Grim Reapers
~ Zanpaktous and Reapers ~

Regulus sat next to Urahara and Tessai as they watched the sunset, the shadows of the fence becoming longer and longer as the day slowly passed into night. The only reason that he could figure that the two were sitting there doing this was because they had nothing better to do and both seemed of the type personality to be lazy every so often and just relax in the atmosphere around them.

Of course, there was the fact that these two men were also older and more knowledgeable then him and had happened to have gleaned knowledge that even he had not yet obtained. This was for one thing a good thing, but also a negative thing as he really didn't know these two shingami. However, one thing was for sure, there was not the evil intent that he had felt when he was with the Death Eaters.

Ariana was inside, supposedly helping Ururu and Jinta to clean the shop, however there could be heard some murmuring of Ururu protesting the fact that Jinta was not helping in the cleaning of the inside of the store. There was no comment from Ariana however. Tessai momentarily got up, going inside to do whatever he did to get Jinta to obey.

When he came out, his eye fell upon his sword. "You do know that you are wearing your zanpaktou incorrectly."

"All Grims wear their soul-reapers upon their backs," the young man commented.

"Ahh… zanpaktou translated into the words soul-cutter. I guess that soul-reapers are more towards what one is wishing to achieve for a different style of base weapon," Urahara smiled. "However… one doesn't have a reaper, but a sword attached to their back."

"Many people carry those huge swords on their back," Regulus commented, not getting what they were getting at.

"Ahh… well, those swords are the European swords used by Knights. They are big, broad and long," Urahara smiled. "However, the style of your released weapon… I'm sure that it is released and that you are unable to turn in back to a reaper even if you wanted too… is in the form of a katana, not a European sword. These typically are carried to ones side, not on ones back."

"I think I'll stick to the way that I have it so far," came his abrupt reply. "I already have enough people lecturing me about how to be a proper reaper."

"Should still give it a try," Tessai commented.

Regulus let out a sigh and untied his sword, suddenly tying the sword to his side. He thought about this for a bit, then shook his head, sitting back down, not changing the swords position back to his back. "So… do all shingami carry their swords this way?"

Urahara suddenly swung his cane around and pointed it right into Regulus' face, a smile in his face. "Not all the time."

Regulus raised his eyebrow, backing away from the cane due to the killing intent he felt coming from it, as if it was a blade. "So… your cane is your zanpaktou disguised. Interesting in truth."

"I believe that there are a select few who carry their zanpaktou differently," Tessai commented.

"But the main point is that they all have souls in them… you could sense mine in my cane," Urahara smiled.

"And our reapers have souls in them… tell me… how come our area has reapers and you have zampaktuos shaped like swords?" Regulus suddenly asked. "It is something I've always wondered about."

"I think it has to do with the area that one comes from," Urahara fanned himself. "I bet if one went to a different place in the world, the zanpaktou takes a different kind of form. I mean, the katana is a weapon of the orient, so it wouldn't be well known in Europe."

Author's note – This one is over the differences and similarities in weapons. This was rather short, but to the point. Oh, and the date for this chapter is 4/22/2009.