Author's POV:

Okokok, I know this Eclipse story sucks I know ok??! But seriously if you think it really sucks (For your own personal view) please for god's sake keep it to yourself! When I made Eclipse, IT WAS MY FIRST TIME!

Read those lines! My First time, god damnit!!! I didn't have any good experience with writing stories like that, so try again to say anyone's story sucks and it's their first time, I hope Karma comes back to you, seventh fold! (Ahhh, I knew it listening to my CL teacher would be good!!! XD)

And about the separator lines, yeah, yeah… I put separator lines I SWEAR!!! But they unknowingly disappear when I upload the fudging story!!!! *Pouts* I swear my Microsoft word has a mutiny against me!!!

Yeah and about my typing skills, yeahhhh… *glares at the floor* You may have noticed or really noticed, I ain't good at my grammar or my typing skills, well, it's a bad habit of mine to be like that, I don't know even why… Weird world we have, no?

And also the OC of mine, I know, I forgot to put an OC…. Ehehehe my bad…. *shrugs* Sorry though for everyone who was totally confused from the start though… *Aww Mann…*

Yeah and about my surgeries on Deidara *drools* yeahhhh, ummm even though my mom is a nurse I don't actually pay attention to her doings though, I have the same type of phobia with Tsunade Sama, you know the fear of blood… but she outgrown of it, I still have it… *gulps*

I know, I know I even made a mistake on Sasori's age… *shrugs* Sasori's too hot to be that old… I know what a stupid excuse but seriously, Sasori's cute! XD lol…

I am debating whether to write this story again OR to delete it, Hmmmm….. I think the deleting this story sounds good, I mean, everybody hates it…

Oh yeah, DarkSacredJewelXoX Don't worry I am not angry with your review, sure I am hot headed and all the qualities of an easily tempered girl but still, I have to accept, this wasn't the best story I written maybe, the worst…

Now, seriously I am begging on the floor and shouting sorry!!! It's not my fault it was my first time and the fact it was my first story to write so I didn't have any experience at all!!! So yeah…. Now if you'll excuse me I have a story to edit or to delete!!!

*Sad face*

Thanks for reading, and I swear to god I put separator lines!!!!