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Isane couldn't just let things stay as they were. She understood her feelings. She loved her Captain and she would never be satisfied with herself or anything else until she confronted that very woman on those feelings and received a definitive answer. She didn't expect her Captain to accept her, but she told herself she was fine with that. So long as she got an answer, she would be allowed some peace of mind.

She held all her strength, all her confidence in her heart as she walked down the long hall only to stop at her Captain's room. She took a deep breath and then knocked twice. After a few seconds, she heard the voice of the one she loved through the door.


"C-Captain… can I talk to you for a second…?" Isane started anxiously, feeling weak in her stomach.

"Of course, Isane," the woman replied. "Please, come in."

Isane opened the door and walked in. As it was night, her Captain was dressed in her sleepwear with her hair down, sitting on her bed. She looked like a beautiful goddess, her appearance absolutely spellbinding to the silver-haired lieutenant.

"C-captain…" Isane started with averted eyes and a bit of a blush, the other's radiant appearance distracting the amazing drive she had amassed.

"Please sit," the beautiful woman said with an inviting smile, motioning to the spot next to her on her bed. Isane tentatively complied.

"C-captain…" Isane repeated, still finding it difficult to both look at the woman and say what needed to be said.

"Yes, Isane? What is it you wanted to speak with me about?" the kind Captain asked, still smiling warmly.

"Captain, there's something I really need to get off my chest…" Isane decided to just approach the topic directly.

"I'll gladly listen to anything you have to say, Isane," the older woman assured in a soft voice.

"Captain… the truth is…" Isane gulped, not sure she was ready. This was all so hard, all so scary for here. Despite that, she knew she would hate herself if she didn't say it now. In a fragile whisper she eventually managed her confession. "The truth is, I love you, Captain."

The beautiful goddess' smile fell as she looked at Isane for a moment before saying anything. She continued to stare as she then asked, "What do you mean by that, Isane?"

"You know…" Isane said, shaking. "I love you, Captain…" She paused before saying even softer "I'm in love with you…"

"I see…" the Captain said, still not smiling. "And what is it hope for with those feelings?"

"I just… I just wanted to know what you think about me…." Isane said, terrified.

"You have been a faithful, irreplaceable assistant to me for years, Isane," the woman replied with a series of nods.

"Yeah but… is that all…" Isane started hopefully.

"I'm sorry, Isane…" the beautiful woman said, closing her eyes. She held a somber quality in her voice. "I know it must disappoint you, but I am unable to see you in any other way…"

Isane's heart fell. She looked down and spoke quickly, "T-that's okay. I just had to tell you anyway. These feelings have been troubling me for so long..."

"I see…" The beautiful Captain shot her second with a penetrating stare.

"I'm sorry, Captain…" Isane said, standing up, wanting to leave that uncomfortable situation immediately.

"Isane, wait," Isane's goddess called out to her. She stopped in her tracks.

"Y-yes, Captain?" Isane started, her head turned hopefully.

"I believe it may be for the best that I reassign you to another division on a temporary basis," the woman said in a deliberate fashion. Isane's hopes crashed once more.

"How long, would it be for?" Isane asked, feeling cold.

"A year, perhaps," the Captain replied in a sad voice.

"B-but Captain--?" Isane started in shock.

"I know it will be hard, Isane, but in order for you to learn to accept things, I think it may be best if you were to have some distance from me for a while," the Captain said in a sorrowful sigh.

Isane thought to protest further, but she couldn't find any words. Instead she merely said, "I understand, Captain." She then walked back toward the door and exited without another word exchanged.

Returning to her room, climbing into her bed, Isane felt broken, hopeless. She began to cry. She had told herself that she would be okay if her Captain refused her. She was wrong. She was not okay. She felt horrible, sick, empty. She felt as if her very life had been drained of everything that made it worth living. Even through all the nightmares she had ever seen in her many years, it was the scariest thing she had ever felt.

She continued to cry as she tossed and turned all the while praying sleep would reach her. She hoped that some horrible nightmare would take her away and shake her so hard she could seldom remember the pain she was in. She wanted some escape she wanted some way out of this. She wanted Retsu Unohana to love her.

"Isane…" a voice spoke to her just as sleep was finding her. Isane opened her eyes. She found herself staring at the beautiful, but worn by concern face of the woman she loved, who was leaning attentively over her bed.

Isane tried to sit up but the woman stopped her. She started, "Captain, what's going on? What are you doing here?"

"I was concerned for you, Isane," Unohana said softly, placing a hand at Isane's head.

"Why?! Didn't you just tell me we shouldn't see each other for a while?" Isane said, shaking her head in confusion.

Unohana stared at the girl with a smile, "I never said anything of the sort, Isane. Please relax, it's not good for your health to become so tense."

Isane's mind felt blurred. She didn't know what was happening; it felt like all was spinning. "Just a moment ago… I told you how I felt and you said I should be momentarily placed with another division for a year."

"Isane, please. I know not what you talk about. This event never happened," Unohana assured, continuing to smile in a quiet, consoling way.

"I get it…" Isane said after searching through the fog of her brain. "This must be a dream…" Isane tried sitting up again but was stopped.

"You're mistaken, Isane. This is real. This talk you say we had; that is the dream," Unohana softly whispered.

"But that can't be. I remember waking up this morning, I remember the whole day. I never fell asleep, even for a moment," Isane said, alert. She wanted to believe it, but it made no sense to her and her hope had been too far crushed.

"You wouldn't remember it, Isane," Unohana said in a very gentle voice. "While attending to your duties today you fainted from fever and exhaustion. I've been watching over you since then."

Isane looked up at the woman, kind and beautiful. She detected none of the coldness that had forced her away. Perhaps it really was just a horrible, terrible dream. She began to cry some more, entirely beyond her control.

"C-Captain Unohana…." Isane whimpered, a mess and unsure why.

"Isane. It's over now. You needn't worry. I could tell you were suffering; your sleep became restless and you began to moan and cry. But it's over now. I'm here for you," the Captain assured in a lush, warm tone.

"Thank you…. Captain…" isane replied meekly, blushing as she stared up at the radiant beauty.

"Isane… I know there's something troubling you tremendously..." Unohana spoke, closing her eyes. "Something you must tell me..."

Isane grew anxious. She couldn't handle it if things turned out as they did in her dream. "I'm not sure…. I can t-tell…"

"Isane, no matter what, I will not think less of you and I will not seek distance from you," Unohana said with a nod as she reached for the girl's hand. It felt very warm.

"I-I love you, Captain…." Isane managed feebly, reassured by Unohana's touch. With more confidence she repeated. "I really love you."

"Thank you, Isane. Your feelings are beautiful," the older woman said smiling fondly. Despite this, Isane frowned.

"But you can't return them, can you…?" she choked. "You're a Captain, someone who has the respect of everyone… You couldn't be with me… your subordinate... a woman…"

"Don't place words in my mouth, Isane. I never said or thought anything of that sort," the woman said smiling and shaking her head.

"It's okay, Captain. You don't have to try so hard not to hurt me… being rejected… it's not as bad now as it was in the dream…." Isane said looking down.

"I could never reject feelings so pure from one so precious to me," Unohana said, gently stroking the girl's cheek.

"I can't expect you to feel the same as me. There's no way your love for me is the same thing…" Isane still held her downcast expression.

"That's just not true, Isane," the Captain sighed softly. "I'll admit my love for you has never been a strictly romantic one, but if that is the nature of your feelings I am positive I can find the same within myself."

Isane shook. She didn't believe it. She couldn't believe it. She had set herself up for failure, for heartbreak. Now her Captain was saying she was sure she'd be able to return Isane's feelings. She should have felt joy at this, but all she had was doubt.

"I'm not sure I can… I don't… I-I--" she tried to voice that horrible feeling but a gradually approaching Retsu Unohana made saying anything hard. She cut herself off completely when the woman was inches from her face, her gentle eyes locked with Isane's terrified ones. With one small motion, Retsu Unohana dispelled Isane's doubt.

It wasn't a long kiss, nor was it deep or particularly passionate. It was just quick, soft and gentle. Still, it was more than appeasing. Isane felt as if her world had stopped as she felt her Captain's soft lips upon her, unable to shut her eyes as they stared into the equally open eyes of the other. Then after a few moments, the kiss broke off as Unohana pulled back.

"C-captain…" Isane muttered, blushing intensely, a wanting left about her lips.

"Please call me Retsu in private now, Isane," the Captain instructed in a pleasant tone. Isane's eyes widened with disbelief.

"I-I could never--" she stammered, shaking her head.

"Please now, it wouldn't be right to address your love in any other way," the beautiful woman said to Isane's ear.

"R-Retsu…" Isane started, not believing she was actually saying it. Retsu smiled as stared down at the girl.

"That's better, Isane," Retsu said with a smile. Isane found herself crying some more, clearly from joy.

"It just doesn't seem real to me…" she whimpered. Despite the words she knew it was real; she never had good dreams, just nightmares.

"I'll stay with you in your bed tonight," Retsu said, finally sitting down on the bed next to Isane and beginning to reduce herself to her usual state fro sleep. "I know how those dreams keep you awake."

Isane could feel the woman crawl into her bed next to her, her worth right up against her. It just seemed so strange, so beautiful. "Shouldn't you be more surprised… I don't understand why you're doing this…?"

"I've known about your feelings longer than you have, Isane. They don't surprise me. I was just waiting to hear them from your lips," Retsu said softly as she began to caress the other's cheek yet again.

"This is just so incredible…" Isane said with teary eyes, as she felt the woman's warmth beside her.

A silence fell between the two for a few moments. Isane's heart never stopped pounding through that time. The one she loved was so close to her. It was just incredible. She felt like the moment could last forever and she would be content with it. Of course, then Retsu spoke.

"Isane, could you tell me about it now?" she said.

Isane turned her head to face the woman; she stared puzzled for a second. "About what?"

"The dream you had last night, the one you couldn't discuss and refused to sleep with me after," the woman clarified in a light voice. "Now that we have opened up with each other, could you tell me about it?"

Isane blushed. Why did Retsu suddenly want to know about that of all things? Even if the woman was saying she could love Isane, Isane couldn't expect the woman to just accept her disgusting, perverted fantasies. "I'm not sure I can…"

"You'd keep secrets from the one you love, then?" Retsu said; Isane couldn't believe it, it was almost like the dignified Captain was taunting her.

"It's just… embarrassing…." Isane said, averting her eyes.

"I doubt I would find it so," Retsu shook her head. "What you see in your dreams, what you fear, what you desire, it's just part of who you are. And you are someone I truly love and accept."

"But I feel ashamed…" Isane still protested, looking away.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of, Isane…" Retsu assured. "Sexuality is a perfectly natural component of a person's psyche."

Isane's face went white with disbelief. "You know?!"

"I apologize. Knowing your feelings, it was rather easy to read your body language…" Retsu said, with a slight blush as if she was now ashamed.

"T-then why did you ask about that? Why did you ask if you already knew?" Isane stammered, her face going red again.

Retsu gave a short laugh. She said while smiling widely, "I thought that perhaps you'd like to do some of the things we did in that dream."

"You can't… you can't be s-serious…" Isane gulped, her heart beat accelerating.

"I want you to be more open with me, Isane. I think this is a good way," Retsu said reaching out and placing her hand at the girl's cheek again. "Besides, knowing how we feel about one another, won't it be difficult for you to find sleep at my side were we to just leave things as they are?"

Her Captain was right. Of course she was. Retsu was always right. Isane wouldn't be able to just go to sleep, not now, not when Retsu had accepted her, kissed her, and climbed into her bed. She wanted to do more with Retsu. No, she needed to do more if she hoped to find peace in herself.

"Yeah… but just doing things like that with you…" Isane still couldn't approach her desires, even if she realized them now.

"Then just relax, and allow me to take the lead for now," Retsu said, propping herself up on the bed and smiling at the girl.

Isane gasped. She blushed. She wanted this. Still, she had to make sure of something before things progressed. "Ummm… okay…. but before that…"

"Yes, Isane?" Retsu asked gently.

"This is probably going to sound really stupid…" Isane said looking away.

"What is it?" Retsu said, tilting her head.

Isane closed her eyes as she phrased the all important question. "You're not a fishcake monster, are you?"

Retsu failed to entirely contain her laugh. Isane felt horribly embarrassed. When Retsu spoke, she felt a little better. "You needn't worry, Isane. I am me. This is no dream."

"I'm glad," Isane said, looking at the other finally and smiling.

"You're so beautiful, Isane…" Retsu whispered as she caressed Isane's hair and gave a soft giggle.

"I love you, Retsu," Isane repeated, wanting.

"I know," Retsu replied smilingly, crawling over the other, her long hair falling all around the silver-haired girl, and initiating a second kiss. Isane's arms wrapped around the other, keeping their lips together much longer this time. Then Isane let her lips part, and extended her tongue hopefully. Retsu met it with her own, which she soon let find its way into the other's mouth. It was so warm. Isane held the other to her tightly, not wanting it to end.

Eventually Retsu did break the kiss. Her eyes locked with Isane's for a long while before she began to line kisses along Isane's neck. The silver-haired girl let out a long moan as Retsu moved momentarily to place kisses at her ear before returning to the curve of her neck. Meanwhile, Retsu's hands found their way to the front of Isane's robe. Isane's hands found and undid her own sash, allowing easier access.

Retsu pulled off her and saw the garment opened, revealing Isane's naked form to the cold night air. It was kind of embarrassing feeling the heavy stares, but it was also somehow incredible knowing it was the woman she loved who was staring.

"Beautiful…" Retsu cooed as she bent forward and embraced the girl around her waist, resting her head at the side of Isane's chest. A hand soon trailed deliberately up to cup one of Isane's breasts gently. Isane felt her nipples harden instantly under Retsu's touch. She wanted to feel more; her hand found it's way into Retsu's silky black hair.

Retsu took note of this and raised her head just slightly. She turned it just enough so as she could place kisses at the center of Isane's breast. Isane moaned softly as the kiss became a soft, tongue-filled suck at her nipple. All the while, Retsu continued to softly caress the other breast. Every motion felt warming, fulfilling.

Eventually, Retsu lifted herself from Isane's shapely bust and reconnected their mouths in another kiss. As their tongues dance slowly with one another, Retsu's hand trailed down across Isane's stomach deliberately, then across her hip and leg. It then found it's way inside Isane's thighs; it soon found the center of the woman's panties and began to rub it slowly but fully. Isane broke the kiss to moan in bliss.

"So cute, Isane…" Retsu giggled before stealing another kiss. She straddled back downward to begin kissing at Isane's breast again, this time the other, as she let her hand find its way inside the small piece of cloth that was her lover's panties. Isane quickly, eagerly tugged them down and removed them. Retsu gave another soft laugh.

Soon Isane could feel her beloved's fingertips hot about her inflamed, watering sex. She felt like crying with pleasure. Retsu's fingers soon penetrated her, filling her up and leading to a high moan. The gentle sustained suck at her breast only heightened the incredible pleasure she felt. Each little pulse Retsu's wrist made Isane feel so intensely satisfied.

Then Retsu broke the rhythm she had achieved. She stopped her gentle suck at the girl's breast and trailed downward, placing kisses all along the girl's stomach. Isane held her breath as she realized what Retsu wanted to do next. She spread her legs fully and blushed as the woman removed her hand.

Retsu crawled quickly into place between the girl's thighs. She bent forward. Isane arched backward, her head falling back as she felt Retsu's tongue trace across her desk. It as unreal that someone like Retsu Unohana was doing something so dirty with her, but the feeling was so intense and overwhelming that Isane was left little time to consider this. She just didn't want it to stop.

Isane's moans became sharp and frequent as her Captain's broad tongue-strokes aroused in her an incredible warmth and satisfaction. With each lick, Isane could feel herself get closer to absolute ecstasy. Her heart was beating faster, her breaths were becoming shorter, her body's jerking motions were becoming harder to control.

Then Retsu made things even more hectic. She brought her fingers back up to the lips of Isane's sex and reinserted several of them. Isane gasped hard. Retsu thrust softly, again and again, placing the occasional lick at the girl's engorged clitoris, causing the most incredible surge of intense pleasure the girl could imagine. After just a few minutes of deep thrusts and hot licks Isane was pushed past her limits of pleasure; she gave one final cry as an unbelievable warmth dispersed to every corner of her body.

"Did you enjoy that, Isane?" Retsu asked in a gentle voice. Isane struggled to reopen her eyes. When she did, she noticed Retsu's face was glistening with her dirty juices. Rather then embarrassing, like it rightly should have been, this was instead incredibly arousing, especially when the woman began to lick at her lips.

"I never would have imagined, you'd be so good…" Isane cooed between strained breaths.

"I've been around awhile, Isane. I'm experienced in most areas," Retsu said with a teasing smirk, pulling herself up next to her lover. They shared a brief kiss.

"I've never heard about you having ever been with anyone…" Isane said, savoring her flavor off the other's lips.

"It's been a very long time, Isane. For many, many years now, I've been squarely devoted to my job. That doesn't mean I've never seen love," the Captain replied.

"But after going for so long… I'm a worthy partner…?" Isane started quietly.

"I couldn't find a better one, Isane. You are very special to me." Retsu initiated another long kiss.

Their tongues swirled against one another lovingly for many minutes. When it broke, Isane asked, "Can I… you know… please you now… Retsu?"

"I would like that very much, Isane," Retsu replied with a smile as she undid the sash tying her robe together. She opened and removed it, revealing her glorious figure to Isane's adoring eyes.

Retsu really was a radiant goddess. Her smooth, immaculate white skin, and beautifully curved figure combined with her long, lustrous black hair and piercing, incredible eyes made her appear as an unreal beauty to the young girl. Just staring made Isane want to touch her lover; she just wasn't sure she was worthy.

"S-so… So beautiful…." Isane cooed as she stared. Retsu gave a soft laugh, obviously flattered.

"Thank you, Isane," Retsu said, laying back on the bed. Isane quickly crawled up on top of her. They began to kiss heatedly, Isane's incredible excitement showing in her tongue's passion and speed.

Breaking from her lover's mouth, Isane moved quickly down to Retsu's bust. She flicked her tongue against either already erect nipple as a hand played with either of the woman's sizable breasts. Soon she was kissing and sucking at either breast randomly, excitedly going back and forth between the two at an incredible place. Retsu occasionally moaned cutely.

Eventually Isane settled on one breasts and began to suck at it passionately while her hand coarsely kneaded the other. Retsu cooed with the sensations, prompting the girl to intensify her endeavor. Soon Isane had pulled just away from the nipple and was lining much of the whole of either plump breast with tongue and kisses. Eventually, when most of Retsu's chest held a thin film of Isane's saliva Isane removed herself from the soft flesh and replaced her tongue in Retsu's mouth. The older woman rewarded her young lover with a very passionate deep kiss.

"You're very good at this, Isane," Retsu said, a little winded, as the kiss broke.

"I've never… before…" Isane started, even shorter of breath. "I'm just excited…"

Retsu giggled softly. "Well, you're doing really well," she said with a smile. "I don't remember the last time someone's had me this aroused."

"I'm happy…." Isane smiled. She was pleasing the one she loved. There was something so very satisfying about this simple sentiment.

She kissed her lover's lips once more and then started a quick trail downward. She placed more kisses at Retsu's lovely breasts before moving further down. She found the hem of the simple panties Retsu wore and pulled them down the woman's long, beautiful legs, tossing them aside.

Isane eagerly found her way between the woman's legs, which were split clearly for her. She stared longly at the beautiful pink slit presented to her. It's radiant sheen was so very alluring that Isane lost hold of herself quickly and bent forward, extending her tongue.

Retsu's taste, her smell, the feel of the warm, moist flesh as Isane's tongue traced through it, it was all so overwhelming. Isane lost herself in it. Her tongue flickered like mad trying to lap up all of her lover's delicious juices, but with each lick Retsu just released more until the entire area, both her thighs, Isane's entire face, was completely drenched. Still Isane didn't stop. She couldn't.

Retsu was moaning. It was different from her gentle moans of earlier, these were loud, short and intense. Sexual sounds, Isane would never have guessed a woman such as Retsu could make. They were beautiful sounds. Isane wanted to hear more of them. She continued to place lick after lick at the heated organ, letting her tongue travel deep inside every so often before darting quick across the woman's excited clit.

Soon the Captain had entirely lost her usual composure, she was moaning even more sharply, her legs were kicking, and her breaths were heavy. Isane could tell her lover was close and she wanted nothing more than to send the woman into a blissful release. When Retsu's hands shot to the back of her head and Isane let loose a few more well placed licks, she received her wish, as Retsu let out one final cry of pleasure while Isane's tongue was granted one final splash of sexual fluid.

Isane raised herself immediately and joined her lips to Retsu's in a kiss, no stopping to wipe clean her moisture coated face or lips. Retsu didn't seem to mind in the slightest as she let the kiss persist for a long while.

"That was lovely, Isane," Retsu cooed, letting her hand intertwine with the other's.

"Yeah…" Isane sighed, still trying to catch her breath from her rigorous tongue exercises.

"You told me the other day, Isane, that you didn't want to rely on anyone. Now, however, it seems like I will come to rely on you for some things," Retsu said with a light smirk.

"I was afraid of being childish when I said that, when in reality it was a childish thing to say," Isane said in a reflective voice; her own foolishness clear to her now. "There is no sentiment more beautiful than two people who love one another coming to support each other always."

"From now on, Isane, I will keep you safe from those nightmares, always," Retsu assured warmly, lovingly.

"And I'll be there for you, when you need me as well, Retsu," Isane replied with a beautiful smile holding her lover's hand tightly.

"Thank you, isane. You don't know what that means to me," Retsu whispered before placing a soft kiss at her lover's cheek.

Isane was left feeling nothing but happiness as her and her lover held each other warmly in that bed. Sleep would arrive shortly, and with it no foul dreams. In fact, Retsu kept her promise; Isane never was visited by nightmares again.

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