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It was a normal day on the G.F. as the crew was all asleep because it was 5:30 in the morning and not many people are up that early. Except for one, Fox McCloud was sitting on his couch in the lounge flipping through the channels on his uber-screen plasma screen TV. He continued flipping through the channels until one caught his attention. The show in particular was of a large purple dinosaur with a bunch of screaming kids dancing around him. Now this usually wouldn't affect most people in any way but this kiddy show brought back some bad memories of a failed birthday party attempt by his father James. Fox shuddered and twitched once...twice...and upon the third time he found his purpose in life...TO KILL BARNEY THE DINOSAUR! And so went to his room and began rummaging through his closet for his special outfit.

Upon finding his outfit which consisted of a pink tutu, raged red and white tank top, a pair of dirty green barn boots, a pair of pink

Rimmed star shaped sunglasses, and to top it off a clown hat with springy ears on it. So went Fox McCloud with his 10-gauge shotgun

And a pocketful of them new "WHAMMY" shells down the hall of the mother ship. He made such a racket doing this however that he woke up his teammates who just looked at him oddly.

"What do you thinks wrong with him?" asked Krystal.

"Aw.... nothing he just is on one of his little fantasies" replied Falco who was just a puzzled as Krystal

And so went Fox McCloud in to the studio with his shotgun. Upon his entrance the kids all looked at him with extreme interest until one of the children decided to be a mean little bastard and piss on fox's leg.

The poor kid didn't know what hit him and the boot went right into his sternum. With a grunt fox reached into his coat and pulled out a cigar and lit it, smiling before walking off down the hall to find his nemesis. He continued walking until he reached a door marked "LORD" strangely enough the door had a gold upside-down pentagram on it.

With a war hoop Fox kicked in the door and what he saw made him stop. This is the best way he could describe it. Bodies of dead children were everywhere and the stench of death hung heavily in the air. Sitting on a throne elevated above the room's floor sat the great evil one himself. At both of the evil dino were small children, one with a giant palm fan and the other was holding a tray with a glass with what looked like blood in it. The dino looked down at fox. "What brings you here? Are you here to join me in my conquest for world domination?" "Never!! I am here to kill you!!" fox swore at the evil dino. He then pulled out the shotgun and fired a shot directly into the belly of the beast but what happened next made fox shit his britches.

** Yup cliffhanger but alas I will come through with a second chapter of this short two shot. Reviews please.**