Crystal Past, Golden Future

By: Grounders10

A Naruto Sailor Moon Fanfic

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Sailor Moon.




Spells and Names of important places or things


Chapter One: A different Jutsu


Naruto Uzumaki was hated from the day he was born. He was hated for something beyond his control. He was born on October 10th the same day as the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a nine tailed demon fox, attacked the village of Konoha. This alone wouldn't have condemned him to hate, however through some strange twist of fate he was the only child born within ten days of the Kyuubi attack, both before and after. This earned him the distinct responsibility of becoming the container of the Kyuubi when it was sealed away by the Fourth Hokage, the leader and hero of the village.

The Fourth's last wish as he lay dying from summoning the Shinigami to seal the demon was that Naruto be view and treated as a hero. This plea fell upon death ears as the villagers turned all their sadness and grief over lost loved ones onto the child. They viewed him as the demon, a monster that needed to be destroyed. The Third Hokage upon retaking office saw that his successor's , and ironically predecessor's, wish was being denied he created a law that forbade anyone from talking about the Foxes true fate. The story to be taught in the Academy was to be that the Fourth killed the Kyuubi.

Years pasted by and Naruto grew older. At age four Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, had him removed from the orphanage after one of the people who ran it tried to kill him, only to be stopped by the ANBU Black Ops that the Hokage had ordered to protect Naruto. The Hokage gave Naruto his own apartment and arranged for a monthly allowance.

Several more years passed and he joined the academy. Unfortunately the Instructors were among those who hated Naruto and did everything to prevent him from graduating, even going so far as to slip a poison that would damage his brain enough that he would have a hard time understanding even the simplest concepts and ideas. In his fourth year of the academy he tried to graduate but failed the exam miserably. He tried again the next year. He failed once again and swore to graduate the time after that. The year rolled by and he tried once more, and failed once more. Depressed he was offered another chance by his Sensei Mizuki to graduate. All her had to do was steal scroll and learn a jutsu from it. Simple… or maybe not.

--Forest Around Konoha, inside the Wall--

"Heehee. That was too easy." Naruto laughed as he hopped through the trees. 'Who knew the Old Man was a pervert.' He thought remembering what had happened with the Old Hokage. The Old Man had flown back six or seven feet, or he would have if the wall hadn't gotten in the way.

Naruto landed in a clearing and looked around. A small shed stood off to one side. "This looks good enough." He said pulling the massive scroll from his back. He laid it on the ground and unrolled it. He groaned as he noticed the first Jutsu was a Clone Jutsu. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!? Well he didn't say it had to be a Clone Jutsu." Naruto said skipping it and letting his eyes travel down the page. "Past Soul Awakening Jutsu?" He read aloud as his eyes landed on the next one down, "Used to awaken the memories and powers of a past life? Warn- Don't need to know that. With this I'll make Hokage easily!" He shouted aloud before returning to the instructions.

--several hours later--

"Finally! I've finally gotten those seals down. Now all I have to do is try the Jutsu! Then I'll get every Jutsu from before!" Naruto pumped his fist in the air before he started with the hand seals. "Ox-Dog-Dragon-Hare-Dragon-Snake-Ram-Dog-Ox-Bird-Dragon-Ram-Boar-Ram-Dragon-Horse-Dragon-Ram." He recited as he made each seal. Holding his hands in the Ram seal he shouted, "Past Soul Awakening Jutsu!" At that precise moment Iruka, his primary Sensei from the Academy, stumbled into the clearing.

"NARUTO!" He shouted when he spotted his student who had started to glow. A moment later the light winked out and Naruto fell towards the ground. Lunging out Iruka managed to catch him before he hit the ground. Iruka spotted the open scroll a few feet away. "Naruto… what were you thinking?" He said aloud.

--Naruto's Mind--

"Ow." Naruto muttered as he regained consciousness. His eyes remained closed and he focused on what he could sense. If he didn't know better he'd say he was lying in a pool of water. Opening his eyes he pushed himself up and looked around. "Where the hell am I?" He said. He was in what looked like a sewer, if the sewer was perfectly square and had florescent lights. Standing up he shrugged and randomly started off down the corridor.

He walked for several minutes in silence before he entered a massive room. It was deep enough that he couldn't see the other side, and a massive Iron gate split the room in half. A small piece of paper on the gate seemed to hold it shut.

"A little small aren't you?" Came a musical female voice from off to one side. Naruto's head snapped to the side fast enough that he winced in pain. The voice came from a Blond girl wearing a Seifuku with a large bow coming from a jewel on her chest, with an even larger one in the curve of her back. A golden tiara rested on her brow. The skirt of her Seifuku was highlighted in Orange and the high heeled boots on her feet were the same color.

"Who're you calling small!" He shouted at her.

"You obviously, but that's alright." She said waving him off, "I'm here because of that… Jutsu wasn't it? Anyway this is your -- our -- mind."

"Our… Mind?" Naruto asked dumbly looking around in amazement. He looked back at her. "If this is mine… How's it yours?"

"That Jutsu squirt." She said, "I awoke your memories of your past life. In a way your lucky that you've got brain damage."

"I'm not brain damaged!" Naruto shouted, "I just… can't understand what they're talking about at the academy."

The girl raised an eyebrow. "I was referring to this place." She gestured at their surroundings, "The only reason it's so dreary is because your mind is damaged, not beyond repair but beyond what Fuzzy over in the cage can fix."

"Fuzzy?" Naruto asked in confusion, looking at the cage expecting some sort of fluffy animal to walk up to the cage. Instead a pair of large glowing red eyes.

"I AM NOT FUZZY! YOU BLOND HARLOT!" Came a large and menacing voice.

"Shut it, or I'll reinforce the seal." The girl growled back.

"W-what the hell is that." Naruto stuttered, leaping back towards the entrance.

"That is the Kyuubi." The girl said.

"But the fourth killed it!" Naruto shouted, but tears were pouring out of his eyes as he started to make a few connections, "If it's in here then…" 'I'm a monster.' He thought.

"A demon such as the Kyuubi is too powerful to be killed by Chakra." The girl said, "You think you're the demon don't you?"

"Bah don't make me laugh human." Came the Kyuubi's voice, "You, MY reincarnation. Those villagers must be crazy. I would never degrade myself by becoming human. If I was you they'd all be dead right now!"

"As much as I don't like to agree with a demon I'll admit he has a point." The girl said, "You cannot be him, because he is locked behind a seal, both his powers and consciousness. I, on the other hand, am you."

"Huh?" Was Naruto's intelligent reply as he looked back and forth between the two of them.

The girl sighed and pinched her nose for a moment. "Naruto you are the jailer, he is the prisoner. You are the Jail, he is the one confined. You are a separate person from Kyuubi. Get it now?" She asked.

A look of realization came across Naruto's face as he finally understood. "I'm not the demon?" He said hopefully.

"That's what we've been saying." The girl said in exasperation, "Now I have something to tell you. That Jutsu you used, Past Soul Awakening does just that. It brings your memories and powers from your past life. Normally the past self overwrites the present and creates a merged personality with the past self in control. Your… a little different. We were already merged, you just weren't able to access my memories because you aren't female."

"What does being a girl have to do with it?" Naruto demanded loudly.

"Quiet down, I'm getting to that. The reason starts nearly two hundred thousand years ago during an era known as the Silver Millenium. We lived during that period as the Princess of the Planet Venus. At the time all the planets were habitable through magic. The system was ruled over from the moon of this planet by Queen Serenity. It was a beautiful era of prosperity, though there were places where poverty was as in all civilizations but it was at an all time low. Each of us Princesses of the nine planets, minus Earth and plus the Moon, was gifted with powers to protect the Queen and the Princess of the Moon. The princess had her own powers, but she never had the chance to inherit them. One day during a ball a traitorous Queen from Earth, which was splintered into many different kingdoms, called Beryl made a deal with an evil force known as Metalia. She and her horde of demons and corrupted humans launched an attack on the entire Solar System, rendering every single planet barren of life except Earth which was naturally habitable and would take much more then a single demonic invasion to destroy. Queen Serenity managed to banish Beryl and her Minions into a sub dimension known as the Negaverse, and with the last of her power gather our soul, and the souls of the others princesses and her Daughters love and send us thousand of years into the future where we were reborn."

The girl took a deep breath to calm herself, having almost burst into tears as she told the story. Sniffing slightly she continued, "You and I were reborn as Minako Aino a young Japanese girl who moved to England on the other side of the world. We were awoken by Artemis, our advisor and companion. We fought a battle against one group of Beryl's army. Eventually we moved back to Japan and found the others who had been awakened by another talking cat called Luna. We fought many battles and eventually reformed the Silver Millenium as Crystal Tokyo. A supposedly perfect idea. Some people weren't willing to bow to us, but we knew it was humanities only hope to survive the abrupt Ice Age that had set in because of a cloud of nearly invisible Dark Matter that had come between Earth and the Sun. We had to kill a few people. Damn it. We didn't have any choice, some of them attacked us. ATTACKED US! After that we no longer held the view that it was the ideal solution to the problem, just the best. We lost our School Girl outlook on life and set about rebuilding. We ruled for thousands of years, being effectively immortal because of our powers. We colonized the system again and made the best of what we could. We expanded to neighbouring star systems. It wasn't to last however. The peace, prosperity, and happiness couldn't last. This time it wasn't a traitor, or malcontent that brought down the empire no… It was a demonic invasion from outside the solar system. The Outer Systems fell first, faster then anything we'd ever encountered. They didn't strip the planets of resources they just kept moving inward towards the central system. They ignored most of the colonies, only decimating what was in their way. When they reached us we fought, but it was to no avail. At least at first. Ami, Sailor Mercury, found a weakness in them. We exploited it and killed all but nine."

Naruto felt a sinking feeling when she said this. "The Bijuu." He said.

Minako nodded. "Correct. They were the Bijuu. They were different, they weren't the most powerful but they were the smartest, and they didn't have the same weakness. In the end we couldn't beat them so we did the next best thing. We bound them to serve our reincarnations and we bound them to the life force of planet earth. Should they kill too many they will die. That is why they haven't wiped humanity. We gave our lives to protect them. Now we're being reborn. Now we come to you. My reincarnation and the reason you can't use my power. The powers of the Senshi can only be wielded by a Woman. We don't know why but for a man they weaken to the point of almost being useless. Only the powers of Earth can be activated by a man, but with the problems I've told you of before. Now this is where the Jutsu comes in. It's turning you into a girl, but since your already merged with me you'll be in charge. I expect it'll fix this place, in fact it already looks like it is." She pointed to the top of the room which was slowly changing into a blue sky with a few clouds here and there.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M TURNING INTO A GIRL!" He shouted at full volume.

"Is there a problem with being a girl?" Minako said dangerously.

"Eer…. No. Nothing wrong with being a girl." He said edging away from his past self.

"Good because you wouldn't want to hate yourself when you become one. And there is no stopping it! Thanks to that Jutsu of yours you will be activating your powers and start to remember both the Silver Millenium and Crystal Tokyo. I will stay here to help you remember our Magic and Combat training from both eras, as well as provide a voice of reason to your inexperienced mind." She grinned, "Besides someone has to keep the furball from trying to force his Youkai on you. Whatever you do, do not ask him for power."

"As if I'd give it to one of those who bound me to this miserable planet." Kyuubi growled.

"I said SHUT UP!" Minako yelled at the Bijuu and launched a beam of energy from her right pointer finger. It struck the demon right between the eyes, sending it for a loop and causing it to lose consciousness. "Maybe I overdid it." She said simply and turned back to Naruto who was staring at her with a stunned expression.

'Maybe being a girl won't be so bad.' He thought as a grin spread across his face.

"Now when you wake up your going to be in-" Minako began to explain the various 'power modes' that a Senshi had when the entire area vanished in a flash of white. When the light finally returned they were standing in a giant meadow with trees around the edge. The gate had changed into a full open cage, allowing the Kyuubi's entire body to be seen, its red fur shining in the sun. The biggest change, however, wasn't to their surroundings but to Naruto. He had become a she.

She stood 5' 4", taller then most in her class, with longer blond hair that was held back by a red bow and she was wearing the exact same thing as Minako across from her. "What the-" Naruto froze at the sound of her voice and looked down. "Damn it I wish I had a mirror." She said aloud and their combined surprise a mirror appeared before her. She stood in front of it and twirled around for a moment. "Well at least I look good." She said admiring herself in the mirror.

"Yes you do. You look like I did when I was your age." Minako said smiling.

"I don't think this'll be bad… not bad at all." She whispered looking up at the other girl and smiled. "What were you saying before everything changed?" She asked.

"As I was saying when you wake up you should be in Princess form. There are three levels of ability and protection for each Senshi. Civilian, which has no powers beyond those of a normal human, and no magical protection. Princess is the middle stage with all the powers and some magical protection. Finally there is the Senshi phase. Where you wear this." Minako gestured at their Seifuku's, "I'm not sure how but these offer a lot of protection and healing boosts."

"These offer protection?" Naruto asked in disbelief. How something as… skimpy as what she was wearing possibly offer protection eluded her restored brain.

"Just something I thought I should ask… How do you feel?" Minako asked. She wanted to know if she had to cover anything else right now or if they could just skip to the most important things she wanted to tell Naruto.

"Well… Everything seems clearer. I understand everything I was told before during the academy." Naruto said flashing an ecstatic grin at the other girl, "I get everything you've told me. I'd probably have been wondering what you were talking about a few minutes ago."

"Good now there is going to be one rather visible sign that you're a princess. The Symbol of Venus will be glowing on your forehead. It doesn't matter if you keep it covered or not, but people might find it odd." Minako said, "If you need me to tell you anything think in my direction, and hope I'm not trying to keep furball here from interfering."

"That's it? No cool attacks or anything?" Naruto asked disappointed, "I mean that's sort of why I performed the Jutsu. Idiot that I was I'm still disappointed."

"Oh I didn't tell you?" Minako said looking sheepish, "Oops well I guess I'll tell you now. Each Senshi has a Domain from which their powers come from. Most have more then one. We have Metal, Light, and Love."

"LOVE?" Naruto shouted in surprise.

"Yes love. One of our main abilities is called Venus Love Me Chain. It's a chain formed of heart shaped pieces of metal that are energized with large amounts of energy, to the point where they start glowing. Another attack is called Venus Love and Beauty Shock. A powerful blast of pure energy strong enough to go straight through the entire height of the Hokage tower several times over before dissipating. Well that's how strong it was when we died. When we first got it, it could barely go thirty feet without vanishing into thin air. If you do use it cut back on the power."

"Anything else?" Naruto asked dryly. 'Love… Why Love of all things…' She thought.

"Hm… well we only had one source of energy so before you leave lets see if you can perform our basic ability. It's called Crescent Beam a thin crescent shaped beam of high density light energy." Minako explained before raising her right hand and extending her pointer finger towards the large bulk that was Kyuubi.

"That's what you used on him!" Naruto exclaimed.

"No, if I had it would've bounced right off him. I used a wordless version of Venus Love and Beauty Shock. It took more energy then usual to power it up that much but it was worth it to shut up the damn beast. Now watch." She shut her eyes and focused on her pointer finger. "Now I want follow me on this, okay?"

"Uh… Sure." Naruto said hesitantly and mirrored Minako's posture.

"Now focus on your inner energy. It feels like there are two instead of one, doesn't it?" Minako asked.

"Yeah. I feel my Chakra but there's also another calmer one. Though it's hard to tell, my chakra is much calmer now then it was before. It's a lot easier to control." Naruto said as she focused on her power.

"That is your magic. Now I want you to let it flow into the tip of your pointer finger. Don't force it just let it flow there." Minako instructed as her own finger began to glow with energy.

Naruto focused on her second energy. Magic according to Minako. Chakra had to be forced to move when you didn't use hand seals. Apparently this wasn't the case with magic. Following her predecessor's instruction she imagined it flowing into her finger. "Got it." She said as it began to build up.

"Good now release it in one long burst. VENUS CRESCENT BEAM!" Minako shouted releasing all the pent up energy. A thin beam of light shot from her finger and deflected off of the large beast in front of her.

'Now release it!' Naruto thought. "VENUS CRESCENT BEAM!" She shouted and released the energy in her finger. A beam of the same shape and appearance as Minako's blasted from her finger and, like Minako's, deflected off of Kyuubi.

"Nice for a first time. Now normally I'd tell you to figure these out on your own, they are after all our powers. Every Venus instinctively knows how to perform them to their best. I did this because it will help later on when I start teaching you the other forms of magic I picked up." Minako turned towards her reincarnation, "I think you should go, before something major happens outside. I don't trust Mizuki."

"How?" Naruto asked, "How do I get out?" She looked around. "I don't see a door."

"Just will yourself. Be careful, I don't want to die so soon after I've been reborn." Minako said.

"That makes two." Naruto said before she focused on the outside world and vanished.

"Good luck." Minako whispered with a small smile, "Though you won't need it."

--Clearing, Real World--

Iruka stared down at the girl in his lap who had moments before been his student Naruto. 'What the hell just happened.' He thought looking at the girl. She held a distinct resemblance to Naruto, all she was missing were the whisker marks on her cheeks, and the glowing symbol on her head.

He set his thoughts aside as she stirred, leaning into him. Her eyes blinked open and she looked around before she noticed she was leaning against someone. She turned her head and looked up at him. "You found me Iruka-Sensei." She said and smiled.

"N-Naruto?" He stuttered looking down at the blond hair girl. True she was wearing his students clothes but still, how often did boys turn into girl, and vice versa.

"Yep. I have a lot of explaining to do… don't I?" She said hesitantly, her gaze shifting to the ground.

"Yes you do. Come on, pick up that scroll and lets go." Iruka said helping Naruto to her feet. Sighing Naruto walked over to the scroll and rolled it up.

As she lifted it up she said, "There wasn't a make up exam was there?"

Iruka looked at her confused. "Make up exam? What are you talking about?" He asked, though he had a really bad feeling.

"Should have known." Naruto muttered to herself, "Mizuki-Sensei told me that if I stole the scroll and showed you one technique after learning it that I would be able to pass."

'Mizuki. What-' Iruka cut his thoughts off abruptly and lunged at Naruto, pushing her out of the way of a barrage of Kunai and Shuriken that pinned him to the wall of the shed. Gritting his teeth he turned his eyes in the direction the Kunai had come from. "Mizuki." He hissed as his eyes landed on the Silver haired academy instructor. He knew instantly that his old friend wasn't there to help him, that with his specialty weapon a pair of Fuuma Shuriken on his back.

"Looks like you found him-" Mizuki glanced at Naruto, who was standing with her pointer finger pointed straight at him, and smirked, "Make that her- first. Oh well looks like I'll just have to kill both of you and take that scroll." He said lifting the large Fuuma shuriken in his hand.

"VENUS CRESCENT BEAM!" Came a shout form Naruto's direction and a solid beam of energy slammed into the giant Shuriken, sending it flying into the bush. "Did you forget about me?" She shouted.

Both Chunin turned wide eyes towards the supposed 'drop-out' of the academy. "Naruto, this isn't any time for heroics. RUN!" Iruka shouted, "Don't let him get the scroll."

"Kukuku." Mizuki laughed evilly, "Do you want to know why the village hates you Naruto?"

Iruka's eyes went wide once again, "NO! It's-"

"I already know Mizuki-sensei." She put as much scorn as possible into the title, "Just so you know, I'm not that monster, I am its jail and its jailer. Now Iruka-Sensei what is the punishment for speaking of it? There has to be something otherwise I would have learned about it before."

Iruka sighed, "The punishment for breaking the Third's Law is death. But… Naruto please don't, he'll kill you." He said.

"No he won't, and don't worry about him, I'll just knock him out." Naruto said with a grin as she lowered her hand.

"You knock me out? I'll take you down with one attack DEMON!" Mizuki shouted arrogantly.

"One attack? Your an idiot if you think I'll fall that easily." Naruto shot back, "And I'm not a demon, TRAITOR!" She raised her finger again and aimed it at Mizuki.

"Oh no you don't!" Mizuki shouted leaping up as Naruto fired another Crescent Beam. Mizuki grabbed the second massive shuriken and threw it at Naruto. Taken by surprise it caught Naruto in the chest and pinned her to the tree behind her.

"NARUTO!" Iruka shouted before the blond burst into smoke, revealing a log pinned to the tree in her stead. 'Good job Naruto.' Iruka thought with a smirk in Mizuki's direction. "That the best you can do Mizuki? What was that about taking her out in one shot?" Iruka taunted his former friend.

"Shut up you fool. You actually trust her don't you?" Mizuki said in disgust, "She is a demon and will stab you in the back at a moments notice."

"Like you just did. No, she's not like that Mizuki, she knows what it's like to be forgotten, to not be acknowledged." Iruka said pulling the out the Kunai and Shuriken that Mizuki had pinned him to the shed with.

"Oh really? And where is your precious demon now, eh? Obviously saving its own hide right now." Mizuki retorted pulling out another Kunai, "I was going to kill you later but, I THINK I'LL DO IT RIGHT NOW!" He threw the Kunai at Iruka who couldn't dodge after the damage done to him by Kunai and Shuriken. Iruka closed his eyes and prayed for it to be over quick. The sound of shattering metal met his ears, causing him to open his eyes. Mizuki was looking straight above him. Iruka raised his head enough to see the slightly glowing out line of Naruto.


"You're a little late demon. Where did you go? Thought you could run away but realized I'd just track you down?" Mizuki mocked.

"I was hiding the scroll from you Traitor. Now lets settle this." Naruto raised both hands in front of her and shut her eyes for a moment. A second later she opened them, both they and the symbol on her head had started to glow. "Venus past, present and future. Metal, Light, and love. Let your power flow around me."

Mizuki's eyes narrowed. That wasn't Ninjutsu, and whatever it was the power being gathered was much greater then any possible Ninjutsu he'd ever heard of. 'I can't let her finish!' He thought drawing another Kunai he through it at the newly awakened Princess. Several feet from her it was deflected by another Kunai. He whipped his gaze to Iruka who had managed to stumble to his feet.

"Why don't you let her finish." Iruka gasped, "This is what you asked for isn't it, her to learn a new skill and show me."

"-Let your power flow through me and gather in my hands." Naruto's hands began to glow brightly and she shifted them so that they were pointing at Mizuki, "VENUS SEARING LIGHT!" Mizuki didn't even have time to scream as a massive blast of condensed light energy hit him and vaporized not only the place he was standing, but nearly a dozen trees behind as well. Naruto leaned against the trunk of the tree she was in. "He's dead. Oh god I forgot how much power was behind that spell. Oh god." She whispered over and over again.

'Naruto.' Iruka thought sadly, 'this is why I told you to run. Even if you were to kill him the shock would devastate you.' "NARUTO!" He called getting her attention, "Come down here." Slowly and rather lethargically Naruto climbed to her feet and jumped down to Iruka. No sooner was she on the ground then she threw herself into his arms, sobbing heavily. "Sh. Shh it's alright. It's alright." Iruka whispered into her ear as she sobbed, "He was going to kill both of us, you didn't have any choice."

"I-I-I know Iruka-S-sensei." Naruto managed to stutter out through the sobs.

"Naruto, I know this isn't the best thing to ask but, where did you hide the Scroll?" Iruka asked.

Naruto pulled back, allowing Iruka to see her blue eyes that were red and swollen from crying. The occasional tear still wound its way down her cheek, but they were few and far between. Reaching into seemingly empty space she groped around until her hand seemed to hit something and she smiled. Still smiling she pulled a massive scroll from out of the air.

"Wha- How?" Iruka asked in surprise.

"I-I'll tell you and the Hokage at th-the same t-time. That way I'll o-only have to t-tell it o-once." She stutter as the occasional sob rocked her body.

"Alright, come on Naruto." Iruka said helping her back to her feet, "We'll go talk to the Hokage."

"Before or after you get those treated?" Naruto asked looking at several of the wounds that were still bleeding.

"Before, we need to get the scroll to him before some idiot decides to be overzealous." Iruka said starting off through the forest.

"I still think we should stop at the hospital."

--Hokage Tower, Sarutobi's Office--

Sarutobi sat back from his crystal ball and pondered what he had just witnessed. 'Why did you use that jutsu Naruto? You should have studied Kage Bunshin.' The aged Hokage thought. He knew what that jutsu did, having helped invent it, and then having written it in that scroll as well. On a whim he stood up and walked over to one of the many bookcases in the room.

He pulled a book off the shelf title: The Legend of the Crystal City And the Rise of the Bijuu. Almost immediately the bookcase rolled to the side revealing a large glass case set into the wall. Inside was a large Crystal sword. "'Keep it safe until its rightful owner remembers' is what she said." He spoke aloud as he reached out and lifted it from its stand, "I have a feeling that its owner is coming here soon." He glanced over at the Crystal ball where a clear image of Naruto and Iruka roof hopping to the Hokage Tower could be seen.

--Ten Minutes Later--

Knock, Knock, knock

Sarutobi looked up from the Crystal Sword which he'd been examining for the past ten minutes. "Enter." He said loudly. A moment later the handle turned and Iruka walked in, followed immediately by Naruto. The neo-girl stopped dead when she saw the sword in his hands. 'It's probably taking all her willpower not to run over and grab it from me.' He thought with a smile of amusement. "Good job Iruka and welcome back Naruto." He said looking her up and down, "By the looks of it you recognize the sword, don't you?"

"Y-yeah I recognize it." Naruto said nervously, "But… How?" She looked up at him wide eyed.

"An old friend told me to hang onto it many years ago until 'its rightful owner remembers.' I take it you are its owner?" Sarutobi said with a smile.

Iruka looked back and forth for a moment before saying, "Hold on. Lord Hokage what's going on here?"

Sarutobi sighed and gestured them to sit down in the pair of seats in front of his desk. "Sit down and maybe Naruto will explain what happened after she used that jutsu." He said.

As they sat down Iruka gave Naruto a pointed glance. "What did that Jutsu do?" He asked, could it have done something bad to her? Did it harm her? What did it do?

"Well it sort of awoke past memories…" She began. Thirty minutes later she finished her tale, "…and I asked her how to come back and she told me to focus. The rest you know."

Sarutobi smiled, while Iruka looked stunned. "Well Naruto, or should I say Lady Venus?" The Hokage said with a tip of his wide-brimmed hat.

"I don't remember enough to be called 'Lady Venus' so I guess Naruto will do." Naruto said with a smile.

"Being a little informal aren't you Venus?" Came a female voice from the door.

Naruto froze up as several memories flashed by her eyes. "No…" She whispered turning around in her chair and looking over the back at the woman who was standing next to the door. The clothes were different, standard Jounin wear and a forehead protector with the Kanji for time on it, but the red eyes and dark emerald green hair, along with the key like staff leaning against the wall next to her, Naruto could have recognized her in her sleep. "Pluto… HEY! HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO SURVIVE!" Naruto screamed, "AND DON'T TELL ME YOU DIED YOU DON'T LOOK EVEN SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM BEFORE!"

Setsuna Meiou, also known as the Senshi of Pluto, winced at the loud volume of her counterpart. "I won't then." She said after cleaning one of her ears out.

Naruto glared at her a moment before sighing. "It's good to see you again. Even if I don't remember you too well." She said before looking over at the crystal sword the Hokage had placed on his desk. "You recovered my sword and made sure it would be here even if you weren't. Didn't you?" She asked.

Setsuna looked at the her twelve year old counterpart and gave her a rare smile. "Yes I did. There wasn't a guarantee that I would be able to come here when you remembered." She said before turning her gaze to Sarutobi, "It's good to see you again Sarutobi. The years haven't been kind to you by the looks of it."

He chuckled. "No they certainly haven't been Setsuna. Welcome back. Now I take it your probably here because of that offer I made years ago." He said leaning forward over the desk a bit.

"Offer?" Naruto asked, "What kind of offer?"

Setsuna smirked and Naruto gulped. Sure it was bad when she was mysterious but when she smirked… well you knew it was already too late for you to do anything about whatever it was she had planned. 'She better not be planning something like that.' Naruto thought. She couldn't remember what that was, but she remembered that it had been set up by Setsuna in retaliation for something she had done. She clearly remembered one thing though, the troops under her command had taken forty years to stop using the nickname that was spawned from that incident.

"He offered me a position as a Jounin here. I'll accept it but…" She turned her gaze back to the Hokage, "But I'll only accept it if you let me have a Genin team of my choosing."

"Then we have an agreement Setsuna." The Hokage said, reaching into a drawer and pulled out a Konoha forehead protector. He tossed it to her and she caught it with one hand.

"Now don't you have to do a retest?" Setsuna said looking pointedly at Naruto and Iruka.

"What do you mean retest?" Iruka asked, though he knew exactly where this was going.

"Venus wasn't at her best when the test was done, plus if you were listening to her you'd know that she can control her chakra better." Setsuna said.

"Iruka I agree with Setsuna. Why don't we do it now, and then send you to get fixed up." Sarutobi said gesturing for both of them to get up.

"Alright come on Naruto." Iruka said as he stood up. Naruto bounced out of the chair and to the front of the room. 'She may remember her past life, but she's still Naruto.' Iruka thought with a smile. "Okay Naruto Three Clones." He instructed.

"Alright. Here we go." Naruto said forming the several hand seals required for the clone jutsu. A large puff of smoke appeared around her. When the smoke settled more then three dozen clones surrounded her. "Umm.. Oops. Too much chakra." She said sheepishly.

"That's fine Naruto. Before you put way too much into it. You pass." Iruka said, picking up a forehead protector from Sarutobi's desk. He walked over and placed it in Naruto's hand. "I should have just given mine to you after you beat Mizuki. But…"

"But the ninja academy doesn't include magic." Naruto said with a grin, "You needed to see a clone jutsu."

"Your definitely smarter now Naruto." Iruka said ruffling her hair, and laughing when she scowled at him. He turned to the Hokage. "Lord Hokage may I leave. I still need to visit the hospital." He said.

"You can go now Iruka." The Hokage said.

Iruka bowed and walked out the door. "The orientation is in two days at 11:00 am Naruto. Don't be late." He called over his shoulder.

"I won't be." Naruto replied as she watched the man she thought of as an older brother walk out of sight.

"Sarutobi," Setsuna started.

"You want Naruto, correct?" He asked.

"That is correct." Setsuna said, "I would also like Hinata Hyuuga and Ino Yamanaka."

The Hokage raised his eyebrows at the names. "I have no problems with that but… why them?" He asked, writing the names on paper.

"About fifty thousand years ago I developed a spell that allows me to check for Sailor Star Crystals. I used it on the girls in Naruto's class. Now that one of the Inners has awoken by herself I can start waking up the others." Setsuna said.

"Wait, Ino and Hinata are Senshi as well?" Naruto asking in excitement, "Who? Is one of them Makoto?"

Setsuna laughed lightly. "Ino is Jupiter and Hinata is Mercury. I feel sorry for Hinata. Her family hates her for being kind." Setsuna said, her expression taking on a sad look.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah she never does anything in class that could attract attention. Reminds me of what Usagi said Ami was like before they met. But… She's got some of the lowest marks in the class. She's the worst Kunoichi in the class, as far as marks go. She's never really shown a high intelligence." Naruto said thinking back.

"There is one saying among Ninja's. 'Look underneath the underneath.' In other words take nothing at face value, and even when you find something hidden consider the possibility that it might be something to mislead you." Setsuna said, "We'll talk about it tomorrow, it's late and we all need sleep."

"Your right Setsuna. Naruto," The Hokage said, "if I am not mistaken Setsuna owns a mansion on the outskirts of the village. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you staying there. After all it would be hard to explain why your not a boy."

"Sure. If it's fine with Setsuna." Naruto said looking at the older Senshi.

"It's fine by me. I was going to drag her there anyway." Setsuna said, "Lets get going now." She walked towards Naruto and placed one hand on the blond girl's shoulder.

"One more thing before you leave." Sarutobi said, withdrawing a scroll from his desk and tossing it at Naruto. She caught it with one hand and looked it over. On one side were several Kanji that read: TO NARUTO UZUMAKI - NAMIKAZE. "Read it later then come and talk to me sometime tomorrow." He said as she reached to open the seal, "It contains some interesting information. Some of which it would be best if you were fully awake."

"What is it?" Naruto asked.

"A final letter." The Hokage replied, "Now get going. We all need sleep."

"Fine." Naruto said.

"I'll talk to you in the morning Sarutobi." Setsuna said and teleported both her and Naruto from the room.

--Moments later, Meiou Manor, Konoha Outskirts--

Setsuna and Naruto Reappeared on a dirt road in the middle of the forest. "This is the closest we can get with magic." Setsuna said, "We'll have to walk from here." She started off down the path, leaving Naruto behind.

"HEY! Wait up!" Naruto shouted hurrying after the older woman. It was rather difficult to keep up, what with the fact that Naruto had to take three steps for every one of Setsuna's.

"Hurry up then Venus. I'm not waiting." Setsuna said as she strode down the path, her staff echoing her every second step.

"DO I HAVE TO PULL RANK!" Naruto shouted as a memory came to her of the past.

"You'll have to wait until your thirteen before you can do that, only a few months." Setsuna said over her shoulder.

Naruto ground her teeth together. Damn her spotty memory. It was just letting her make a fool of herself. "Damn it Setsuna!" Naruto shouted angrily, "WHEN I GET My… hands… wow." Naruto slowed to a stop as the road ended at a gigantic building. It reminded her of something called 'European' architecture, specifically a place called 'France.' A large wrought iron gate stood in the path, preventing them from getting closer to the house. "That-that's your house?" Naruto asked at the top of her voice.

Setsuna dug a finger into her ear and sighed. "Yes it's my house. Now stop yelling, your giving me a headache." She said.

"Sorry." Naruto said apologetically. She looked at the large house while Setsuna unlocked the gate. The house was painted a sedate off white. The house was three stories tall, and there were several large windows on the top floor, all leading out to balconies. The second floor had several smaller windows that were covered by dark emerald green shutters. The ground floor looked much the same, the only difference being the pair of large French double doors leading out onto the pathway the lead by the door. For some reason her memories supplied the word driveway, whatever that was.

"Come on, we have a lot to do tomorrow." Setsuna said walking through the gate and up to the house. Naruto followed quietly, slightly stunned by the size of the house. Following Setsuna through the French doors her awe doubled. In the center of the entry hall was a massive circular staircase rising up to the third floor, with a large chandelier reaching from the ceiling to about five feet above the floor. The floor itself was made of cedar flooring, probably from somewhere outside the elemental countries. On the ground floor were several doors, one on the right, one on the left and one right next to the staircase.

"On your right is the door to the kitchen." Setsuna said walking towards the stairs, "On the left is the electronics room, you'll remember that later most likely. Through the door next to the stairs are some stairs leading down to the basement where I have a laboratory. Come on I'll show you to your room." Setsuna started up the stairs and Naruto hurried after her a moment later. When the reached the second floor Setsuna spoke again, "This floor has two bathrooms and a library." Without pausing she continued up the stairs to the third floor, Naruto trailing close behind her.

Naruto looked around as they stepped off the stairs. The stairs rose out of a hole in the middle of the room onto a carpeted circular hallway with doors all around. Setsuna walked around the room to a door on the other side of the room from the stairs. She stopped before one a yellow door with the symbol of Venus on it. "This is yours." She said.

"I can go in?" Naruto asked walking up to it.

"It's yours." Setsuna said simply.

"Thanks." Naruto said and pushed open the door. Stepping through she gapped at the room. Memories started to bombard Naruto almost immediately. The entire room was made of crystal. Everything from floor to ceiling was the semi-transparent to slightly opaque crystal that was popular in Crystal Tokyo as a building material. A large heart shaped bed was in the center of the room. It was covered with yellow blankets and large yellow pillows. A large crystal fountain on the right of the room splashed merrily. Several chairs stood around a table on the other side of the room. A vase filled with daffodils stood upon the table. Two doors led into other rooms further in.

"Recognize it?" Setsuna asked as Naruto walked slowly in. A stiff nod from the girl answered her. "I based this room upon your old one."

"I know." Naruto whispered quietly, her voice was almost drowned out by the sound of water. "I remember a bit more now Setsuna. I'll talk to you in the morning."

"See you in the morning… Naruto." Setsuna said walking out of the room and leaving the neo-girl alone in her room.

Naruto looked around the room once more before making a beeline to one of the doorways. If she recalled correctly it led to a bathroom. She wasn't disappointed. The bathroom was quite spacious with a large heart shaped bath dominating the room. There was water already inside the bath and it was churning as the waters were circulated so that the water would always be crystal clear. Towels were stacked on a shelf nearby. A bathrobe hung from a single peg next to the shelf. With a grin she threw off her old clothes and slid into the bath tube.

A small moan of pleasure escaped her as she settled into the waters. "Ooh I could stay here forever." She said to herself. She blinked when no reply came. "Oh right I usually invited Makoto in so we could talk." Naruto said to herself, "She always told me to keep wishing whenever I said that." She sighed sadly then grinned as an image of Ino Yamanaka flashed through her head. "HA! No more blond jokes now Makoto!" She shouted gleefully before settling down and looking around. Spotting what she was looking for she walked over to the other side of the bath and grabbed a bar of soap.

--Forty minutes later--

Naruto rose from the bath feeling clean for the first time in ages. She climbed out of the bath and walked quickly over to the towels. She dried herself off quickly before slipping on the bathrobe and heading back to her room. She strode straight to the other door and stepped through. A long line of lights turned on, revealing more then a few articles of clothing lining the walls. She slowly walked down it and noted that everything would fit her. Everything.

'How did Setsuna manage this?' She thought in amazement. Every article of clothing she touched brought a memory of when she might have worn it before. "She replicated all my clothes?" Naruto whispered in stunned amazement. Another small smile graced her face. 'This save me a lot of trouble.' She thought before stopping and pulling off a set of underwear and a night gown. She dressed quickly and head back to the main room.

Naruto slid under the covers of the bed and snuggled into the pillows. She sighed once in contentment and fell asleep in less then a minute.

--Author's Note--

This is an idea of mine that I've been working on for a while. I don't know why I started to write this, I just did. I have an idea where this is going, a very vague one so don't be surprised if it takes a while between chapters, or if it end without warning. This is a side project so don't expect too much.

Note: Flames will be fed to Kyuubi then he will be unleashed upon your town/village/city in retaliation.