; I can assume that one is possibly a Shingami?" the man stated.

"Ex-Shingami… banished for trouble I caused in soul society, but that really isn't any trouble of yours, now is it?" Urahara laughed.

"Oh… I was also impolite. My name is… do you wish for the Japanese order, or the English order," the young man stated.

"My… aren't you polite. I guess my being an ex-shingami is good for you compared to a normal shingami? English order will do, though I will give you mine in the Japanese order. My name is Urahara Kisuke ," he laughed, clipping his fan shut, pointing it at another chair that he had for his fellow employee to enjoy the evening.

"Regulus Arcturus Black," the young man took a seat.

"Ahh… then… I take it that one is… no was… a Wizard?" the man suddenly stated

"Was? I defiantly was. I take it that one guessed from the fact that only pure-blood Wizards are absurd enough to name their children after constellations?" the teenager laughed.

"True… but I never commented on one being a pure-blood, now did I?" Urahara laughed yet again. He then frowned. "I take it that being of a pure-blood family is a sore spot?"

"Why shouldn't it be? Though I didn't realize it until shortly before my own death, a lot of what my parents told me was bunk and what my brother tried to influence me was the truth… though he was more trouble then any Slytherin I knew," the young man laughed, his black hair reflecting his name. He then had a far off look in his face.

"So, what is a Grim Reaper doing all the way over here in Japan? It isn't in the domain here, is it?" Urahara sighed suddenly, causing the young man to shrug his shoulders.

"The reason I was sent over here was to be ambassadorial to the shingami. But truth be told, I was throwing a ruckus about someone in the Wizarding community breaking Soul Society rules and them doing nothing about it. Of course, it was their word against mine," he glanced at the sky, watching the clouds go by.

"I would think that they wouldn't send someone that they think is crazy to the Soul Society here," the man clicked open his fan again.

"Shows one how much the separate societies get along… there are to many banters… to much like the stupid pure-blood feud,"

"As I recall, most English pure-bloods never go along and regret what they have done," the man stated.

"Voldomort… that false lord… one might say he tried killing my one and only friend I ever had. Surprisingly… a House Elf," he sighed.

"Good thing he's dead then, isn't it?" Urahara fanned himself and tried to see what the young person saw in the clouds.

"No, he's not. He created Horucruxes, he did," the young man's voice turned gloomy. "I am sorry to say, the only one who believes me is Dumbledore, and I am not talking about any of the ones living. I am talking about Ariana here. Of course, she has a very simple mind in comparison and never aged over fourteen, though technically she should look older then me by now," the young man sighed.

"Ariana Dumbledore… never heard of her," the man looked in the sky. "Truth be told, I've only heard of one Dumbledore, and he's the head of the school."

"How is it that one knows so much about the Wizarding community?" Regulus suddenly asked.

"Oh… I would say that it is because of the fact that I preformed a trick and they think I'm a Wizard," the man winked his eye. "I don't get any Wizards here, but I do run part of the Wizard supply and trade here in Japan. It's a very lucrative business. Until recently, it was much more lucrative then selling to Grims and Shingami."

"I hear that the leadership over here uses the number thirteen to divide their divisions," the young man with a laugh.

"Yes, well over here it isn't thirteen that is a bad luck number, but number four, which is why our division assigns number four as the healing division, I mean, what other reason could there be in our history?" Urahara laughed. "But then I hear it is similar to your group, no?"

"Oh, well… yes… it is," the young man sighed. "We have sixteen groups divided into groups of four. Number thirteen is our group known for healing people."

"Oh… well, let me see… our strongest group is number eleven… how about yours?" the man suddenly asked.

"Ours too actually," the young man commented, suddenly standing up. "I had best be going, as I am in need of finding my fellow Grim Reaper. She was sent to keep me out of trouble, but with Ariana, it is more of myself looking to keep her out of trouble. At least she doesn't have the problems she did like before she died. It was nice meeting you."

"Like wise. It is always interesting to have a good conversation with one," the man smiled at the young man as he disappeared.

Author's note - Thanks to an anon. reviewer, I was able to figure out which of the names was Uraharah's first name! Lol... yes, I found it confusing as I'keep seeing them in different orders.