-1Crystal Past, Golden Future

By: Grounders10

A Naruto Sailor Moon Fanfic

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Spells and Names of important places or things


Chapter Three: Making Waves


"Why won't Setsuna let us take a C-Ranked mission!" Naruto complained as she sat on Ino's bed. The other two girls nodded their agreement.

It have been nearly four months since team assignments and quite a few things had changed about the three Senshi. Naruto's hair had grown out until it was just past her shoulders, giving her the look of actually being a girl rather then an extremely feminine boy. All three were more muscular then before, though not too much so. Another thing was that Naruto had stopped zoning out at odd moments when she started to remember things.

"I think she means for us to take a specific mission." Hinata said, "Maybe something involving demons? I mean we are the Senshi. We're supposed to fight monsters and such."

"I really don't care what reason she has." Naruto said, "I'm just getting sick and tired of training and training and doing nothing with it. Even Sasuke's team has done a C-Ranked mission."

"Yeah! we're more prepared for this kind of thing then he is." Ino said, "We should be out there, doing C-ranked missions, not just sitting here gossiping."

"I'll take a moment to remind you two that murdering your Jounin-sensei is both counter-productive when your trying to get a higher ranked mission, and illegal." Hinata said in a deadpan tone.

"I think we both know that Hinata." Naruto said, "Pranks are out as well. Remember last time."

"That was your idea remember." Ino said, pointing an accusing finger at the other blonde.

"Yeah yeah." Naruto said dismissively, waving a hand in the air. "I just wish we actually got a chance to use the Jutsu we've learned, and the magic and other abilities we've remembered."

"You just want to test the Shadow Clone jutsu against some hapless bandits." Ino said, "I swear that's the only jutsu you actually use.

"Bah." Naruto stuck her tongue out at Ino. "Your just jealous that you can't use it as well as I can."

"Naruto… No one else can use it as well as you." Hinata said, "Maybe your mother's side had a bloodline for lots of chakra."

"We've already tested for that Ami." Naruto said, accidentally calling Hinata by her old name. "Oops. Sorry, Hinata." She apologized with a blush. She may not zone out anymore, but she had still developed a tendency to call the others by their old names.

"That's alright." Hinata said, she was used to being called the wrong name by now. "We should get to bed. Setsuna will probably want to get us up early again."

"I'd love to." Naruto said from her spot on the bed, "But I don't think I can get up. I'm too stiff from all the training."

"Now that you mention it I doubt I could move myself." Ino said, "But I'm already on my bed. Your two aren't."

"Actually we are on-" Hinata began.

"No semantics please." Ino said letting her head fall on her pillow, Naruto's joined hers a moment later. "You know you have your own bed."

"So? Doesn't matter if I can't make it there." Naruto said, rolling onto her side and pouting at Ino.

"Your just lazy." Ino said, ignoring the pout.

"Your so mean, you know that Ino. Come on let me stay!" Naruto begged.

Hinata sighed in exasperation at the two of them. "Enough. I'm going to bed, you two do what you will!" She said, throwing her hands up in defeat before standing up.

"Oh come on Hinata! We're having so much fun!" Naruto whined.

"It's late. We're tired. I'm going to bed." Hinata said, stiffly walking towards the door.

"She has a point." Ino said looking at the other blond who was snuggling one of Ino's pillows and snoring slightly. "And I thought I fell asleep quickly." Ino muttered before turning out the lights and joining her team mate in dreamland.

--Four Months earlier, First day after team assignment--

Hinata opened her eyes blearily and stared blankly about her room. Made from opaque crystal like the other bedrooms, it differed only in the half dozen massive overstuffed bookcases scattered along the walls. The ceiling was vaulted in a high dome, form which hung dozens of large icicles. A half dozen enchanted ice statues, replicas of famous statues from the twentieth century, were arranged in a semicircle around the end of her bed.

'Where am I?' She thought in confusion before her eyes brightened in realization. 'Oh right. Setsuna reawakened me.' Shaking her head to clear it the newly awakened Senshi of Mercury pushed herself up and got up. She cringed slightly at the feel of cold crystal on her feet. She hurried across the room and through a door to her own closet. With much greater ease then her Venusian counterpart she located a set of clothes appropriate for whatever Setsuna might have in mind for that day: Shorts, T-shirt and a light vest. She even managed to locate a pair of combat boots. She tied her forehead protector around her neck and her kunai holster to her right leg.

Hinata paused at the door out of the walk-in closet and sniffed. "Smells like Makoto's cooking." She said smiling. Breaking into a run the normally reserved Senshi of Ice raced across her room and down the stairs, following the smell of food.


"Will you stop drooling!" Ino demanded of the girl who was gazing at the pancakes Ino was cooking, with what could only be called Pure Lust.

"But Ino!" Naruto whined, "I'm so hungry!"

"I know that!" Ino snapped, "Just STOP DROOLING! You'll ruin the food and I'll have to start over."

"I'll eat them!" Naruto said eagerly, but still wiped the drool away before it could fall on the batter.

Ino sighed in exasperation. 'Gods she's acting like Usagi.' Ino thought. "Naruto sit at the table, or you don't get anything." She said when Naruto accidentally bumped into her, and nearly caused her to fall into the frying pan.


"Now, unless you've learned to cook yet?" Ino asked, looking at her old friend from the corner of her eye.

"Um… I'll just go sit down." Naruto said, slowly walking towards the table with the air of one walking to their death. There was one thing Naruto and Minako shared in equal measure: The inability to cook more then the most simple meals. Anything else would burn or be ruined in some equally bad way. Still she wasn't as bad as Usagi, who could, and would, burn water. Ironically Usagi also made the best pancakes, even better then Makoto's.

"Do I want to know why I can see an aura of despair around Naruto?" Hinata asked as she entered.

"I wouldn't let her stare over my shoulder." Ino said without looking, "That and she was acting like Usagi when someone holds Ice Cream out of her reach."

"I was not acting like Usagi!" Naruto shouted, an angry tick developing on her forehead. "I'm hungry damn it!"

"My point." Ino said, flipping a pancake without looking.

"Just as long as the two of you don't start comparing guys again, I don't care." Hinata said walking over and joining Naruto at the table. "Where's Setsuna?"

"Picking up our first mission. She wants to get a bunch of these… D-Ranked missions finished this week, then throw us into training." Naruto said, "I sparred with her yesterday. She wasn't expecting me to remember any magic yet, so I managed to nick her. That's all I managed though." She complained with pout. "I just hope her idea of training isn't worse then last time." All three shuddered at the memories that comment brought forth.

"You don't think she'll manage to find any wolves, do you?" Ino asked as she brought a plate, with nearly a dozen pancakes on it, to the table.

"I thought they were wiped out by the Ice Age." Hinata said, "And we hadn't managed to bring them back through Genetic Engineering so…"

"It'll probably to bears." Naruto said, "Or maybe rabid wild dogs. I seem to remember we managed to save the Cheetah so she might use those."

"Stop. Just stop." Ino said vehemently, "Lets not talk about that time period."

"I don't know. I got a few ideas." Said Setsuna from the doorway with an evil grin on her face.

"Naruto, I am going to kill you if she uses even one of those ideas." Ino said.

"Don't blame me." Naruto whimpered and sank down in her seat, "I thought she'd left."

"The entire team has to be present in order to get a mission." Setsuna said, taking a seat and helping herself to some pancakes.

'She must have planned this.' Hinata thought before helping herself to some pancakes, after all if your going to die, you might as well die full.

--Four Months Later--

Hinata shut the door to room before reaching into subspace and pulling out a small blue rectangular object. The Mercury Computer was the most powerful computer she'd ever come across in three lives. Even after millennia of research she had never managed to replicate it, something she intended to do this time.

Slipping into bed she flipped it open and started going over the results of an analysis she'd had it make. Statistics concerning herself and her other two team members appeared before her. 'I still can't figure out where she got a cheetah from.' Hinata thought as she went over the statistics. Setsuna had taken their ideas four months earlier and expanded on them in a way only she could. 'Of course this wouldn't work for a normal person. We had to enter Senshi form just to survive several times.' She thought as she scrolled down the page to the bottom.

A smile blossomed across her face. While Setsuna's idea of training was completely insane, the results spoke for themselves. If the analysis was correct each one of them had a 1 in 10 chance of defeating a Low Jounin opponent. Considering a Low Jounin could defeat most genin with both hands tied behind their backs, and a blindfold on, it proved that the insane training had worked. Their chances jumped to 1 in 2 when they used their Senshi form. An Elite Jounin would still wipe them out without breaking a sweat, but it was something for only four months of intensive physical training.

Setting aside the Mercury Computer she flicked off the lights and closed her eyes. She smiled and sighed as she joined her team mates in sleep.

--Several Days Later--

Naruto yawned and stretched as she joined her team mates at the breakfast table. She smiled tiredly as she accepted a bowl of rice from Ino. "Thanks." She said before digging in.

"You better hurry up, Setsuna told me she was arranging for a C-Rank today." Hinata said as she set aside her own empty bowl and pulled out her computer.

Ino and Naruto perked up. "Really?" They said in unison.

"I've already arranged it." Said Setsuna as she abruptly appeared behind Naruto.

"Eep!" Naruto jumped to her feet in shock. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!" She shouted, rounding on Setsuna, "WHY THE HELL DO YOU ALWAYS SNEAK UP ON US!"

Setsuna shrugged. "Because, it's fun." She said. Both Naruto and Ino twitched while Hinata giggled at her response. Before either Naruto or Ino could begin shouting their anger at her she said, "Now hurry up and eat. Kakashi's squad ran into a little trouble and we're being sent to back them up."

"Isn't that overkill for a C-rank?" Hinata asked, "I mean, two Elite Jounin, and Six Genin?"

"Their mission has been bumped up to A-rank, but they've refused to abandon it. So we're being sent." Setsuna said as Ino and Naruto rushed through their breakfast. "Also, I think I have a lead on another Senshi." Naruto and Ino swallowed and looked at her.

"Which one?" Naruto asked.

"I can't tell. Most likely another Outer." Setsuna said, "I'm afraid it's too far to tell much more then that." She shrugged.

The three younger Senshi quickly finished their breakfast before running off throughout the house to gather their supplies. In less then ten minutes all three were gathered at the front door of the mansion, going through one last check.

"Everyone got everything?" Setsuna asked.

"One second." Naruto said as she finished putting on a set of bracers. Each one was made from the crystal favoured by the builders of Crystal Tokyo. Engraved on the bracers was the sign of Venus over a Crescent Moon. "Done." She said with a smile.

"About time Mina." Ino said teasingly, "I thought you were going to take forever."

"You took just as long, Ino." Naruto snapped.

"Will you two stop this." Hinata asked desperately. After four months of hearing them constantly teasing and arguing with each other it was starting to wear thin. She looked over to Setsuna. "Where are we going?" She asked.

"Wave Country. Kakashi's squad was assigned to protect a bridge builder." The older Senshi replied, her tone was brisk and indicated she wasn't in the mood for foolishness. Naruto and Ino shuddered but stopped fighting. "They ran into the Missing-nin Zabuza Momochi."

Naruto gasped at the name. "Zabuza? The demon of the bloody mist?" She asked, surprise in her voice, "No wonder Kakashi got laid out, he's an A-ranked ninja."

"How would you know?" Ino asked.

"She spends ten minutes reading the Bingo Book before going to sleep every night." Hinata said, "That is when she doesn't collapse on your bed."

"Oh." Ino said, "Look, what's the big deal? So he's A-ranked. We can handle him." She said confidently.

"That's not the point Jupiter." Setsuna said, "The bridge builder's name is Tazuna and a man named Gato, of Gato Shipping and Transport, wants him dead. He hired Zabuza, who's failed once already. Chances are he'll hire another couple Missing-nin to help."

"In short, go there and protect the bridge builder from Gato's men and try to find this unknown Senshi." Naruto summarized, "Sounds easy enough. Well are we going or what?" She asked, tapping her foot against the floor.

"The situation is urgent enough that I'll teleport us." Setsuna said, "You have everything?"


"I've got everything."

"Can we just go?"

Setsuna just shook her head at her counterparts antics. Summoning her staff she held it out. "One hand on the staff." She said and the three immediately complied. Smiling mischievously she teleported them out.

--Land of Waves--

Sakura leaned against the tree breathing heavily. She'd been running up and down the tree practicing something that Kakashi-sensei had called Tree Climbing. It seemed simple, just apply chakra to the bottom of your feet and run up and down the tree to improve your chakra control and reserves. The trick was that you had to apply just enough to stick to the tree. Too much and you'd blast away, too little and you'd simply fall off. She'd mastered it on her first try, only to be told to run up and down to increase her chakra reserves. That was what led to her sitting at the base of the tree panting from the exertion and watching her team mates run at their tree again and again, slowly making their way up. She glanced away for a moment towards her Sensei, who was sitting against his own tree and reading a perverted orange book.

Sakura growled softly as he giggled perversely at something in the story. Part of her wondered how a man like him could have ever become a Jounin, while the other pointed out his performance when fighting Zabuza. Yet a third part pointed out that the only reason he'd survived that encounter had been because of a suicidal rescue plan that Kiba and Akamaru had pulled off. A loud crack in the forest broke through her musings. Kakashi looked up for a moment before eye smiling and going back to his book. She twitched in annoyance before pushing herself up slowly, using the tree for balance. If he wasn't going to investigate then she was.

"You know, it's bad to push yourself too far." A familiar voice came from the tree above her. Both Sasuke and Kiba stopped what they were doing when they heard the voice as well.

"What the-- Ino-Pig!" Sakura shouted as she recognized her old friend and rival. What was she doing here?

"Ino? What are you doing here?" Kiba shouted.

"We're backing you up, Kiba." Said another familiar voice from behind Kiba.

Kiba turned and grinned. "Hey Hinata." He said with a big cheesy grin. The puppy at his feet barked happily as well.

"It's nice to see you to." Hinata said before walking passed him.

"Where's the dobe?" Sasuke asked, "I thought he was your team mate. OW!" Sasuke exclaimed as a rock bounced off the back of his head.

Naruto growled from the tree she was sitting in. "I'm a girl you baka. A GIRL!" She shouted, tossing a rock into the air and catching it before crushing it angrily.

"Hey, calm down Naruto." Ino said, "I guess I know the reason he never liked any of us girls. He can't tell the difference between a boy and girl."

Sasuke snorted and ignored the obvious attempt to provoke him, though he did wonder what brought about the sudden change in Ino's attitude towards him. "It's not too hard to mistake the dobe for a boy. She'd got nothing to show she's a girl." He said.

Naruto flushed heavily at that comment before she let loose a torrent of Killing Intent on Sasuke. How dare he call her flat! The arrogant, pompous, snivelling little son of a bitch was going to die. No, he was going to wish he was dead when she finished.

Around the clearing the others expressed a slightly different opinions. Sakura took a step back in shock that her crush had said something like that, and she stated shaking at the amount of killing intent Naruto was sending off. It felt like she was being slowly and painfully crushed under the weight of a mountain.

Kiba slammed his head into his hands in disgusted. They called this guy a genius? Honestly didn't he know even the most basic rules about interacting with women? In his opinion, which was shared by his dog Akamaru, whatever Naruto did to him was fair. Besides how could he insult such a cute girl? When Naruto let loose her KI he backed away from Sasuke quickly, leaving him to stand alone.

Both Hinata and Ino sighed before moving to be ready to restrain their violent and currently homicidal team member. They didn't so much as blink or hesitate when she let loose her KI, after all Setsuna sent much more potent stuff at them when they were training.

Sasuke though, was shivering and had actually fallen to his knees as she glared at him. He felt small, insignificant, a puny worm which had just managed to insult an eagle or other much more powerful animal. He wanted it to end, to take his own life and end it, but he couldn't move, he was far too scared. Gruesome images of his own death filled him mind as terror gripped him.

"ENOUGH!" A fourth female voice shouted. Naruto instantly sniffed in disappointment and looked away from Sasuke towards the woman who'd interrupted her. Sasuke took a deep strangled breath as the feeling of doom dissipated. He realized for the first time that he was on his knees, and that his hands were bleeding from the force he'd been digging his nails into his hands.

"He was asking for it Setsuna." Naruto said coldly.

"That doesn't mean you kill him." Setsuna said, "Though nicely executed."

"Thank you." Naruto said stiffly. She still wanted to kill Sasuke, but maybe death was too quick. She grinned evilly, reminding her team mates of a Dark Kingdom General for a moment.

"You don't think she got corrupted while we weren't looking, do you?" Ino asked Hinata.

"By who, and when? Not to mention how?" She hissed back, "I think Sasuke's going to be in for a terrible few days."

"Serves him right though, especially after saying, that." Ino said. Of the Nine Senshi Minako had always been the most vain, and after Naruto had remembered her last life she had begun to become a little more concerned with her appearance. In fact she was a lot more concerned about it then either Ino or Hinata were about their own. As such it she was quite touchy about people insulting her looks.

"Hello Setsuna." Kakashi said, struggling to his feet with the help of his crutches. "You got here quicker then I thought you would." He said.

"We came as quickly as we could. Anything new to tell us?" She asked.

"Uh… Well we think Zabuza isn't actually dead." He said, "He was 'killed' with senbon to the neck, which is a little strange. I didn't think there were any fatal pressure points there."

"There aren't." Setsuna said. She looked over at Sasuke and scowled. She turned to Kiba and said, "You, Inuzuka. Pick the Uchiha up, we're hading back to wherever your staying."

Kiba hesitated for a moment before going over and helping Sasuke up. Still shaking from his experience Sasuke didn't complain about the help. "You're a real idiot, you know that?" Kiba said.

"Shut up." Sasuke growled weakly.

Snorting Kiba continued. "I mean, seriously, don't you know the first thing about talking to a girl?" He asked, "Rule number one: Don't insult their looks. You will die."

The younger Senshi giggled at that and shook their heads before following the pair of boys. Sakura joined them while Setsuna and Kakashi walked at the back. "What did you do to Sasuke?" Sakura demanded angrily of Naruto.

The blond Senshi just growled before saying, "Not enough."

Before Sakura could start shouting Ino cut her off. "Ever since Naruto got turned into a girl she's become a lot more conscious of her looks. Insulting them is a quick way to make her really angry." She said, "She's more vain then nearly all the girls in our academy class combined."

"I am not." Naruto snapped.

"Yes you are." Chorused Hinata and Ino. Naruto pouted angrily at that.

"Am not." She muttered, before pushing a single strand of hair out of her vision. It immediately fell back and she started fussing with it.

Ino raised and eyebrow and said, "Our point." Naruto pouted again.

"I am not vain. I don't fuss over my looks on missions or anything like that." She argued.

"No, but you spend too much time looking in the mirror at Setsuna's." Ino countered.

Hinata sighed as the two continued to trade arguments and insults. She turned to Sakura who was staring at the two, wide eyed. "You get used to it." Hinata said, to which Sakura only nodded.

At the back of the group Setsuna shook her head at her team's antics. "Their rather carefree." Kakashi said.

"True. But they are far more dangerous then most two or three years older then them." Setsuna said. She gave Kakashi an annoyed look. He was just trying to dodge any questions she might have. "I see you've only just started training your team in Chakra control. What have you been doing for four months that you couldn't begin training them in something so basic?"

"Missions and teamwork exercises." Kakashi said, "They passed my test by such a slim margin that I thought they could use the exercises to help them, and they could use the money."

"Kiba comes from a well off clan. Sasuke has the entire Uchiha fortune, and Sakura is a member of the top banking clan in Fire Country. They don't need pocket change. They need training." Setsuna said dryly, "Now about what we're to do about locating Zabuza and his helper."

"You think he's alive." Kakashi said.

"Based on your assessment, yes." Setsuna said, "Now I propose that your team continues to train. I'll have Naruto help them since she's the best at teaching out of the three of them. Well… At least when its something practical. Hinata's better at the theory."

"Their all good at different things then?" Kakashi asked. It was rare for a team to be very well balanced this early on in their careers.

"Naruto is a Ninjutsu and Kenjutsu prodigy, though her Genjutsu skill is somewhat lacking beyond being able to identify and dispel." Setsuna replied, "Ino is excellent at Taijutsu with a remarkable talent for Genjutsu as well. A rather unusual combination to say the least."

"Yes it is. Most Genjutsu types can't hold up in a taijutsu fight." Kakashi agreed.

"Then there's Hinata. Superb Taijutsu because of her gentle fist, but it's not her best area. She's extremely good at devising plans on the fly and is better at seals then most I know, and in only four months."

"Your lucky. I got a prodigy, a fan girl you'd be brilliant if she actually stopped being a fan girl for five minutes, and an impatient Inuzuka and his dog." Kakashi said with a resigned sigh. "You got three people who happen to be better then their test results would suggest."

"Actually I chose them." Setsuna said casually, "It was part of the deal for me becoming a Leaf Shinobi."

"Part of the deal? I knew I didn't recognize you from the village when the Hokage introduced you. Where are you from anyway?" Kakashi asked.

'A nation that's been destroyed for longer then the elemental countries have been called such.' Setsuna thought sarcastically. "A small Island on the edge of Water country. I was never part of the Mist so there wasn't any problems with me joining. Besides, I've known the Hokage for years." She said out loud, "Now enough stalling, we need to plan. As I said I'll have Naruto help your team while I watch the bridge builder. I'll also have Ino and Hinata try and locate Zabuza." 'And that missing Senshi.' Setsuna thought, 'Why can't I see her in the gates?'

"And I'll take my time recovering, right?" Kakashi said, getting where she was going.

"Exactly. Your no use in your current condition." Setsuna said as they exited the forest. "Also, why did you leave the bridge builder unguarded? You could have shown them one at a time and had them on rotating shifts. One guarding, one training, and one sleeping."

Kakashi laughed nervously. "Actually it has been a while since I worked with a group of ninja under me so I kind of forgot about that." He said.

Setsuna shook her head in exasperation. "We'll begin tomorrow morning, after all your team seems to need some time to recover." She said.


--Next Day--

Naruto glared at the tree line from the rooftop of the bridge builder's home. It was a modest two story house, though slightly run down due to the lack of money to do basic repairs. This however had nothing to do with why she was angry. The reason for her anger was simple: the bridge builder's grandson. The boy was half her current and twice as depressed as anyone she'd ever met. They hadn't been at the residence for very long when the boy had shouted at them about how futile it was to try and stop Gato and that they would all die. Naruto had tried to argue with him only to find that it was like talking to a rock. A living breathing rock that was having a fit of depression, but still a rock.

"There you are." Naruto looked over at the sound of a voice. She'd been so caught up in thought that she hadn't even heard someone climbing onto the roof. It was the other blond haired member of her team

"Hey Ino." She said and turned back to the tree line.

"Don't just go 'hey'. Tell me what's wrong." Ino said as she sat down next to her friend. Naruto just huffed and glared at the forest. Ino sighed. Minako had been so stubborn and it seemed like her reincarnation was no different. "Listen, don't let the kid get to you." She said, "His father was killed right in front of him and--"

"And nothing." Naruto snapped, causing Ino to recoil. "All things considered he's had a good life. Especially in light of the life I lived until I was reawakened."

Ino stared sadly at her friend for a while. "Was your life really that bad?" She asked finally when the silence became too much.

"Yes…" Naruto said without hesitation, "But also know. You know how abuse victims are… right? Some never realize they were abused until afterwards… even then they sometime have a hard time blaming the abuser. How was I to know I was being abused when I was too stupid to notice the difference between me and the other kids… Now I know and yet I can't blame the village for hating me." She looked over at Ino with sad eyes. "I am the embodiment of what they fear most. That damn fox we couldn't kill last time around. It makes me so angry that this kid takes out his problems on us when we're trying to help him… When he doesn't even know what a truly bad life is."

Ino sighed and hugged her friend. "I get it… Just don't be so hard on the kid." She pulled back, "You better get going, Kakashi's team is waiting for you."

"Fine." Naruto muttered, standing up and walking to the edge of the roof. She held her hands out to the sides before throwing them forward and diving off the roof.

Ino rolled her eyes as she heard as scream of terror. She recognized it as Sakura's. "She always has to show off to the rookies." She muttered, remembering her friend pulling similar stunts whenever she was introduced to a group of troops fresh from boot camp. 'Course she just did it to get the press all riled up.' She thought. It didn't matter what era they lived in it seemed that Minako/Naruto would always be trying to grab the spotlight. Ino stood up and walked over to the edge of the roof. She looked over the side and rolled her eyes again at the sight. Naruto was calmly giving instructions to Sasuke and Kiba while Sakura was yelling at her for 'scaring them half to death'. It should be noted that both Kiba and Sasuke were wondering how she could ignore their team-mate so well.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP FOREHEAD!" Ino shouted at her former rival, "Naruto's in charge so give her your attention and respect." She snapped when the pink haired girl looked up at her.

Before Sakura could shout at Ino Naruto stepped in. "Our sensei's put me in charge." She snapped, "Unless you have something helpful to say or a good question to as, shut up and listen." Sakura opened her mouth to interrupt but unfortunately Naruto had gotten a full head of steam and was on the verge of starting what Ino knew the soldier's had called 'Her Guardianship's Rant'.

"I think she gets the point." Ino shouted, knowing that if the rant got started they wouldn't get anything started for at least half an hour. "Just get going, otherwise you'll run out of time."

Naruto stuck her tongue out at her Jupiter counterpart. "Fine." She said, "Lets get moving." She ordered before turning and heading into the forest at high speed. Both boys followed her, relieved that they weren't in danger of getting dragged into a potential fight between angry girls. Sakura huffed and glared at Ino before following suit.

--Twenty minutes later, Clearing deep in the woods--

Naruto sat calmly in a tree near the edge of a large clearing. She frowned at the four figures below her. Both Kiba and Akamaru were breathing heavily, thought not as heavily as she thought they would. Next to them Sasuke was trying to regain his breath, and doing so at a rate that she had expected. Sakura though was what was causing Naruto to frown, something, she noted, she had been doing a lot of recently. The pink haired girl was sprawled out on the ground breathing like she'd been nearly suffocated and made to run a mile at the same time. Her chest heaved as she made an accurate impression of a bellows going at high speed.

"Alright, you've had your rest time." Naruto shouted at them, only to receive an incredulous glare from both Sasuke and Sakura. "You'll continue with the exercise from yesterday until you accomplish it or can't move any more. Sakura, since you have already mastered it you will continue it for as long as possible to increase your endurance." She ordered, "Now get to it!" When no one moved she flooded the area with killing intent and shouted, "ARE YOU DEAF! I SAID GET MOVING!" She smirked as all four dashed for the nearest tree. Leaning back against the tree trunk she sighed and closed her eyes. It was a good time for a nap.

Not ten seconds had passed before her eyes snapped open in surprise. She'd just sensed something in the area that was rather similar to what she and the other awakened Senshi gave off, though it defiantly wasn't the same thing. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small calculator like device. It was one of the first generation communicators that they had once used when they were first awakened in Japan over a hundred fifty millennia earlier. She quickly dialled several number in it waited. A moment later the small screen in bottom right corner turned on it a fuzz of static. The back of Hinata's head appeared through the haze.

"No I haven't finished the map so stop calling me Ino." She said irritably.

Naruto giggled slightly and said, "Sorry, wrong blonde."

Hinata spun around in surprise. "Oops. Sorry Naruto. What do you want? I'm afraid I'm a little busy at the moment making a map for Ino and I to use to search the area." She said apologetically.

"You can use this thing as a link to scan the area around me right?" Naruto asked.

Hinata blinked, surprise showing in her pale eyes. "Yeah, why? Do you need me to scan for something?" She asked.

Naruto nodded. "I thought I sensed some kind of magic around here. I can't pinpoint its location thought." She said.

Hinata smirked. "Luckily I managed to get a geological scan of that area so I shouldn't have a hard time locating the source." She said, turning away from the screen. The sound of a keyboard being used came to her. "Ah found it… Three hundred meters east… and twenty meters down? Its in some kind of underground chamber… Man made I think. Lets see if I can find an entrance… Twelve hundred meters north-east of your position is an old ruin. If I'm reading this right that's where you'll find an entrance." Hinata turned back to the screen. "I'll get Ino and meet you there. We'll be better off making sure this isn't something that'll come back to haunt us later."

"Your right. I'll meet the two of you there." Naruto said, turning off the communicator and pocketing it. She glanced at her temporary students, only to find them hard at work, too fearful to look at her. She stood up and pulled out a compass. After determining which way was northeast she disappeared from the clearing.

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