297 Words Explaining Why You Must NEVER Talk Seriously to Merlin

Author: Georgia (Merlin'sGeekyFan on LJ)
Synopsis: Arthur makes an important discovery and Merlin's mind seems to be taking a bathroom break today…
None but insanity
Word Count:
I don't own Merlin, but I do own a Polaroid *takes picture of Merlin and Arthur snuggling*. That's a keeper!

With thunder in his eyes and power in his stride Arthur stormed down the corridors of Camelot's Castle, dusty leather book clutched in hand. Crashing into his own rooms with a rather theatrical slamming of doors Arthur marched over to his manservant, who peered up curiously from where he was making the bed.

"Spell book!" Arthur shouted without preamble, glowering at Merlin.

"Doorknob!" Merlin replied with gusto, grin beaming from his face, "What are we playing?"

"I found your spell book Merlin!" Merlin stared, wide-eyed and silent for several thumping heartbeats.

"...Can we talk about doorknobs now?" He squeaked. Growling Arthur threw the book at Merlin's head, the sorcerer barely fumbling it in his grasp. Pacing restlessly Arthur opened his mouth several times, only to close it as the words escaped him. If Merlin hadn't been in mortal peril he may have made a fish joke. Ah screw it, he would anyway.

"Oh do stop carping on Arthur!" The prince glared daggers at Merlin who promptly fell silent with terror again. Finally Arthur came to a stop, breathing deep and reigning in his temper.

"Why didn't you tell me?" At that Merlin quirked a brow, his expression screamed 'And you call me an idiot?'.

"Well Arthur, when a neck and an axe hate each other very much they do something very special and then I die." A pillow swiftly acquainted itself with Merlin's face. Slowly as the shock lessened Arthur grinned at a still nervous Merlin.

"So you can really do magic?"

Merlin nodded, tentative grin in place.

"S-show me?" Voice hesitant from years of his father's mistrust, Arthur finally set Merlin free of his biggest secret. Smile reaching epic proportions Merlin nodded emphatically and conjured… a doorknob.

Merlin and the pillow were quickly becoming close friends.