A/N: Alright, another story started. Like everything else I've written, this one's yuri; it will deal with romantic love (and eventual sexual content; note the rating) between two female characters. In this case, those two female characters are Retsu Unohana and Isane Kotetsu. I hope you enjoy. Oh and there's a bit of intense violence in this chapter, just a little heads up.

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A calm air filled the First Division's meeting hall as the 13 shinigami captains and the 13 shinigami lieutenants all stood rigidly in their places. It was a reminder of the peace and tranquility Soul Society had seen in recent years, the idyllic times when the skills of a healer were something rarely needed. Isane Kotetsu, one such healer, was content with this; she believed the less her skills were needed, the better.

Isane was comfortable in this place. She was comfortable around these people. They were her friends and mentors; respectable men and women she looked up to and took guidance from. She was a young lieutenant among many young lieutenants, but she never felt overwhelmed by her job; the Gotei 13 looked after one another.

Isane did have certain insecurities though, even if they would prove frivolous in most eyes. She wasn't the type who liked to stand out, yet her height assured that she would. She knew most probably wouldn't understand, but it certainly bothered her that in that room she stood as tall as or taller than most of the grown men, whether they were Sosuke Aizen, Kaien Shiba or Renji Abarai.

In spite of her petty worries, Isane was able to maintain focus. This wasn't going to be a very long or important meeting. They never were. The Gotei 13, Seireitei, Soul Society, they all operated seamlessly under the wise guidance of the Central 46. Hollows were dispatched effortlessly. New shinigami were trained each day. Nothing seemed poised to change this.

"Captains and Lieutenants of the Gotei 13, I'm pleased to see that you could all make it to our annual meeting discussing the future of Seireitei," Head-captain Yamamoto started in a bold voice, looking out at the 24 figures before him. "Let's begin by hearing each of your requests or concerns, starting with you, Captain Soi Fon." He nodded to the indicated woman.

"The second Division has no concerns at this time," the Captain of the Second Division replied in a bored, bitter voice, the permanent scowl on her face not lifting. Yamamoto's eyes found the other line.

"Third division hasn't any worries either," Captain Ichimaru said in his usual harmless but creepy manner, with his usual creepy smile. Yamamoto moved to the woman standing in front of Isane, the woman she admired more than any other.

"Fourth Division faces no issues requiring your attention, General Yamamoto," Isane's captain said in a soft, serene voice. The Head-captain moved on.

"Fifth Division has nothing of which to report at this time as well," Captain Aizen said, his well-mannered subtlety perfectly in tact.

"Sixth Division is the same," Captain Kuchiki readily assured in his apathetic voice.

"Seventh Division requires nothing," Captain Komamura stated, an even expression on his canine face. Yamamoto nodded and moved down the line.

"The Eighth division would like to place a request for more cute, young female recruits," Captain Kyoraku said in a deadpan fashion, nodding along the way. He promptly got hit in the head with a heavy book.

"No it wouldn't!" his lieutenant said loudly, her Captain clenching his hat and nodding in accordance; most laughed as their eyes traveled to the next captain.

"The Ninth Division is in need of nothing at the moment," Captain Tosen said dryly. Eyes moved downward as they fell on the Tenth Captain.

"The Tenth Division is operating without issue," Captain Hitsugaya asserted in a strict tone of voice. Everyone turned to the next.

"Give us more hollows to fight!" Captain Zaraki demanded fiercely. Most people shook their heads.

"Captain Zaraki, we can't just increase the number of hollows there are," Captain Aizen said in a calm voice, trying to reason with the man.

"Speak for yourself, I'm sure I could," Captain Kurotsuchi inserted in a darkly smug voice.

"Enough! Lets keep to rational, reasonable concerns!" Yamamoto boomed, turning back to the eye-patched man.

"Whatever; it's just boring 'round here these days. Feels like ages since I had a real fight," Zaraki spat, a frown worn on his face. Attention moved to the next man.

"Division Twelve requests more funding for experimental research projects," Captain Kurotsuchi said firmly. Some looked displeased but no one spoke out; everyone realized the importance of the Twelfth Division.

"Very well. I'll have it considered," Yamamoto said with a nod. His eyes turned to the last Captain.

"We of Division 13 have no concern worthy of mentioning at the moment," Captain Ukitake gave a hard cough after he spoke.

"Very well. If that is all, our meeting can be adjourned until next year," Yamamoto said, his position becoming more relaxed.

"Wait, there is one thing," a voice stopped everyone before they could leave. They turned to find it was Sosuke Aizen.

"Yes, Captain Aizen? You thought of something to request?" Yamamoto pressed, looking slightly surprised.

The well-mannered bespectacled man took a step forward. The young girl behind him looked confused and surprised but stepped forward along side him. The man spoke with a deep smirk carved into his face, "You will all see the truth behind this naive illusion."

These words seemed to unsettle everyone. Most were confused. Some looked scared. Aizen just stared ahead, an insane look on his face.

"Excuse me?! What was that Aizen?!" Soi Fon challenged, suspiciously, snarling.

"Explain yourself, Captain Aizen!" the Head-Captain demanded sternly.

"As you wish." Aizen smirked. To everyone's shock and disbelief he unsheathed his zanpakuto in a single motion. "Shatter, Kyouka Suigetsu..." he said.

"Aizen! Do you mean to draw your sword to the Gotei 13!" Komamura shouted, concentrating only on the man in front of him, his hand going to his own sword.

"W-what is… what's this…?" Hitsugaya said, looking around in confusion. Isane began looking around as well.

The conformable room she knew had been replaced. They were now standing in a barren gray desert, devoid of warmth and light. Thousands of hollows encircled them all as they stood, howling into the windless sky.

"Captain Aizen, what did you do?" Momo Hinamori started, looking up at the man next to her questioningly. Aizen looked at her for a moment, smiled softly then ran her through on his sword, slicing just barely upward to make sure it rent her heart. When he removed the blade, the girl fell lifelessly to the floor.

"AIZEN!!!" Hitsugaya screamed, the fury of hell in his eyes as he charged with Hyorinmaru drawn. Aizen gave a soft laugh before raising his blade once more. He flash-stepped swiftly behind the boy and let his blade find its way through his skull.

"Aizen, what is this madness?!" Yamamoto bellowed as he prepared Ryujin Jakka. "Captains, show no mercy!"

"As you command, General Yamamoto," Komamura said dutifully, his sword and his fury both prepared.

"Yes. This must be stopped," Kuchiki said disdainfully, also ready to fight.

As these two were about to attack, their paths were suddenly blocked. Kaname Tosen and Gin Ichimaru and stepped in to protect Aizen. In an instant, Komamura had fallen to the former and Kuchiki to the latter blood flying freely from the critical cuts inflicted.

"Captain, why?!" both Lieutenant Hisagi and Lieutenant Kira seemed to call out in unison as they charged forth, only to meet death on their respective Captain's sword.

"Gin, this is crazy! Please you can't!" Lieutenant Matsumoto ran forward pleading. Shinso quickly punctured her stomach, dyeing the desert below the woman red as she fell imply atop it

"Isane, save whoever you can!" Isane's captain shouted. It was hard to move at first from fear, but eventually she forced herself to go to work. She went from body to body, desperately trying to help. As it was, everyone she visited was already dead. She was powerless.

It was about this time that the thousands of hollows encircling them all seemed to converge at once upon the three defiant Captains at the center of this sea of death. Soon they were gone and all that was standing there was a massive, disgusting shapeless three headed beast. Everyone attacked at once, but each slash proved useless. Whenever a piece of the beast's flesh was hacked or cleaved away it quickly returned the same as it was before.

Isane watched as Lieutenant Shiba was engulfed and devoured whole by the monster first. It moved quickly after that, it's vicious claws slicing Zaraki and his young Lieutenant to pieces before grabbing Captain Soi Fon and ripping her from her limbs. A massive beam shot from its mouth to disintegrate both Captain and Lieutenant Kurotsuchi to a fine ash before it swept down and bit Lieutenant Abarai's head from his body.

A claw was thrust through Lieutenant Ise's chest as a short blast flew from one of its mouths, hitting Lieutenant Omaeda and causing him to explode. Lieutenants Iba and Sasakibe were both crushed effortlessly between the beast's fists as it reared forward and grabbed Captain Yamamoto in its jaws.

The Head-Captain fought against the hold as Captains Kyoraku and Ukitake rushed to his rescue, but the monster was too much for any of them. It let out a sharp scream and then a bright powerful light that somehow reduced all three to dust. The monster then turned to the last Captain standing. She rose her sword, fear nowhere in her eyes as she faced the massive beast.

The creature grabbed the Captain immediately. Squeezed the life from her and tossed her aside callously. Isane ran forward, heart racing, frightened beyond anything. She knelt at her Captain's side, and watched tearfully as the last breaths of life escaped her, she unable to do anything to stop it. Isane then turned around. The vicious monster was staring her in the face, it's bloodstained teeth inches from her face.

It lunged forward. Isane closed her eyes as she prepared for the end.

Isane opened her eyes to find herself sitting up in a pool of sweat atop her bed in the Fourth Division sleeping quarters. She panted for a little while as she tried desperately to calm herself. She couldn't; the imagery wouldn't leave her mind. She shivered and cried as she stood up, unsure of what was real anymore. She left her room for a night walk, hoping a cool breeze might calm her.

Isane suffered from chronic nightmares. This wasn't something new to her. They were rarely so horrible as this most recent one was. She was shaken beyond belief; it seemed so real. The blood, the screams, horrifying best itself, it was as if all of it had really been there. Her whole body continued to shake as she walked, unable to get a grip on herself.

"You're up late again, Isane? You had another one of your dreams..." a gentle voice said from behind the silver haired girl. She turned around excitedly, her heart placated by the sound of the all to familiar voice.

She knew it wasn't real. She knew it was just a dream. Even such, seeing Retsu Unohana, her beloved Captain and mentor standing before her, alive and well, caused an intense joy to surge from within the girl's heart. She wanted to rush forward and embrace the woman, who's cold death in her dream still loomed in her mind's eyes, but she figured such an action would be seen as childish.

"Poor child, you saw something really horrible this time," Captain Unohana whispered compassionately as she stepped forward, somehow able to decipher everything just from the girl's appearance. She put a hand at Isane's cheek, feeling at the warm spot under here eye that tears had occupied recently. "Let's sit awhile and discuss it."

"A-alright… C-Captain," Isane choked out, her eyes becoming watery once more, this time from joy. Her Captain led her to a spot just outside the Fourth Division building. They sat down on some steps and stared up at the night sky.

"So, do you wish to talk about it, Lieutenant? If it was too painful and you'd rather just sit quietly with me a while, I understand," Captain Unohana said in her soothing voice.

"It was Aizen… he betrayed us... and killed everyone…and I couldn't do anything to stop it..." Isane said, her voice weak and thin, she still shivering.

"I see," Unohana said, closing her eyes. "Sosuke Aizen is a powerful man, Isane, your fear of him is certainly understandable. But I am confident that we will not fall before him and his companions. The horror you've seen will surely be avoided," Unohana assured warmly, placing an arm around the girl and ushering her down to lie upon her lap, looking up into the sky. Isane knew it was a childish to be held in such a fashion, but she needed the comfort. She couldn't force herself to escape it.

"I know…. That doesn't change the horrible things I saw. One by one they all died… there was so much blood… and I couldn't do anything but watch. I couldn't even save you… and then I was going to be next…" Isane began to shake in horror as she recalled the images. The older woman cradled her more tightly.

"I'm still here, Isane. You're still here. It was all just a dream… a horrible, horrible dream..." Unohana's soft voice was pleasing to the girl's ears.

"I know. It's just I still see it all, clearly in my mind…" Isane said meekly, looking up at the other.

"A lot of the time, even the most vivid dreams lose their place in our memories after we get some more sleep," the beautiful Captain advised. Isane shook her head.

"Captain, you know I can't. If I can't fall asleep after the lame nightmares involving those horrible, disgusting fishcakes, what's my chance of falling asleep after seeing something like this?" Isane challenged, a serious expression on her face.

"Isane, have you never once been able to find the peace to return to sleep after being awoken by these dreams?"Unohana asked in a serene voice.

Isane found the answered immediately. She paused a long while before saying it though. It just seemed embarrassing. Inevitably she decided such things would not be embarrassing to her supremely understanding Captain. "Well when I was kid I did. After I woke up, I'd run crying to my mother. She'd comfort me and then allow me to sleep next to her in her bed, and then I'd be able to sleep peacefully."

"I see." Captain Unohana smiled. She inquired, "So why is it you stopped sleeping with your mother like that?"

"Well... Kiyone started teasing me about it a lot, and I just decided it was a childish thing to depend on her so much. Even if it meant I wouldn't be able to sleep, I forced myself to stop going to her," Isane explained, a little ashamed of herself.

"I don't find it childish wanting not to be alone after experiencing something horrible by yourself," the soft-spoken Captain shook her head just slightly.

"Captain Unohana…" Isane started; not sure what to make of the statement, she went quiet.

"This dream looks to have been a horrible shock to you, Isane. It would be my greatest pleasure to fill the role of your mother if it could help you reach a healthy sleep," Unohana suggested with her kindest smile. These words left Isane taken aback.

"Captain, you can't be serious?! I'm an adult woman, such a thing would be incredibly awkward," Isane shook her head vehemently, her face red with blush.

"It is a healer's job to help those who are suffering. I see you suffering, Isane and I wish to help," the woman replied calmly. "If it would ease your mind, I could make sure no one else found out about this."

Isane looked up at her beautiful Captain's gentle face. This woman wanted to help her. She wanted the help. She didn't like being alone. It was painful. She wanted to forget the horrible things she had seen. She knew it was weak; she could hear Kiyone laughing at how ridiculous it was, but her head was already resting cradled, in this woman's lap, and just that was already so comforting. She couldn't force herself to turn her Captain down.

"Ummm…. alright then… if you'll have me… I won't refuse…" Isane shyly said, lifting herself upwards.

"Very well, follow me, Lieutenant," the gentle Captain said once they were both standing. She took the other back inside.

"So, Captain, why were you awake just now anyway?" Isane asked as the two walked toward the Captain's quarters.

"A shinigami returned from a mission to the human world badly wounded earlier tonight. I had just finished with him when I saw you," the older woman explained.

"You're really amazing Captain. While I'm having these childish dreams you're still saving people, it's really…" Isane started, even further ashamed of herself.

"I don't find this affliction of yours something to be made light of, Isane, and I'm sure neither do you," Unohana said in a soft but strict fashion.

"S-sorry," Isane replied meekly. She still stared at the woman walking next to her reverently.

Finally they reached Unohana's room. Isane had never been inside it before. She was a little anxious entering, but was surprised to find it very comparable in size to her own, only slightly more sparse. The first thing she noticed however is that her Captain's bed wasn't any larger than hers either.

"Captain, I'm not sure there's room for us both to sleep comfortably in here," Isane started, wondering if maybe she should back out now. The more she thought it over, the stranger it seemed. Two grown, unrelated women, sleeping in the same bed together, it just wasn't normal.

"There's more than enough room, Lieutenant," Unohana said with the sweet smile of hers that left most shinigami frightened through intimidation. "Please, make yourself comfortable."

"A-alright," Isane replied readily, a bit nervous. She sat down on the bed.

"Good. Now let me get more comfortable myself," the woman said causally as she took a few steps more into the room.

Her next moves shocked her subordinate. Captain Unohana promptly removed her haori and folded it over, placing it a top a small desk. She did the same with the outer layer of her shihakusho, so as she was dressed only in the thin, white under layer.

Isane shouldn't have found this shocking. It was a warm night. She was dressed similarly. Just because Captain Unohana was Captain Unohana, didn't mean she didn't desire to dress comfortably when she went to sleep. It was perfectly normal. Isane told herself all this, but seeing the beautiful woman she admired and respected in nothing but a light robe didn't seem normal at all.

Just as Isane was getting over one shock she received another. Unohana turned back around so as she was facing Isane at an angle. Her hand went to the end of her braid. She undid it and flipped all her long, lustrous black hair back, in the process becoming some sort of radiant goddess in the younger woman's eyes. She tied the mass of hair back at two places before taking a few steps toward the bed. She sat down next to Isane, who blushed and tried her hardest not to stare.

"Everything okay, Isane? Your face has gone flush..." Unohana spoke gently as she put hand to the girl's cheek, only making Isane feel even stranger.

"I-I'm fine. It's nothing," Isane insisted nervously, still averting her eyes.

"Well, if that's what you say…" Unohana sighed and then smirked a little. She then doused the room's light, moved to her side of the bed and lied back. "Good night, Isane."

"Good night, Captain," Isane replied softly as she too got in bed.

The horrible dream Isane had just experienced was the furthest thought from her mind at that moment. Even so sleep did not come right away. Strange, uncomfortable thoughts plagued her. Her heart was beating strangely and she was filled with a great nervousness. After about an hour of restlessness, she was able to still her nerve and suppress the strange feelings overwhelming her. Shortly thereafter, sleep hit.


Isane awoke the next morning, fully rested, her sleep being uninhibited by dreams of any sort. As her eyes opened they caught a beautiful sight, Retsu Unohana softly brushing her hair.

"Good morning, Isane. I trust you slept well," the woman said, not turning to face the girl or even opening her eyes, but instead concentrating on her hair which she seemed to have been working on for some time, returning it to its familiar frontal braid.

"Yeah… I did…" Isane said, the previous night's events coming back to her.

"Is something the matter?" the older woman spoke, catching the hesitations in her subordinate's speech.

"Some dream scaring me so bad I have to I go and crawl into bed with you… It just seems like a silly, childish thing looking back at it," Isane muttered under her breath, ashamed of herself.

"It is a healer's job to help those who are suffering, Isane. I told you that last night. Don't be ashamed of requiring help," Unohana insisted, taking a motherly tone as she finished with her hair and stood to dress herself

"Even so, this has to be the last time," Isane said, standing up from the bed as well. "I don't want to rely on anyone. I want to be able to handle this problem in a mature fashion."

"Isane, it's never healthy to force something," Unohana cautioned.

"I know, I still want to try," the silver-haired girl said softly, slightly unsure.

"Very well... I will always be here if you need me," the Captain said with a smile.

"Okay," Isane said smiling a little herself as she turned to leave. "Thank you, Captain," she said as she opened the door and walked out.

A/N: End chapter 1. Has to e the quickest story ever in terms of the pace the yuri feelings are developing. I was worried about that for a while, as it seemed like it wasn't going to take anywhere near five chapter to get these two to have sex with each other, but I think I have some ideas where I can slow this thing down a bit and make it last. So yeah, I think it was interesting. Isane's dream was kind of fun, writing all the shinigami getting brutally killed by Aizen, Tosen, Gin and their stupidly powerful monster was sickly amusing. Isane's more fun that I imagined her being. She's actually quite an interesting character when you look at her closely. Retsu remains one of my favorites to write. I'm getting fond memories of last time I worked with her. Anyway, tell me your thoughts and look forward to the continuation.