For as much as I cared, no one would find out how much I hated having been reborn. Life was much simpler when I had nothing to worry about as I have today. There seems to be nothing good in this place, other than false promise of power. I disliked all the other Espada; they were idiots walking, with a lust for power. They wasted their time doing nothing but pester those lower than them. That is how I found Lilinette. It had never been my intention to take up any students because I knew I would die eventually, so why leave behind remnants of myself, but Lilinette was just a child, working as a servant for the lower numbers. Torture befell her often and I started thinking, maybe I could help her.

I remember the first time I approached her. She sat on the ground with broken glass around her, blood on her hands. Her pale green hair fallen over her bright colored eyes. She was still young, yet no one had pity for the girl. Every day I witnessed the mistreating of my fellow Arrancar because they were weak.

The moment I offered Lilinette my hand was probably the same day I detached myself from everyone else. Once Lilinette became my only Fraccion, no one ever ordered her to do anything. No one bothered her. Lilinette was finally at peace.

When the plots against Aizen arose, the others expected me to do something about them. I was not interested, relying on Aizen to take care of his own garbage. I enjoyed ignoring most orders, sleeping and taking it easy, but Lilinette has always kept me working even against my will.

Every day that passes, having to listen to stupid requests like having to take someone training, or even going on mission with other annoying Espada, was forcing me to be something I did not want to. Aizen wanted an army, and I did not want to be a part of it.

Slowly as the seconds go by, feeling the need to wake up diminish, I hear different footsteps in the hallway. Lilinette's footsteps are the only ones I hear around this place, but they were not hers. I awaken from my slumber letting out a yawn while pulling myself out of my comfort. Whoever was outside was walking back down the hall, calm, collective steps belonging to a woman.

I headed towards the entrance of my room and opened the door quietly. I peered outside curiously to prove my assumption. It was a fact. A woman walked down the hall, taking small reluctant steps towards Aizen's room. She was probably another one of his play toys; she certainly did fit the role. Small frame, long light-colored hair, deep curves, and desirable attire, but she did not seem like one of them.

She turned her face and I instantly recognized her. Pale-blue eyes and full lips, she was the newest Arrancar in Las Noches. I walked out of my room, seeing as the woman who was to either become an Espada, or just thrown into the other numbers had discovered me.

Before she could speak, her eyes glinted and looked away. I found it odd that I could not bring myself to speak until I heard Lilinette approaching my room. I turned away from the woman and saw Lilinette, whose face went pale once she saw me.

"What?" I questioned, confused.

"You woke up without me having to do the work!" she replied, delighted. "Good job Stark, this is the first step to becoming a more dependant Espada."

I sighed unenthusiastic. "That's delusion." I turned around, in search of the pretty female who was walking towards Aizen's room, but now, she was nowhere in the hallway, nor were her footsteps heard.

"What's wrong Stark?"

"Lilinette, I'm sure I told you before…" I began slowly, trying to figure out a way to ask, without making myself seem too interested. "But, what was the name of the new Arrancar?"

Lilinette took a pensive stance, stretching her legs widely. "I think you said it was Cyan de Imortell. She's the talk of all the other Espada since she might replace one of them."

"I hope she replaces me—ARGH!" I cried as Lilinette kicked my leg.

"Don't say that! No one can replace you Stark!" she stated, her hands on her hips.

I sighed, defeated. I could not believe no one out there had replaced me yet. I hate this place. There is never enough time to rest, not enough time to go out and get fresh air without somebody plotting against Aizen near me, knowing I will not do anything. At this rate, I will start the plotting, who would suspect me, la Primera Espada?