I don't just want to be a footnote on someone elses happiness,
does your husband know the way the sun shines off your wedding band?

( you may have seen this on my backup account , my bad )

The cool kid at the party.

There. I did it. Six words, and I had summed him up.

You do know the one I mean right? The one, who stands against the wall with a red plastic cup filled with illegally purchased beer. A pack of Marlbro's hanging out of his jeans that sat much too low on his hips as he watched the teens cause chaos around him. The one who your sure has fucked a good ninety percent of the females in the room but you still want him so badly.

That's him.

Shit, he noticed me staring again. Fuck.
I wish he wouldn't smile when he caught me, it just makes me want to keep looking at him. Great, there it is. The little nod of the head and flicker of the eyes that tells me he wants me, 'the signal' we call it. He stands. He walks past, and leaves the room. In five minutes I'll do the exact same thing.

"Baby, are you okay?" He squeezes the hand of mine that's enveloped in his, I look over to him and give him a reassuring smile and a squeeze back. "Of course, how could I not be?" I lean in. Kiss. He smiles, lighting up the room. "You want to go get lunch?" "Okay. But I've gotta give B a quick call: her and her boy again. I'll be back in a little while... You stay here, okay?" He nods, turning back to the tv that sat in the green room. I stand, I walk- "Baby?" I turn. "Yes Joe?" "Can you hurry, I'm hungry." I sigh and nod. But right now, I've got a bathroom date with Alex Shelley.