My name is Katara and the moon is bright. My name is Katara and the moon gives me strength.

I effortlessly glide across the water, into the Fire Nation capital's port. There are many fire nation soldiers there, waiting for me. I see them. They see me.

I close my eyes and focus, channeling the full moon. I can already feel the heartbeat of the closest fire nation soldiers. A heart is nothing but a blood pump, ever beating, the blood ever flowing.

I squeeze my hand into a fist. The heart beat disappears. With my eyes still closed, I now feel the quickened heartbeats of thousands of soldiers. They feel like fear. The fear of seeing their first comrade kneel over and die.

There are so many, yet I must be strong. Weak gets you killed. Weak gets your friends killed. Weak gets everyone you loved killed. Weak killed your Aang.

Oh my god, my Aang is dead. Tears stream my cheeks. I retrieved that memory and I experience it again. My Aang is dead because I was weak. Weakness killed my Aang. These hands, my hands killed Aang because I was too weak to stop them. I open my hands and squeeze.

Hearts are remarkably easy to break.

I walk the rest of the way to the royal palace. Occasionally in the darkness I see Aang, the everlasting free spirit that I loved. Sometime he tells me how much he loves me. Other times he asks what happened to Katara, meaning the old me. He's only a memory, but he doesn't recognize me like this. He wants to deny what I have become, but... I have to stop thinking about Aang for the moment. Save these emotions as a weapon against Azula. Strength keeps you alive, power keeps you going.

As I arrived at the palace, I noticed the air was extremely dry. Also the pool near the palace was drained. For the matter, after the soldiers the capital was empty of people and any potential sources of water near the palace. Also, the palace doors were unlocked and wide open, as if Azula was inviting me. She is inviting me, as I then felt one water source in the form of a living body, sitting in the throne room. Her body should provide plenty of water to give her a slow, painful death and me my vengence.

The only door that was not open was the one to the throne room. I pushed them open and there sat Firelord Azula.
The one responsible for murdering all my friends in the Fire Nation.
The one responsible for the chaos in the Earth Kingdom.
The one responsible for the destruction of the North Water Tribe.
The one responsible the one responsible for the new Bloodbenders.

Yet the person sitting on the throne and behind the blue flames was not quite the Azula I know. She seems... different. I can't really explain. Azula is sitting there, but there is no arrogance, no narcissism, no paranoia, just a person that looks similar to Azula.

Neither of us did any thing for a long while, just stared at each other.

In this silence, I come across the memory of Aang again. In my moment of weakness, I broke down, sobbing. I spent years working on my craft and perfecting the only bending that can literally bring Azula down to her knees. I traveled across the ocean with nothing but my rage, my strength. With the squeeze of my fits, I felled thousands of soldiers. Yet, I now can't bring my self to finish off the villain that destroyed the world. Was my sacrifice for nothing? Why has my strength failed me now? Why can I not bring down the lady that took my world away?

I only had one question to Azula, "Why?"