These Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer, This story however belongs to me!

Story Description:

Edward is as vicious, evil and unrelenting as vampires come. He lives his eternity with the sole purpose of making his twin brother Ethan's (who is also a vampire) life as miserable as possible.

Ethan joined a rare coven of vampires whose way of life was to feed off of animals and not humans, and to preserve human life whenever possible, which infuriates Edward even more.

The only thing Edward hates almost as much as his brother are humans.

What caused Edward and Ethan's feud?

What will happen when Ethan finds unexpected love…with a human, Bella Swan, and Edward sees the perfect opportunity for the ultimate revenge against his brother?

Edward will do whatever it takes to possess Bella, to make her his, and tear her away from his brother.

Ultimately he plans to kill her, but wants to make the process as excruciating for Ethan as possible.

What is not in his plans is to actually fall in love with Bella.

(This description really does the story no justice, but the story line has to start out slow and I wanted to explain briefly what the story is about)